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  1. > Playing 112 > T8 pref MM heavy > Peeking a JT because I have 250 HEAT and he can't pen me lmao > Proceed to shit all over tier 6 and 7s for the rest of the session because LOL pref MM free wins > Open forum > "bad tank gun suck "
  2. 112 is the most capable tank on that list
  3. @Bobi_Kreeg Seems like that's server specific pubbie meta. It's so retarded though because giving up the mid control and brawl area opens up massive vision and angles for enemies to dig out your teams camp. I do remember around 2013 there was a meta on NA for the south spawn heavies to camp the bridge hulldown. So that lane became a stalemate most of the time which focused more effort in field. Currently on NA the brawl area and mid are the most focused zones. Might be worth looking into playing the rice fields more aggressively, but again if the enemy has mid control then you're limited in what you can achieve down there. @lavawing Yea that makes sense that you misunderstood, because as mentioned what you were saying wasn't really making sense to what I was saying lmao. With regards to being countered by someone playing the same spot, yes it is possible, but that doesn't happen often so it's still worth commiting to for the all the times it does work. Also usually just being extra aggressive there tends to freak most players out and they back down a little, which just gives me the better position on higher ground and I can win. I have retreated back to the side path where it narrows to a choke point once or twice when my side has been overwhelmed on that flank.
  4. What is the "short route" you're talking about? I don't really understand what you're saying, because none of the situations you have described have actually occurred in my games. I've taken the AMX 51 there too and it dominates. Arty can't really hit you without positioning correctly, and they tend to choose the easier targets on the lower parts. I take anything with armour there, slow or fast. It is such a controlling position if you have any ability at all you can just crush the flank and in the cases when they get pinned at the entrance, deny it completely. I'm just confused because it seems like we're talking about different things.
  5. I pulled all my replays on the map for a damn near 90% WR. Keep in mind this includes my first battles on the map since it returned and a lot of me re-learning it. Here is what I do, almost every time. I take the most direct route to purple zone, seriously if you get there quickly you almost guarantee the win on that flank. Most of the time you cause panic because the enemy heavies don't want to push across exposing their sides. So what usually happens is the first 2 heavies push in and get rolled by your tanks on the lower ground with you shooting down on them from a hulldown position, and then there 1-2 that hide on the corner at the entrance to the lane. This works exactly the same from both spawns. DONT PLAY ANY OTHER PART OF THIS AREA!!!11! ONLY USE THE PURPLE CIRCLE FOR THE PURPLE NUMBERS!1!! Once that is cleaned up, which usually doesn't take long, I would normally rotate back through the goat path up into middle and finish off the middle, if you win north + mid the game is over (highlighted in green assuming a south spawn). SOMETIMES I would use the enemy's goat path, but that always depends on how the battle is going and what tanks are left and where they are on the map. Because if you push enemy side, especially north goat path, while there are TDs and vision still in play you are going to get your ass lubed and tubed. However, as I said, sometimes this is a good play and can help make the mid cleanup quicker and easier. This is using mostly heavies and meds, some TD's too. Awkwardly, the individual tank with the most battles on this map is my Bourrasque, which I take west aggressively through the rice fields but that's a whole different kettle of fish.
  6. This is something my brother and I run a lot. We duo platoon a lot and double bourr frequents the lineup. What is absolutely game-breaking is that we have factored in some coordinated deployments on a number of the maps where we delete a tier 8 heavy 30 seconds into the game. Cliff is a prime example, we both roll up to the mid bushes immediately, focus the easiest target and byebye 1500 HP + a tank from the enemy lineup before the game has even begun. Just this morning we had a game on Pearl River which came down to a 3v8 which a decent TT-6 player in a Bisonte helped us to carry. The very next game on Cliff, this exact same player was the victim of our Early-Game Heavy Tank Removal Program (TM) and he was back to garage with 0 damage 30s into Cliff. I felt bad, but I giggled while feeling bad.
  7. Thanks! Haha if only I was capable of maintaining that WR for a relevant number of games. I remember the Abbey game, that was simply a 3min 15-0, but I tend to get ahead of myself when the enemy HP pool is hemorrhaging and ended up getting punished by a couple skorpion Gs (thanks advent calendar), which left me limping around trying to scavenge damage without any HP to spend. Small brained mistakes like that cost me in quite a few games, leaving me with an average game rather that the potentially big score I could have achieved if I was just less idiotic. I used the gun differently with this build, often only shooting 1 shot and taking a little extra time to aim, basically not letting the gun be the primary method of damage, I tried to focus on the tier 9 LT role. But it did perform better than I thought. However I have switched back to IRM/ivents/ivstab, which still gives me 450 VR and glorious gun handling. I will see if I can play a similar number of games in it and then post the results here to see how they compare.
  8. 3 Mark secured thanks to @sr360 and @CraBeatOff's rather unique setup. Here are the numbers for the session, it took me 29 games (from 91%) purely due to my inconsistency as an LT player, I made some critical errors in a number of games which absolutely butchered my results. I have sorted the replays by date, so they progress from the first game I played with turbo/ivent/ioptics until the final game where I obtained the 3rd mark. Highlighted relevant numbers for your convenience.
  9. So I've been testing crab's build today, for 5 games, and it does seem to produce higher combined damage. I got 3 ordinary 3-3.5k combined games and then 2 over 6k, including a 7.5k combined game on Paris. I have been hovering around the 90-93% mark since the tank was released. My usual build is vents/vstab/IRM which still got me to 450 VR, but with really solid gun handling. With the crabsetup of turb0ner/ivents/ioptics I'm sitting at 511 VR, but my god the difference in gun handling is astounding. I will most likely use this build to grab the 3 mark and then switch back to my old build, simply because I enjoy playing the tank around the old build more. This is a super impressive setup though, 5 games took me from 91% to just shy of 94%.
  10. You just described my perfect map. I should probably add that I almost exclusively play heavies and brawler meds. I actually enjoy studz most of the time, it is pretty great late game. My only issue being how powerful the trench up the middle is, quite often the team lineups pretty much gift the most powerful part of the map to one side or another. Studz is almost exactly the same as mines, rather than a hill you have the mid trench, so it makes sense that you have both of them banned. But if you yolo trench every game, spamming help to your team and pinging it, I guarantee you will win a solid percentage of the games.
  11. Yea but that is what makes it good, there is a lot of HP crammed into a small part of the map where they just get in each others way and make it easy for a competent player to farm the fuck out of them. I don't even use the hulldown spots, I just play off the bridge mostly sidescraping. Field is completely irrelevant, it does not exist as far as I am concerned. Middle is good for playing vision games and grabbing free side shots on clueless heavys south and even more clueless bots in field. Good to see Fishermans Bay being mentioned more, what an abomination.
  12. Wait Paris?? Unless you are a clicker main, I don't see why you'd ban one of the few maps where arty is literally useless and can't touch you? Paris is one of my best performing maps. My bans are: A - for (Always banned) is Karelia. I just hate how this map plays in standard mode. Other modes it is fine. B - Usually Fishermans bay, the brawling area is a major YPYL zone, (You Push You Lose). This leaves mid, which is okay most of the time but you get fucked by arty. And the 1 line is usually a YPYL. Other notable mentions that frequent this spot are Airfield (YPYL), Abbey (Shit) and Mannerheim (YPYL).
  13. LMAO. My brother got 2217 base XP in the Renegade. 8377 Damage 7 Kills.


