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  1. Is teamkilling frequent on EU?

    (I'm a NA player that started an account on EU)

    Because a m44 on my team shot a heat shell through my ass in the first 25 sec on my third match today...

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    2. Sergeant_Fgt


      Idk your numbers, but just ask any bluba player, or vetro :doge: 
      FAME obv is the prime example of farming tk's on EU.

      When I was sucking alts on NA with around 3k wn8 overall, I got tkd a few times.

    3. MonoPanda


      can confirm, Kolni just got sniped by a friendly ISU 152 :kappa:

    4. kolni


      At least I made the guy cry on teamspeak, was glorious :kreygasm: 

      should clarify as in flaming, not as in literal tears :doge: 

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