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  1. So... A total of 6 people, so far, from my job, have just bought the new iphone 7 plus (for a little over 1250 canadian dollars). Those are the same people that bought the 6s plus exactly a year and 4 days ago (for a little over 1300 canadian dollars). And those are also the people who spent about 200 to 500 bucks each on multiple new things for both of their new phones. (and I'm not even adding the extended warranty they all took for both phones) 

    Those are also the douches that judged and shamed my "indecent" spending when they learned that I am putting about 300$ a year, on black friday/cyber monday weekend, to upgrade the gaming rig I use everyday.


    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Using your savings go on a badass soul searching adventure a la' Ewan McGregor style and return victorious with a hottie, beard and a wealth of knowledge. Literally becoming the most interesting man in the world.

    2. PrinzEugen478


      Dang... just tell them that you don't care about materialistic things and shut them up :)

    3. blackzaru


      I'm working in a marketing department. Everything we do is about materialism.

      I'm just not dumb enough to throw all my money by the window.

  2. What are the chances of getting 3 marks on a tank if you have exactly 85% at 50 battles?

    (exactly: I am from NA, making myself an EU account, an this pure perfect OCD moment just happened)


  3. Is teamkilling frequent on EU?

    (I'm a NA player that started an account on EU)

    Because a m44 on my team shot a heat shell through my ass in the first 25 sec on my third match today...

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    2. TheMarine0341


      Ive had people try to TK or YOLO me (~2600 WN8 overall on EU, no 6th!) but thus far all have failed

    3. Zezti


      Yes it is. Not too long ago I was shot by a "friendly" arty who then suicided because I wouldn't go to a flank by myself and he refused to move. Obviously it was my fault...

      Sometimes they TK you because they're just so bad at aiming, they miss the enemy and hit you instead. 

    4. kolni


      They also full reticle snapshot for their first shot all the time because aiming takes about half the time of reload and whatever's inside it doesn't matter (yes this is a thing, especially with lower tier arties that actually reload in like 20 seconds)

  4. Me, trying to make an appeal to pubbies to stop camping corners in every stronghold matches I am getting into... On the main NA forum...

    Why do I have the feeling I will hit a brick wall of stupidity?


  5. So... I just moved in to my new place. Changed pretty much every provider I was dealing with, given I moved a whole lot closer to a real city.

    Had 400kb/s download and 200-something kb/s upload (with pings wildly varying from 100 to 400 ms) before... Now...


    HOLY FUCKING SHIT. It's just indescribable the way everything is faster and smoother. I've been living in a cave this whole time. :wao:

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    2. Gandaran


      dammmn nice download. I need the upload so now I might be able to strim without it giving me shit


    3. Assassin7



      some of the fastest you get in NZ without being in specific locations that have access to fibre. (this is VDSL, and funnily enough my step brother down the road can't even get that at his house, hes on ADSL)

      also, when we got it like 2 years ago? it was faster than like 95% of NZ or something when I first tested it. 

    4. Gandaran


      rip NZ. although living there is probably worth it.

  6. One of my friend just got 2 2tb Samsung evo 850 SSDs for 250$ (canadian dollars, so, around 200 US $).

    Apparently, they were mislabeled as Seagate 2tb passports portable drive, and the cashier did not even bat an eye and gave it to him for that price anyway.

    I'm jelly as fuck.

    1. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      I'm also super jelly as fuck

    2. blackzaru


      I'm trying to convince him to do the smart move now: yes, 4tb of ssd is fucking great.

      But reselling those and his 2 years old computer should net him easily over 2K, more than enough for a monstrous new built.

  7. Apparently, I am this close to pure insanity.


    What have I done /10.

  8. Ram only!!!!!


    aka: how to make a tog the hero of a match.

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Reported for rigging. Enjoy your ban

    2. blackzaru


      Totally rigging this tourney.

      Was quite fun to see our batchat lose 1.3K plus for 300 or so damage.

  9. Type 59 is get !!!


    Calling my team across all mayhem tournaments was fucking hell, but worth it!!!! :D:D:D 

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    2. blackzaru


      Don't care: still getting a 59.


    3. UglyBigD


      Speaking of which, I have one too and I need to grind several billion credits. Send me an invite and let's make pubs mad by our sheer presence. 

    4. blackzaru


      Sure, when I get it.

