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  1. SO, when I first picked this up it was in the middle of the TD domination era, just after the great arty nerf of 8.6 when a general tier 10 game consisted of 90% TD's. I absolutely loathed the E5, I could barely maintain 2k DPG and banished the tank to CW only. Fast forward to me hitting 300 games in the E5, after only playing it in CW for months, with a DPG in the area of 1900 which embarrassed me to hell. So a few months ago I decided I was going to play the thing until I worked it out, no matter the cost. And so I began my self-torture, 350 game mark arrived and I was on the verge of selling the tank, 25 games later and some of my pain had been eased by a few decent games. By the time my 500 game mark had arrived, I was a changed man, this tank was good and I could not understand why I had not liked it before. Anyway, recently I went over 1000 games in my E5 and I absolutely love this tank. So here comes my main point for this topic. - The ability to flex very well, this tank is mobile enough to challenge almost all typical medium positions. - It has workable armour, LFP is nothing special but reasonably reliable enough use as a spearhead. - The gun has excellent handling, good accuracy and nice DPM. The only downside is that it has HEAT as a gold round. The E5 has the ability to perform in either of the 2 current most important roles; mediums and heavies. The current set of maps are a pack of allsorts when it comes to being either A) Medium favoured or B)Heavy favoured. With the E5 you are never completely out-classed on any map. Your team is low on meds? Fine, I'm a medium this game, get bullied fgts. The game is going to be won or lost at the brawl? E100 m8 u better not bounce/miss a shot cuz i'll rip u a new 1 kunt. OH GAWD THEIR PUBES ARE CAPPING! No worries kunts, i'll just wizz over there. The point of this is to discuss how WG's recent changes have buffed this tank into something extremely reliable as a pub tank, especially solo pub. Personally I think its a gem that no one is talking about, so I have come to share my thoughts. Please share yours/ask questions.
  2. PityFool

    Need AU Account to borrow pls and ty

    Cheers for the offers bois, Val hooked me up.
  3. Anyone got an account on AU they aren't using and would be willing to let me use it for a while? Half-tempted to waste some time on this game from time to time and would like to give AU a shot. Aside from that, how's everyone been?
  4. I used the G400s for years until recently when I needed to upgrade to meet tournament regulations. I did some testing and ended up getting the G403 Prodigy... Its an excellent mouse, especially as an alternative to the G400s, the size/shape is very similar, buttons are more sensitive and responsive and the scroll wheel is excellent. Not to mention its on the more affordable side of the price range.
  5. PityFool

    New phone advice

    I recommend going with a OnePlus, you get a phone with high end specs for a lot less $$$. OP5 has just come out AFAIK, you won't be disappointed.
  6. Yes, it's permanent. I apologize for not doing it a long time ago. If you guys have any other issues/requests feel free to PM me, that way I get an email notification and can respond to it far sooner as I don't browse the forum regularly anymore.
  7. PityFool

    WONKA is issuing Golden Tickets

    @allied_general One person calls your clan trash and you're ready to pack your bags and leave? Weak. I'll break the situation down for you. Your clan has a player in its ranks who has repeatedly proven to be a dreg of society with little regard for any potential repercussions. You are choosing to include that player as a representative of your clan, thus you are also facing the consequences of harbouring a strongly disliked member of the community. I'd suggest you either remove the cancerous tumour or grow some skin because you're going to get bad mannered on the daily.
  8. So I managed to qualify for H1Z1 KOTK's Royalty Showdown tournament... https://www.h1z1.com/king-of-the-kill/showdown

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      Oh, I haven't played either since I don't find the concept appealing. But I think I've seen some streams of H1Z1, what I remember the game was a bit laggy?

