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  1. I got my first Kolobanov's medal....ever yesterday morning. Holy carp. 

    1. GlenoWar


      My first couple of Kolobanovs were as the last defending tank alive as the timer ran out during the assault game mode, not very epic!

    2. Sovereign_M


      I don't play assault. this was encounter on El Halluf actually. and I won as well. Will upload replay and post as an edit later, if I remember XD 


    3. BadLuckCharm


      My one and only Kolobanov was won by accident, on the Overlord map. There was 2 of us left, i was in an MT-25, the other was a French heavy, we were on the enemy cap (south), hiding behind a building. There was 6 enemies left. I was between the HT and the building, i was the one with all the cap points, the HT joined me a few seconds before the enemy team cornered us. Instead of shooting me for a 1-shot, they shot at the HT, and the timer kept ticking, they killed the HT, and i figured that was it. I didn't see the timer, didn't look at the screen, the game ended, and when the "win" song played, i was shocked. When i saw i got a Kolobanov, i had to look at the replay to figure out what happened.

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