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  1. So... A total of 6 people, so far, from my job, have just bought the new iphone 7 plus (for a little over 1250 canadian dollars). Those are the same people that bought the 6s plus exactly a year and 4 days ago (for a little over 1300 canadian dollars). And those are also the people who spent about 200 to 500 bucks each on multiple new things for both of their new phones. (and I'm not even adding the extended warranty they all took for both phones) 

    Those are also the douches that judged and shamed my "indecent" spending when they learned that I am putting about 300$ a year, on black friday/cyber monday weekend, to upgrade the gaming rig I use everyday.


    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Using your savings go on a badass soul searching adventure a la' Ewan McGregor style and return victorious with a hottie, beard and a wealth of knowledge. Literally becoming the most interesting man in the world.

    2. PrinzEugen478


      Dang... just tell them that you don't care about materialistic things and shut them up :)

    3. blackzaru


      I'm working in a marketing department. Everything we do is about materialism.

      I'm just not dumb enough to throw all my money by the window.

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