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  1. You have the balls to call anyone else a bad caller LOL! What was the score against BOX on Live Oaks? Out of my 605 days in the clan and being in every war since I've joined, I can say without a doubt that you're not only the worst, but most self-oblivious caller that I've ever seen. My one regret in WoT was having to be led into battle by a god damn pubbie like you. Now kindly go kill yourself.

  2. Just some more cleanup. This is not the house forums. This is WoTLabs, so kindly keep your juvenile shit grudges out of the equation here. ~AW
  3. thats actually been a standard gune policy back into eve.
  4. Yeah, I really only came here to piss that guy off more.

  5. This is a LOT of :words: and all i know is this: Mad was 7/10, would do again.
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