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  1. you should try using kovaaks. Its an aim trainer with limitless scenarios, you can sit and click at bouncing balls for a few minutes each day before you start playing and I guarantee it will improve your aim.
  2. I agree that it is skewed, but I very much disagree on the 1%. If EVERY single active case in the world recovered right now and there were no additional deaths, that would still leave us with a 4% death rate overall.
  3. Death rate is calculated on closed cases, not open ones. USA currently 5458 closed cases, with 2227 of those being deaths. That gives the USA a 40.8% death rate as of right now.
  4. I think it was his wife's fault, we should charge her with murder.
  5. I would like to pitch a question in response to the "Covid-19 didn't kill them, they were going to die regardless" argument. If a blind man crosses the road un-aided and is killed by a truck, what is his listed cause of death? - Being blind - Crossing the road - Hit by a truck
  6. IS-4: Russian tank getting the best deal here. E100: Time to equip the 128mm. E5: Lets completely ignore the biggest problem with the tank.
  7. I feel like Africa would get absolutely rolled by it. Massive portions of the population are HIV+, tied in with a host of other health issues, malnutrition, poor hygiene, etc. To top it off, the most dysfunctional health systems in the world.
  8. Yes that is a very good artistic view you have. From another point I feel it also represents his continual need to support his own thoughts, the infinite looping effect within his mind while simultaneously being completely sheltered from any outside interference. I'm really glad we've had this intellectual discussion, its rather ironic considering the subject of the topic.
  9. In h0n0ur 0f the m0st kn0wledgeable and c0nsistent c0ntent creat0r we have ever seen 0n this forum. I am ann0uncing his pr0m0ti0n t0 the new title 0f: "#0 BESTER P0STER 0N INTERWET" As a result, he will need a suitable new avatar to accompany his esteemed title. Please assess the options and cast your votes my good people.
  10. IS6 is pretty fun, the way prem MM works now you see mostly tier 6/7.
  11. I got a tier 8 premium for 3.5mil credits and 3 campaign orders for 1500 gold. Those were good... the rest was trash.
  12. I had 200k sitting in my account a few weeks ago. I'm around 110k now, still not spending any of it on that shitbox.
  13. NO Tilt - A How To Guide: Step 1: Don't play shit tanks. Tiger P is sub par and its only going to continue. E100 was one of my favourite tanks in the game 4 years ago, now I'm considering selling it for black market buying power. Maus is also really meh, and the tech tree VK thing has a massive weakspot on the side of its hull below the turret that just completely negates its ability to sidescrape. Grind lines that are actually competitive in the modern game. Step 2: Carry a healthy gold loadout and use it. A lot of the newer tanks actually require gold to pen their WEAK spots. Change your attitude towards it. See a maus or E100? lmao gold through the turret no fucks given. Step 3: Relax a little... pretty purple numbers don't really mean shit anymore, just try and enjoy the game, take some time to re-learn the meta and it'll come back. Step 4: Seriously, don't play shit tanks.
  14. I've only ever used shift to 8x zoom. If you're scrolling your wheel that means your finger isn't on the trigger.
  15. I use these for work too. I can wear them all day everyday, comfortably.
  16. Tonight I played on my account for the first time in probably 4 years. I decided to jump back on and have a few games from time to time because my father plays and its fun gaming with the old man a bit.
  17. Cheers for the offers bois, Val hooked me up.
  18. Anyone got an account on AU they aren't using and would be willing to let me use it for a while? Half-tempted to waste some time on this game from time to time and would like to give AU a shot. Aside from that, how's everyone been?
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