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  1. So... I just moved in to my new place. Changed pretty much every provider I was dealing with, given I moved a whole lot closer to a real city.

    Had 400kb/s download and 200-something kb/s upload (with pings wildly varying from 100 to 400 ms) before... Now...


    HOLY FUCKING SHIT. It's just indescribable the way everything is faster and smoother. I've been living in a cave this whole time. :wao:

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    2. Gandaran


      dammmn nice download. I need the upload so now I might be able to strim without it giving me shit


    3. Assassin7



      some of the fastest you get in NZ without being in specific locations that have access to fibre. (this is VDSL, and funnily enough my step brother down the road can't even get that at his house, hes on ADSL)

      also, when we got it like 2 years ago? it was faster than like 95% of NZ or something when I first tested it. 

    4. Gandaran


      rip NZ. although living there is probably worth it.

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