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  1. Bot IS6 lolpens my IS6 frontally with AP. I can't pen his flat side with APCR. Yep, IS6 still working as intended.

  2. Winnie the Pooh is Hannibal


  3. STRAYA!


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    2. Fulcrous


      that heli pilot is a fricking beast

    3. Marty


      Maybe that heli pilot is a former Group B driver :kreygasm:

    4. PityFool


      Fuck ye fuckn oath

  4. You got a team for march mapness?

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    2. Assassin7


      rip, I mean, if you don't mind me just AFKing for free gold :^)

    3. KenadianCSJ


      Don't think we have the luxury of that :wut:

    4. Assassin7
  5. >play Maus with ghetto crew

    >best game of career :serb:

  6. I should start playing Stardew again. I need to have no life.

  7.  Are the people playing Blitz genuinely bots? Cause holy shit they play like it. It's great. Farm all the shitters and no arty.

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      There's stupid, then there's WoT stupid, then there's WoT Blitz stupid.

    2. KenadianCSJ


      I honestly hope most of it is due to touch screens.

  8. Either I'm going fucking crazy, or the zoom settings on WoT are different. 8x feels like 4x now.

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    2. KenadianCSJ


      Crack is fucking addictive.

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      WG just cut to the chase and shrunk all the maps by half, that's all.

    4. KenadianCSJ
  9. Does anyone know how to switch the tank stats view back to the "advanced" view or whatever it's called? It's in this cancerous simplified view now with the new patch.

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    2. KenadianCSJ


      I mean, I don't want the tabs period. I just want the text/info laid out as it was before without any dividers. It's faster to read.

    3. Mnemon


      Believe WG took that option out. Cause...reasons. :doge:

    4. KenadianCSJ


      Mods need to make WoT great again.

  10. This game is fucking cancer. Every other shit misses and the ones that don't "critical hit" for nothing. Then you get shat on by wonderful game design elements such as arty, auto loaders, or high alpha tds. Wonderful fucking game.

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    2. sohojacques


      I'm at 47%WR for the last week. Wn8 has stayed the same; actually up marginally. Sure it'll crash shortly as well, though, as I'm trying more and more desperate shit in a futile attempt to string some wins togther.

    3. Whole_Nutmeg


      Sounds like the time is right for a long break

    4. KenadianCSJ


      A very long break.

  11. 50 120 still shit after the depression buff?

    1. leggasiini


      I wouldnt call it very good and its still not even close to 50b but it should be lot more bearable to grind

    2. KenadianCSJ
    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      intraclip and gun elevation are by far the most painful aspects of the tank though. 

  12. Ghetto crews are cancer.

    1. MetGreDKo


      So is tanks when sober.

    2. KenadianCSJ


      Can't get drunk, on meds.

  13. The Patriot might be the best 60 bucks I've ever spent on this shitty game.

  14. Thought I'd check how much the Patriot costs. Nope :eww:

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    2. zapyoug


      You should of seen what my game looked like last patch

      I had a race of immortal eldritch abomination catgirls who's mere presence on the same planet as another species was enough to make them go insane. They also ended up using doomsday weapons obliterate the entire solar systems of other empires because it takes too long to make other empires cede planets through a new war every few years. Needless so say, they were not well liked and little was lost when they destroyed the universe after killing god out of curiosity to see what would happen.

    3. ninz


      He kinda looks like he stole Trumps hairpiece...

    4. KenadianCSJ


      @WorldConqueror It's supposed to be a "catgirl empire" mod. The mod creator done fucked up the diplomacy personality, applying it to every single AI empire. Leading to lizard loving senpai.

  15. Fuck computer prices in Canada. That is all.

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    2. Politx_Killer


      24 pack of bottles (carton of full strength beer 4-5%+) is 40-50$ aud.

    3. Assassin7


      24 pack of export gold 330ml bottles, 40 bucks. 12 pack of cans is 20 bucks or so, depending on the brand

    4. KenadianCSJ


      So about the same then.

  16. Terry Jones has dementia. Can't stop with my grandmas, now it's gotta start taking comedic legends I love. Fuck you.

  17. Come on guys, make me give a shit about pubs again. Make me feel like trying and not killing my stats.

    1. Politx_Killer


      Stats are all Luck

    2. KenadianCSJ


      Just like arty. I am quickly relearning why I left this game for 10 months.

  18. Almost 3k damage and 9 kills in a SU-122. Still can't carry. :foreveralone:

  19. I'm not sure if I hate arty or clippers more at this point.

  20. Welp. I dun gone did it boys. Bought a 480 from XFX, came to almost 400 Canadian rubles between the tax and shipping. And that was just on the 4 gig version. My shekels are gone. :cri:

  21. tfw pubby JPE gives you HT12 like a bro :disco:

    1. Joyrider216


      TFW kenadian wouldn't let you farm his hp :feelsbad: 

    2. KenadianCSJ
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