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  1. So NA being the region with the most money spent per player gets all 4, for 75.00 I believe it was. It really doesn't make much sense.
  2. Any feedback about the ISU-122s? I have heard many things about the 3 tanks promoted through the event, but not much about this new TD.
  3. I would consider it if I wasn't fundamentally against playing vs 10's in a premium credit tank. I feel like the 8 to 9 gap is doable, but when you are 1-3 shot by almost every tank at T10 it becomes more of a hassle than I am willing to cope with. Still good post.
  4. From what I read on the status report and how WG tends to shamelessly steal content it thinks good an make it "Original Russian Tonks Great Idea" we should see some adaptation of SPG's in their current form. So many people are discontent with the current metagame that arty forces players to play around and how it punished not based on skill (to a certain extent) but mainly due to luck. Now that financial influence is going to directly reflect their decision going forward, I would not be surprised to see WG listening to the player base significantly more. At the end of the day it's going to boil down to players not having fun with artillery and the map design/balancing solutions being rolled out in WoT. They will potentially have fun with the design decisions and things the AW devs have learned from the strengths and weaknesses of the WoT design model. People are going to invest in the game they have fun playing, bottom line.
  5. Today on highway I was informed by a 53% professional tanker with very green wn8 that the T34 was an outstanding tank and a great starting tank for new players. When I proceeded to call him a dumbshit degenerate moron (or something of the sorts) he resorted to the typical "you are purple, what version of XXXhackcheat are you using" as most ignorant bads do. I will get around to posting a screenshot when I am at a computer that allows me to. (wotlabs is one of the few sites related to gaming that isn't blocked in the compound, thus a cure for my daily boredom)
  6. I wish they would just take the time to incorporate Gnomefathers sounds for both engine or guns, as the game is significantly more enjoyable playing with them. It's frustrating having them break every patch or update, and the default sounds are fucking horrid. With that being said, I am looking forward to the cancer changes. No more getting out spotted by cancer in a bush with binos and a net when I am in a medium with optics (I hope). I hope they do something to fix several of the TD's they have gutted over the last few changes going forward, with that being said I think this patch is a good one as with all the other great patches that have nerfed arty.
  7. I prefer the following: - Only elited tanks - Play together, don't go off to your own flank and do your own thing. The idea is to work together to accomplish things you can't while soloing. This, depending on the map, will not always happen. - Play to win, and don't play at the expense of your platoon members, that is what pubs are for. Most of the time these things followed by a well rounded platoon tend to lead to enjoyable and winning sessions.
  8. Just bought this and the FCM on sale, looking forward to seeing how they both perform as I am a huge T57 fan (has my best crew as well). With how much I have been hearing about the FCM and other pref premium tank removal I could not pass it up. Now I just need my last female crew member for it, and I will be good to go.
  9. Finally pulled the trigger on the FCM, and the 50B. Time to farm some credits and see what this thing is all about, but I hear good things and shooting AP in a pref 8 premium seems quite lucrative.
  10. I would have really appreciated a mobility buff on the 268 or something to match the 155's buffs. The meta has changed and map design has really hurt this TD, and I feel for it to be on par with the other T10 counterparts it needs some of its mobility back that they took away in a nerf several patches back.
  11. Back when I first started playing I had no clue what I was doing, and my stats reflected it. I am pretty sure I was a 48% 480ish wn8 player at around 2000 games in. I was in RDDT7 or RDDT6 at the time spamming HE out of the Sherman and Jumbo Sherman with little to no results. I recall one game someone called me out for my poor play and choice of weapon as well as ammo. Afterwards I spent some time to look into the game using what limited resources were out there (mostly Garbad articles). From that point on I focused on being patient, evaluating the map and each teams lineup as they all influence the game significantly. On another note, I took the time to justify shooting gold rounds as well as installing mods, and not playing stock tanks which can hamper ones success significantly. Now, once I get done with these damn individual missions I am going to try to improve my play to consistently push 3.5k wn8 which I feel is well within my skillset. Some of the replays posted offer crazy insight to play style and positioning that I was simply unaware of. I know I have improved a vast amount since then, but I still have a significant amount of room to improve.
  12. I do, with around 40-60ms the server reticle insures that the shots are going to go where I aim. At times I will give it an extra fraction of a second once fully zoomed to shoot just to account for any additional latency as superstitious as that may seem.
  13. Fuck stock tanks, I refuse to play them. I currently am grinding the AT15 and I may end up killing myself before the week is over. The thing downright struggles in any situation it is not top tier, even angling and using the outstanding gun traverse around corners seems to have no impact, ranged sniping seems to be the only option and it's a mediocre one as the camo value is trash. BritBong 183 will be worth it, I keep telling myself this...
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