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  1. In organized games, the most important thing a player needs is focus. It's very easy to get overloaded with information to the point where you aren't fully concentrated on the battle when it starts. For me, I try to keep things as simple as possible. During the countdown, I'll ask myself if I know where I'm going, what I'll do when I get there, who's coming with me, etc. During the battle, if we see an enemy overmatch elsewhere on the map, I'll decide immediately what I'm going to do. Many times, the difference between having a flank wiped and winning it is having backup arrive a few seconds e
  2. Something definitely should be done about arty. This is a game based around tank vs tank combat; anything to mitigate crippling shots from across the map on people trying to make positive plays should be looked at. The first change I would make would be to nerf gun depression on every arty in the game. By a lot. No more BS shotgun hits on 50kph perpendicular moving tanks. Make it so they have to back onto a mountain like 45 degrees to be able to take those shots. After that, I'd think about playing around with the splash and damage. No more one shots. Period. Maybe decrease damage drastically
  3. http://www.dating-world.net/Russian%20phrases.htm Всё чего я хочу чтобы ты стала моей женой
  4. Ah, did not know that. Regardless, fully min-maxing the 30 Proto with vents/BIA/coffee is what I found to be the most comfortable setup.
  5. Its still possible to hit snapshots, sure. Maybe a bit less than with Vstab, but keep in mind the gun has 260 AP pen. You don't exactly have to aim only at cupolas. As opposed to a very particular bonus for accuracy retention on turret movement (not hull), vents give an across the board increase to everything. Stacking that with BIA and coffee, you'll not only have workable accuracy, but better camo, faster reload, higher view range, less terrain resistance, etc. I think it's worth it
  6. Yeah, AFE is pretty much required. Best option is to run AFE/repair/coffee and train jack of all trades on commander. I also moved out vert stab for vents (running vents/rammer/optics) and I think it's pretty damn viable. With BIA/coffee/vents, reload is 7.83, view range is ~470. Takes a bit longer to aim with Vstab off, but its nothing unmanageable.
  7. Yup, I'm in the same boat, it's terrible. You can imagine my face when I set an E100 on fire twice with 416 but changed the mission before the game. /wrists
  8. hi @ shrew!!!!~ in case you didn't know, you are rated the #1 most fun strongholds caller worldwide congratulations
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