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    1. Tarski


      Huh,  I didn't realize that was enough for ace tanker. 

    2. simba90


      thats base.... something like 3.3k premium xp.

  14. It took me roughly 8-10 months to return to my old performance averages. Re-learning the maps, decision making, etc all takes time.
  15. He is one of the greatest players to grace this game, so one could say he has walked the walk.
  16. An epic combination of gimmicks that all work towards making the tank suck a massive peepee.
  17. Each of the previous two marathons, they kept the tank in the store for at least a few days after the event ended so you could buy it with your discount. Makes no sense why they took it off immediately this time round. I also forgot to buy it but I'm not that bothered since I have the LIS.
  18. Well I broke my base XP personal best with 2015 base in a KV5?



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      @PityFool man that lag was horrific. I can't believe you were able to even keep playing, let alone pull out a Kolabanov's. Well played!

    4. PityFool


      @Snoregasm2 Yea man it was random too, just started lagging for no reason. I was fully expecting to be disconnected from the server at any point. Luckily the opposition was completely hopeless.

  19. You see good sir, the OP is not actually a new user. I recognized the name and knew there had to be something amusing behind it. Lo and behold I found it. Of course, you are more than welcome to platoon with a player who parks his KV-1 behind a TD and then is surprised when said TD is upset that he was blocking their retreat. xoxoxox
  20. Oh no, a maggot has hatched in the corpse of a once healthy forum.
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