    3. PityFool


      it has its moments and its issues, still one of the most enjoyable games i've ever played

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      Gratz faggot ;)


  9. PityFool

    post your favorite guns

    Just imagine the reload time, loading all those booster charges.
  10. PityFool

    Stepping Away

    All the best.
  11. I sold the E50M right when there was so much hype around it being so great and how it was a "better E5". The tank just felt underwhelming for the most part, shitty DPM on a slow med with a paper turret, no thanks m8. This was a long time before the E5 super buff, for you newfags. I never played the buffed E5.
  12. Do you keep tabs on your body weight? To ensure it isn't declining?
  13. Do you prefer numerous small meals throughout the day or a couple large meals?
  14. I am now curious as to what you feed yourself. Reading this sentence, you sound surprised you are healthy "considering that I only feed myself with healthy food". Should that not be "My body does well because I only..." Please enlighten us.
  15. Have you ever considered the possibility of having both? I'm sure your extremely intelligent mind could realise that it is indeed possible. Had you invested the time you spent playing 51000 battles in WoTards in a gym lifting weights you wouldn't be on this forum right now being labelled "small and pathetic". Just a thought, my friend.
  16. A small, pathetic and rather annoying Nazi?
  17. No I'm just here to farm upvotes, its more satisfying than WN8, you should try it sometime.
  18. PityFool

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

    Well I've got i5 4690 and a 970 which gets me around 140 FPS out in the fields at 1500m render distance, when I'm in the cities I drop it down to 500 and I get a steady 90-100 FPS. My friends playing Battlegrounds have stronger setups with 980ti's and 1070's but they say they struggle to manage 60 FPS.
  19. PityFool

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

    I actually like H1Z1's movement, its pretty smooth. Hitreg is trash though, and cities kill FPS lmao Battlegrounds movement looks really bad to me...
  20. PityFool

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

    Yea that's my view on it, right now its just a huge hype train because its a new game for people who have been dealing with Daybreak's shit in H1Z1. But on the other hand if the Battleground devs can show that they're willing to make the changes that the game needs and not focus on shitty crates *cough* Daybreak *cough*, then I'm sure they'll gather a significant playerbase regardless. Battle Royale style games have been gaining a lot of interest especially with H1Z1's success... Maybe one day we'll get a triple A title for the genre... One can dream right?
  21. PityFool

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

    Its closer to an ARMA 2 Battle Royale than H1Z1. H1 has a much faster and simpler gameplay where its all about getting in a car doing handbrake turns and shooting people in the head. Some things I like: - You can choose where you want to drop into the map - The variety of weapons and attachments is nice, not sure on the suppressor though. - You spend a lot of time on foot, cars don't seem extremely common. What I don't like: - Optimisation is bad. - The physics seems really clunky, the jumping animation looks fucking hilarious. - Kar98k The game has a lot of potential, really looking forward to seeing where it goes. However, right now I think its a little bit over-hyped and once that hype settles down we'll start seeing people complaining about the old issues we see in other games, laggy servers, hitreg, overpowered guns, vehicles, etc. Pretty glad we finally have a recognizable "competitor" for H1Z1 KoTK though, hopefully that see's both teams working hard to make their games as good as possible.
  22. PityFool

    WARGAMING.NET But Verbose

    That font and colour just made me reach for the nearest piece of rope, further instructions needed but not wanted. I better get rid of this before it induces similar feelings in other unsuspecting people.
  23. PityFool

    H1Z1: KOTK (Error Code Simulator)

    Never before have I seen a game with so much potential and fun factor, but so ridiculously poorly made. Don't get me wrong, H1ErrorCode1 is really fun, I've sunk 300 hours into it over a few months and will sink many more in future. The game itself is fun, winning a game isn't hard but doing really well requires a decent amount of time and effort, which is good. There's a nice ranking system within the game for solo queue which takes your best 10 games and places you in a bracket accordingly, it doesn't affect your matchmaking whatsoever but its nice for setting goals and progression. The 2 man and 5 man game-modes are also really fun for those of us who enjoy playing with friends. However, Daybreak has somehow made a game that shits itself so reliably you could set your watch to it. Crashes left right and centre, if you manage to get all 5 of your friends into a match without anyone crashing you're lucky. Weapons not reloading. AK47 sounds glitching and firing full auto for a full 30 seconds sometimes when you kill someone holding one. Hitreg about as crisp as a soggy tampon. Laggy servers causing you to fall through the map, your car explode, or just have your weapon locked completely thanks to packet loss. Shotguns. Loot that can't be picked up. Doors that are closed on your screen but open on another player's. I could go on. So who plays? : Share some of your meme moments if you manage to catch them on camera.