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  1. Yea fair point. Originally when I first came back I thought it was a lot better than the old arty, but as time progressed the stun mechanic started getting to me, combined with the ROF and the goddamn accuracy of the new version, its just aids in its own unique way. Although with old system you had more time in between shots to work with, arty was far less accurate, and your crew wasn't at 50%. Not to mention those amazing moments when the T92 AP spammer hit your track or just straight bounced. Nothing beats getting nuked with no warning, I agree.
  2. I present you with 2 scenarios. Scenario 1: You use your superior gamer skills to dodge the arty shells (mostly) and for the most part, play out the game happily. Maybe once or twice in a session, you succumb to the RNG blessed 46%er spamming AP in the T92 and you are removed from the match in a quick, painless death. Scenario 2: Perma-stunned. I know which one I prefer.
  3. I think that's widely agreed upon haha
  4. The new T95 is OP. The progetto 65 deserved the nerf.
  5. PityFool

    WZ-111G FT (T9 TD)

    I like it, but I enjoy the 704 more and perform better in it.
  6. I fucking love this tank. Once you've sweet talked it a bit and got used to what it can and can't do, literally shits all over everything.
  7. I can relate to the M18 Hellcat spam, the old pre-nerf hellcat taught me so much about decision making and how to use a tank's strengths in the most effective way.
  8. Yikes, seems like a similar reload time to the Somua SM but only 2/3rds of the clip potential. Wait that actually might mean its balanced.
  9. Yea well that's my view really, I hate the bastard thing so much I'm just happy to see the nerf bat hitting it. At this point I don't really care what they do to it, just so long as it gets a good beating with the bat. It has completely broken the other LT gameplay entirely.
  10. It will mean they are closer to my gun before they spot me. A less effective EBR is exactly what we want, because currently they are way too influential.
  11. IMO if they made the wheels part of the hull hitbox and they took HP damage when hit in the wheels, the tank would be almost balanced. I actually agree with that. Mine has ~450 VR, that's too high for something that does 95kph with more reliable damage blocking ability than the E100, not to mention how it spits in the face of the laws of physics when it turns.
  12. Playstyle for me is similar to that of a tier 9 Bourrasque with a better gun, but slower reload/intra.
  13. Beat me to it, and did a better job. Take my +1. Basically exactly what I was thinking watching this video.
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