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  1. "Leggasinni has posted a reply. Click to show reply" >kappa
  2. Is this changing how RMB behaves or not? Cause it has functioned as both turret lock and auto-aim for ages. Did this change or what?
  3. Would almost buy the Edelweiss cause I loved the game.
  4. Red's from my city. Sumbitch still does tours too.
  5. That WW2 one, and the second one here are probably my favourites out of the ones you've posted.
  6. Which is influenced by the languages around it, which is predominantly Slavic languages. Which begs the questions, where are all the Portuguese mail-order brides from the Soviet Bloc?
  7. I'd be mad if this were still a thing. Also, why the fuck does Portuguese always sound vaguely Eastern European to me?
  8. That is beautiful. Gawdy as fuck, but beautiful.
  9. And yet it's easier to consistent damage in arty. Wasn't this change supposed to emphasize the "support" aspect of arty? I find it's the same as always. Dumbass pubbies just ignore the 3 tracked and stunned tanks, die pointlessly, and you do more damage than your entire team.
  10. Don't fight it head on. That's how.
  11. Even 1 is positive. That doesn't mean much.
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