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    Feyth reacted to Crytis in Warhammer Anyone?   
    12k points black templar Army.
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    Feyth reacted to Krieger_07b in Warhammer Anyone?   
    Just play Necrons, it's only ~$100 to get the rulebook and Codex and you can rummage through the GW store's trash for used sprues, and you can play with this:

    You can even go to tournaments with them, provided that you paint them at least 3 colours, because they're 100% GW plastic.
    Death Guard pride world wide, Tzeentch scum.
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    Feyth reacted to dirtd0g in What does it take to hit 60-day blue?   
    I realized I played better when I took a ton of useless early-game damage and was forced to play intelligently throughout the remainder of the game. Play as if you've got 1 HP from the start... Other than that my only other advice is to stop worrying too much about numbers. Do the best you can, improve, and let the stats fall where they may.
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    Feyth reacted to Leadbucket in Supply Dump at Cap   
    Destroy both the dump and that player as both are a liability. 
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    Feyth got a reaction from MrMoonlight in Scared of stats   
    I feel your pain. There are times that I don't want to play after I've had a really good run. This is my opinion on the matter though: Screw your stats.
    The stats reflect you as a player, so good stats are a good indication that you're a good player. If you're constantly worried about affecting how your stats look, which are effectively how you look to others, you can cripple your growth as a player. Try to use your stats as a way to track your progression as a player rather than having it define you as a player. That should help ease up on the stress.

    That's my opinion on the matter and I hope it helps whether you choose to use it or not.

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