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  1. Oh boy the fun I was having too!!! Best bit is with all these map changes I have no idea where I am going until I'm half way there, then realise I should have gone somewhere else... Nothing else seems to have changed much.. I must be in the "blacklist" not sure what I did though... http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/79854-convinced-there-is-a-blacklist/page__fromsearch__1
  2. Actually pretty happy with that thought it was going to be alot worse.. I had bad teams™..
  3. After playing again for 3 days (sorry guys if you have been on my team) I have decided that there isn't all that much difference between the AU server and the Sing server.. This is surprising given I was told that Asian players were the reason for others being 47%ers...
  4. So a resounding success then.. I may still reinstall just to look at the eye candy....
  5. I tried the Aus server the other night and the only difference was when I asked "who from Thailand" nobody responded... Actually no one responded on the Aisa server either... Ping was better though...
  6. $20 for Civ4? bloody hell... Notice Civ5 is still the same price as Civ6 which may mean Civ6 wasnt any better...
  7. OMG... Sound like a old game (i.e DVD) so I would imagine it would be cheap on Steam.,..
  8. He isn't too bright. Telling me he has posted conversation on his clan web page..
  9. Maybe turn of his illegal mods before steaming is a good idea.. Don't want a repeat of that guy peek on the official forums..
  10. Hopey is right most of the streamers are pro@tank we need some middle of the road player going around so the pay2winhitbattle Japanese crowd can have some one they relate to as well... I'm not sure how much money can be made but I reckon if you get them on board then $$$$ will come flowing..
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