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  1. Sov is back to full operational status. Will stream tomorrow w/ just gameplay setup as I have no room for green screen and supplies everywhere atm in the room area where my setup is. might go to n00bcam 1.0 for a bit of IRL stuff to discuss what stuff with the storm was like. am very near the black creek area if you have seen that on the news. that water body is super flooded right now.
  2. im up in jax near the St. johns river. all good hear. about 89 feet above sea level. water, check. food, check. helmet. check. letz do this.
  3. how do you TVP 50/51? this tank is kicking my ass. 

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    2. Assassin7


      It doesnt play anything like a batchat. You cant play it like a bat and be successful. If anything it plays like the 13 75 did pre 9.18, but still not quite. 

      I play it mostly like a regular medium but with massive alpha, you can sort of treat it like that because of the fast clip time and fast reload. Its hard to explain, its quite unique.

    3. Fulcrous


      It's literally wait for enemy to shoot. Poke and clip ASAP. Hide. Repeat.
      Add positioning in and you are golden.

    4. Sovereign_M


      Ok. I will try this methodology. Thanks for the tips. 



  4. not sure how you managed that. Logitechs are bricks. any good gaming mouse will do. just find one that is comfortable. most of the sensor capabilities in them are comparable I would think.
  5. Other Sovereign Like it too.... Sovereign should meet Sovereign some time. I'm on Relic TS most days if you are bored. I also frequent wotlabs chat...
  6. don't know the nuances of it yet, but glad I got one while I had the chance. been drooling over this thing for 6 years since I joined RIIIGGHHT as they took it out of the store.
  7. 15 games yesterday. had some fails early on trying to make stuff work w/ a platoon. then had to go eat so took a few minute break, came back to restart my session. ended the day w/ 80% wr and 2185 Wn8 w/ session stats logging my games for the day. played all tier X.

    All well and good until I realized I ran a nearly 500,000 credit deficit with premium account. 

    how in the world do you all afford to play tier X all the time?

    1. Android25


      Most 10s make credits or at least break even on a prem account so long as you connect most of your shots and aren't spamming gold. Not taking a ton of damage doesn't hurt either, which usually entails being smart with positioning and trading.

    2. Luna


      I don't.

      Playing minimal matches per day coupled with regular strongholds keeps my credit income balanced.

  8. Greetings all, I have come to the conclusion that I am rapidly approaching the brick wall when it comes to self improvement. My main problem is recognizing when I can be aggressive vs being too passive. I tend to try and force plays to happen when my team sits idle, content to wait and I get punished for it seeing as I'm the only tank the enemy can shoot at. My awareness of common fire lanes seems to have fallen off with introduction of new maps like Pilsen and Overlord as well. I know I have the potential to do much better, I just need some help smoothing out the edges so to speak.
  9. Lookin for some help here. Not tanks related. Anybody round here have a clue about anything drones? looking to pick up a quad copter that has a particular feature set for 4k video, plus has a good GPS for 3d mapping applications for no more than around $850 USD help. 


    1. OperatorError


      Some guys I work with fly drones for doing roof inspections. I'm 95% sure they were flying the DJ Phantom 4, which has the sort of features you're looking for;


      So, a bit above you're price range (maybe find one used?). I'm unsure if the one I linked has the sort of GPS stuff you'll need. The people I know didn't actually use these drone for work; they custom-built a drone of their own with all the features they wanted. So, depending on your definition of 'good' GPS, you may need to revise your price upwards. The video was good enough for everything you could want, and the stabilization was shockingly good. YMMV, do more research before you buy etc...


  10. Sometimes separation is the best thing. When a game starts to intrude on your other responsibilities, it is time to take a minute and set it down. Thx for the brief education on how to tank man, hope the flu thing you got didn't deck you that hard. Its been real. Its been fun, I can say its been real fun. Catch ya on the flip side? If you haven't give the original Mass Effect Trilogy a go. good story. Can't say so much for Andromeda. Haven't played it yet. XD Take it easy man. 07 Sov.
  11. Scrolling thru news and....

    A Muppet with autism to be welcomed soon on 'Sesame Street'


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    2. kolni


      It's not a good idea at all... let's just put fragile issues into a show based around lightheaded retardation, autistic kids watching it might relate a little but as a whole I think it's making fun of what is a very serious issue

    3. Spartan96


      If you use enough gasoline you can still deprive the fire of the key oxygen to continue said burn :D

    4. Strigonx


      Aren't all the Muppets autistic as fuck? what's the point of this?

  12. Ok fellas Im going to start dumping replay files in here in an attempt to find help to figure out wtf I am doing wrong. There will be both good games and straight up fails going in here. for the date of 3-14-17 http://wotreplays.com/site/3429131?secret=9e9b8fdb6ac337f1df92bf9ae7c724b7 http://wotreplays.com/site/3429136?secret=9e9b8fdb6ac337f1df92bf9ae7c724b7 http://wotreplays.com/site/3429140?secret=9e9b8fdb6ac337f1df92bf9ae7c724b7 http://wotreplays.com/site/3429143#highway-sovereign_m-koda_t_50 http://wotreplays.com/site/3429144?secret=9e9b8fdb6ac337f1df92bf9ae7
  13. I'm tired of trying to be aggressive in big slow heavy tanks on malinovika. that map is just not conducive to heavy tank gameplay at all. WG wants you to brawl at the top of the hill, but that is impossible to accomplish when there is massive amounts of artillery everywhere just waiting to shit on you. FK it. just going to play that map TD style from now on, even if my camo is shit. Tired of getting clicked on. 

    /end rant. 

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    2. Tranderas


      Onoes not every map is designed for heavy tanks! Better add more corridors! /s

      In all seriousness, I'm thankful maps like Mali and Prok exist. Mali is the only map in the game where the vision game feels super important and is the primary reason I liked the t20 so much. The more I play the map the more I agree that the hill is a trap, as the western trench seems to have replaced it as -the- spot that determines games.

      Someone needs to go hill, but without the team supporting it with high-vision meds and lights in the valley underneath it and on the hills overlooking the lake, you're going to struggle, as even if you win it there's bushes at the base of the hill with cover blocking shots from the enemy side at both bases of the hill.

      While you're complaining about drawing Mali in superheavies, I'm drawing Steppes in PzSfl4, a map which I don't know how to play in anything but mediums.

    3. RC_Tank


      Taking the windmill will give you cover from a direct hit and as long as you hold the position they won't push the hill, just make sure you have people backing you up

    4. WhatTheSkara


      that's why MM should take into account a shitload of things before putting 30 tanks together on a random map.

      you should read the lineup first:

      enemy has a lot of mediums? go 1/2 line

      enemy has a lot of slow bricks? go hill

      enemy has arty? redline until you get to the hill and pray they don't have yoloscouts.

      enemy has TDs? go hill because they will most likely sitting on the small hills right above the lake, or towards the red line.


      Either way once you've cleared the hill you just drop down through the village and go to the enemy td hill..

      pushing the A (or 0 depending on your spawn) usually results in a farm fiesta for tds and campers.

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