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  1. Is teamkilling frequent on EU?

    (I'm a NA player that started an account on EU)

    Because a m44 on my team shot a heat shell through my ass in the first 25 sec on my third match today...

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    2. TheMarine0341


      Ive had people try to TK or YOLO me (~2600 WN8 overall on EU, no 6th!) but thus far all have failed

    3. Zezti


      Yes it is. Not too long ago I was shot by a "friendly" arty who then suicided because I wouldn't go to a flank by myself and he refused to move. Obviously it was my fault...

      Sometimes they TK you because they're just so bad at aiming, they miss the enemy and hit you instead. 

    4. kolni


      They also full reticle snapshot for their first shot all the time because aiming takes about half the time of reload and whatever's inside it doesn't matter (yes this is a thing, especially with lower tier arties that actually reload in like 20 seconds)

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