  10. According to our 50b, I "had no idea how to play and position my tank"... :QBFlip:


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    2. Korb3n_Dallas


      Plz instll wite fleg frog.

    3. blackzaru


      I'm french-canadian, not french you frikin fgt. I'll drown you in maple syrup while weeping how sorry I am about it.

      Then I'll go get check my feelings for free, because fuck yeah canada.

    4. Korb3n_Dallas
  11. So... Made a badly 30 sec paint mock up of me selling my Chieftain/T95 (which anyone can see how fake it is given how fucked up the tank letters are compared to the rest of the message), and posted it on forum.

    It's already gathering salt. :awyeah:


    1. Shoop_da_whoop


      Erm? It will be given premium status next update. It's official  :oscar:

    2. blackzaru


      I know, hence why I kept it. But somehow, there as only be 1 guy from the forum that noticed the letters spelling "chieftain" are totally not looking like the rest. Pubs are just blinded by the fact that I dared (while I did not) sell a reward tank.

      (I had 30 sec to lose on paint, mkay?)

    3. Assassin7


      Now i have to log into tanks in the middle of class to have a look at mah new tank

  12. May the fourth be with you!!!!

    On a more serious note: star wars battle front, 50% rebate: worth or nay?

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    2. Shifty_101st


      New one is dead.  No

    3. blackzaru


      No one left on their servers?

    4. Kitten


      i mean it's 60% off (at least here in US). I think that's a fair price

  13. Saw the T-50-2 is getting on console, started downloading tanks on my ps4 immediately.

    PC master race... but... t-50-2 obliges...


    1. Nekommando


      inb4 MT-25 stats


  14. New lows have been achieved.



    1. SoliDeoGloria


      I thought you got at least 1 xp for loading in and firing a single shot.

    2. blackzaru


      Well, the gw tiger did... Still, what the hell? (btw, I died because I'm bad and I crashed)

  15. Apparently, one of my clanmates is a magician that can pen more shots than he hits...


    Take all my whats. :wut:

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    2. Hoolfool


      yeah, must have bounced off one tank into another

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      In an AMX 50 100? That's... unlikely.

    4. blackzaru


      In a 50-100 against an is-3 firing apcr or a jagpanther2 firing with the tier 10 gun.

  16. So, just gotten a 3 day RO for writing something very banal (no swears or anything).



    On this thread: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/494325-about-damn-time-thank-you-wargaming/


    Top kek.

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    2. Wewum


      @blackzaruPlease answer my questions

    3. blackzaru


      If that's the who doesn't care about his child: the op, he is the one that did jail time for letting his baby nearly drown in a bathtub to finish his wot game. (why the hell was he even playing while giving his baby a bath?)

    4. Wewum
  17. So... I played 2 games in the charioteer so far, and it's fucking pure sex! :awyeah:


    The only thing I hate about it is the aim time, poor vision, and the insta-death once you get spotted and can't throw yourself out of a line of fire.

    But that base APCR and HESH on the final gun... It makes me feel dirty.

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    2. blackzaru


      I know about the small data sample, but yeah, every time I wanted to fire I had to wait a full 3 sec for the reticle to get to a semi-decent size. But with that penetration, pretty much everything is a pen.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Just you wait. I dont have a single match where that gun behaves itself. Its honestly the most overhyped useless high tier tank I've ever played. It has two things going for it, mobility and shell velocity. Every single other thing about it is utter garbage.

    4. Megrin


      I would say its an okay tank, but nothing fantastic.

      or maybe I'm just too shit cuz I can only do like 2k5 avg in it.

  18. Today, I realized I turned like my father: while thanking one of my friends over him giving me a bottle of scotch for my birthday, a few days ago, I thought to myself "It's a fucking cheap blend, why did you even bother buying it?"... It just hit me that it's a thing my father had said out loud quite a couple of times when I was young.

    I became the monster I loathed; I'm a spirit-snob.

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    2. no_name_cro


      @blackzaru you don't drink Red label straight up under any circumstance. It's made to be mixed with coke/other drinks. And yes, it's pretty shit.

    3. blackzaru


      Hence what I said:


      I wouldn't even mix with it, let alone drink it straight up. 


    4. no_name_cro
  19. What are the chances of hitting 3 marks if you got 2 marks in exactly 50 games (from 0 to 50)?


