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  1. Heya guys/gals, Basically, I want to start playing casually again, and I'm looking to play on EU because NA is dead (there are more people in the middle of the night on EU than at peak time on NA). To give you an idea, this is my account on NA (over 20 tier 10s): And this is my account on EU (tier 5-6s, a few tier 8 prem to help the credti grind): Basically looking for people who can pull their own weight and would want to help me or play with me as I climb up the tiers. I speak both French and English, if it matters to anyone. Cheers all!
  2. I personally have a 28 inches 60Hz TN 4k samsung monitor (ue590d), and I almost regret not going for a 1440p ips panel sometimes. (btw, the ue590d is a WONDERFUL cheap introduction to 4k, the TN panel is actually pretty great) If I were in your shoes (and I was), I'd explore a few options: (cheapest) Going dual with a second 1080p monitor. (seriously, you can find some for dirt cheap) (mid-range) 144Hz 1080p panel. (you might want to try the widescreens, but they cost as much as a 1440p panel, so just upgrade to 1440p at this point) (not so cheap) Going 1440p ips pannel.
  3. As a general rule, you stick with brands that have made their marks in reliability. Then, there is 2 options: -You go with exactly what you needed, in 80+ gold. -You go with a cheaper model (still within the trusted brands) in 80+ bronze, but a model with more wattage than needed (give your psu some headroom). The ideal solution being a 80+gold, as they are pretty full-proof. Small note though: go for the M models (modular). Seriously, it helps cable management so much, and it's worth the extra 5 or 10$.
  4. Nope, always had to play your prems the campaign I had your infos. hahaha (btw, been at least a year since I last heard of you) And, here is an almighty screenshot I just found (had to start up my laptop given my new build does not include all the screenshots I used to have. Seems like buying every tank in the game reduced him from 800 millions to slightly less than 500 millions (but all the tanks in the game are in the garage... so...) In said pic, it was filtered for tier 8s tds (for a tourney if I remember well): Quoting you guys because I apparently can't forum and learn h
  5. Yes... Ffs, the guys was clocking over 50 battles a day (at 50K+ a battle), no real surprise.
  6. An account I socked a few times had over 800 millions in it. A few ex FOXEY, TYR, PINGU or _FAM_ might recall the screenshots I had back then. The guy literally put over 10 thousand dollars in the game... Including several hundreds in my account...
  7. So... A total of 6 people, so far, from my job, have just bought the new iphone 7 plus (for a little over 1250 canadian dollars). Those are the same people that bought the 6s plus exactly a year and 4 days ago (for a little over 1300 canadian dollars). And those are also the people who spent about 200 to 500 bucks each on multiple new things for both of their new phones. (and I'm not even adding the extended warranty they all took for both phones) 

    Those are also the douches that judged and shamed my "indecent" spending when they learned that I am putting about 300$ a year, on black friday/cyber monday weekend, to upgrade the gaming rig I use everyday.


    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Using your savings go on a badass soul searching adventure a la' Ewan McGregor style and return victorious with a hottie, beard and a wealth of knowledge. Literally becoming the most interesting man in the world.

    2. PrinzEugen478


      Dang... just tell them that you don't care about materialistic things and shut them up :)

    3. blackzaru


      I'm working in a marketing department. Everything we do is about materialism.

      I'm just not dumb enough to throw all my money by the window.

  8. I'm under the impression that you understand that, despite what you call "us only looking at raw number instead of performance", some of us are indeed looking at performance. We are also looking at what we spend. And, even if there is a slight performance difference (which I highly doubt any decent rooted android couldn't make up for by optimizing it and removing bloatware), spending more than twice the amount for a phone that is basically the same spec-wise, and, to any useful purpose, about the same performance-wise, isn't the wisest thing to do. In fact, when I saw people spending
  9. Welp, sorry for this. And don't take me wrong, I'm not claiming the Oneplus 3 is the solution for everyone, has everyone has a specific phone fitted to their needs. I'm saying that for it's price tag (about half or a third of "flagship" phones), the Oneplus 3 offers specs and feature rivaling them on pretty much every ground, even beating them in some. The only real downside of the phone is the lack of external memory slot. But even then, the actually drive capacity is more than enough for most users. And enough for any that transfer their videos from time to time. It's a g
  10. Well, the oneplus 3 has 6gb of ram, not 8. But, having one myself I will tell you: It does everything my friends' Galaxy S7s and s7 edge do. Either as good, or even better in some points. And it costed me less than half what they paid. (500 canadian dollars with taxes vs 1100+ canadian dollars for them) Also, it's freaking easy to root. Like any retard can do it.
  11. Can confirm that I am very happy with my oneplus 3
  12. What are the chances of getting 3 marks on a tank if you have exactly 85% at 50 battles?

    (exactly: I am from NA, making myself an EU account, an this pure perfect OCD moment just happened)


  13. This is a "looking for clan" / "looking for platoon-mates" thread. Before calling me a yankee, or talking to me about trump/hillary: I'm canadian. So I don't want to hear about the insane things my neighbors from the south consider as "viable presidential candidates". Now: I don't have many games, and my stats aren't stellar (2400-2600 WN8), sorry about that, but I'm trying to figure out how to play my normally aggressive gameplay on EU, where I have a ping varying around 300-400ms. (like, it does not work right now, and I'm working on changing how I used to play on NA.
  14. Is teamkilling frequent on EU?

    (I'm a NA player that started an account on EU)

    Because a m44 on my team shot a heat shell through my ass in the first 25 sec on my third match today...

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    2. TheMarine0341


      Ive had people try to TK or YOLO me (~2600 WN8 overall on EU, no 6th!) but thus far all have failed

    3. Zezti


      Yes it is. Not too long ago I was shot by a "friendly" arty who then suicided because I wouldn't go to a flank by myself and he refused to move. Obviously it was my fault...

      Sometimes they TK you because they're just so bad at aiming, they miss the enemy and hit you instead. 

    4. kolni


      They also full reticle snapshot for their first shot all the time because aiming takes about half the time of reload and whatever's inside it doesn't matter (yes this is a thing, especially with lower tier arties that actually reload in like 20 seconds)

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