    Btw, I am serious: took me 25 games to get at 65%, but 25 others, going at the same pace, to get to 85%. So I really wonder if the projection would put me on the 95% zone.

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    2. blackzaru


      I know marks are frustrating, but I got what I wanted from that tank (got the xp for the next one), but I wonder if I have a shot at 3 marking it. (just for the sake of "I did it")

    3. vernl
    4. RichardNixon


      Given constant performances, you reach 63% of your peak moving average after 50 battles, and 86.5% after 100 battles. A little known fact is that playing more than 100 battles is beneficial, even if your performances don't improve.

      The difference between the third and second mark is tank-dependent, but the third mark is typically a ~25% higher moving average, so you should make the third mark easily assuming that you maintain your performance level and it's not a rare tank.

  20. Just got out of an exam... The entire exam was composed of 5 questions, 4 hours, all 5 questions began with "prove this theorem"... And there goes my nearly spotless gpu... ;_;

    1. Zinn


      So if you can replace your current GPU with a better one, it means that your exam results improve? A Titan might be a bit expensive but surely worth it over a lifetime :doge:

  21. Trying to play my new account on EU, get 5 teams in a row literally throwing the game away, than prok 2 times, with my team dispatching like this:


    GG, rage-quitted. Fuck those cancerous pubs.

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    2. L0g4in


      Bruh, pubbie shitters don't go center cause ppl can shoot from all angles and you can't spot them back erhmargherd :party: 

      (You need to see stuff trough their perspective.. 55% no skill crew and camonet repairbox + gld) :disco:

    3. BedakCoa


      Standard EU pubbies :) Get used to it Kappa 

    4. dolfiegol


      Had the same thing happening when I was in my E75 in a tier X battle... Their 49% 140s dominated mid while our BC-platoon sniped from K1. I have a feeling it has been more like this since the draw distance changes, but can't really figure out why that would be a reason for it. Maybe there's another reason for the meta-change.

      Quit after that game and haven't played since (think it was Monday).

  22. Is it even possible to win on EU? I know I only have 200 battles, but, I mean, I'm literally trying the best I can (ex: my tier 5 t-34 has as much damage, from the front line, as the expected value for a tier 8 t-44, and still, I can't break the 50% barrier).

    I literally do a lot more than pulling my own weight, but it seems that as hard as I destroy a flank, my team seems to get destroyed 10 folds on the other.

    How the fuck do your pubs work? And how to win them? It's literally painful at times.


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    2. FreddBoy


      Yeah, I'm forced most of the tone to play EU1 due to ping, but any chance I get I play EU2.

      Also, sorry for not accepting your invite last night dude, I was platooning and I simply forgot to reply like a fucking Berk.

    3. blackzaru


      It's ok, it's just annoying as fuck. Pulling over 3K wn8 in the tanks I am grinding, and still barely making above 50% winrate. I literally witnessed pubs just going in open field to try to secure one shots more times than I dare to count, only to get vaporized.

    4. blackzaru


      In fact, I realized that I averaged 4982 wn8 today. What the fuck.

  23. Started a reroll on EU (I'm a NA player), joined a clan, and pretty much all their strats are quite a bit split.


    Is that a thing on EU?

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    2. no_name_cro


      Ah, that's not some serious CW clan, so that might be it.


      That's what FAME does so you be the judge.

    3. blackzaru


      Yup, calling meta seems different.

      Though, the clan I am in does not seem to apply the same logical patterns.


      Nor run tier 6 SH (which would be ideal for me right now). RIP.

    4. KruggWulf


      FAME r gay. Also Black, sounds like the EU version of PINGU accepted you :^) :^) :^)

  24. WG NA finally did something against the rigging on their server... On the last day of the campaign... Effectively pushing 2 clans out of the licences sweet spot, and screwing over 70 riggers out of a free tier 10.




    Many keks were had, and will come with the pouring salt.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. TheMarine0341


      I might die from this salt intake, but OMG OMG OMG OMG SO FUCKING WORTH

    3. dualmaster333


      This would have been much more enjoyable if it had been punishment for rigging T-22s. Still not bad though....

    4. blackzaru


      I got 3 of my post moderated because they were mass reported, this is too good, 2 of them were completely erased. :P hahahha

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