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  1. I noticed with Wargaming's map design there are several maps I don't like and they all have a similar configuration. Death zone in the middle and two corridors for frontal fighting.
  2. I blocked mines because that tiny map is awful in high tiers. Everything gets almost permalit unless you are in the rear. I forget what other map I blocked. It might be one of the city maps.
  3. People claim this game isn't dying, yet I tried to play several different tier 10 tanks just before 9 PM on a Friday night and they all timed out while waiting 5 minutes for a battle.  Where the fuck are all the higher tier players?

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    2. Tarski


      I can't be sure, but matchmaking problems > player base size problems, as far as I can tell. Remember when Frontlines dropped this month and everyone was timing out even when the queue displayed that thousands of people were trying to get in? 

    3. j_galt


      I just bail after 90 seconds and try again.  Often I then get a match in a minute or less.  It has always felt like some issue with the matchmaker rather than a lack of players. 

    4. Bavor


      That day I was on the NA server not the SA server.  I even double checked.

  4. I found the tier 8 VK to be very good in pub battles. The armor works extremely well and the gun isn't awful, but you need APCR against many of the tier 10s. It only took me 89 battles and I played it entire solo in pub battles with a 63% win rate.
  5. Wot has been multithreaded since 9.14. 9.14 The sound engine was split off to its own thread. 9.15 The Sound, Graphics, and Game engines have their own threads. AMD CPUs, especially the older FX 6 and 8 core CPUs got a huge boost in performance. 1.0 The game used at least 4 threads if you have at least 4 cores or 2 cores with hyperthreading. 1.4 the graphics engine uses more than one thread and the rest of the multithreading was improved further.
  6. I had the pleasure of having a planer named Ninja_Jones on my team tonight. In his TOP TIER M46 KR he camped the red lien the entire battle and didn't even fire a shot until most of the team was dead. He refused to participate in the battle and just kept running away from the enemy until he was surrounded and had to shoot.
  7. I guess you haven't played tier 8 since patch 9.18 on the NA server? I recorded tank tier and battle tier data for over 1,000 battles. With regular matchmaking tier 8 tanks you are bottom tier in 3/5/7 battles about 64% of the time. Middle tier in tier 9 battles about 18% of the time and top tier about 18% of the time. In 5/10 battles you are top tier about 15% of the time and bottom tier 85% of the time. You only get all tier 8 battles between 6 and 7% of battles in tier 8 tanks. That's when you are playing during the peak player population hours of 7PM-11PM east coast time. So you will get fucked by 9's and 10's all day playing th TS-5
  8. If a player named Panzer254 is on your team expect him to be worse than a bot. He is childish and immature. I was in a battle with him and he didn't like the positions our team was in even though we were winning. So he hid behind a rock near cap, never shot the enemy, and let the enemy cap out. THe he had the nerve to call the team losers.
  9. The IS-3A use to be a slightly nerfed IS-5 stats wise. Now the IS-5 is probably the worst regular matchmaking tier 8 Russian heavy. I played a few battles in the IS-5 recently and it just feels underpowered compared to the IS-3, IS-3A, 252u, KV-4, and even the 110.
  10. He can't he is banned from there for shitposting.
  11. The cost of the campaign reward tanks? Only your life, soul, and sanity. Sometimes your job, marriage or relationship also I'm also told.
  12. Why is it when I play a tier 8 medium or heavy, I'm thrown into a tier 10 3/5/7 battle within 5 seconds of clicking Battle 70% of the time, but when I play a tier 10 medium or heavy between 7 and 11 PM east coast time on the NA server and I wait 3+ minutes for a battle?  Is nobody playing tier 10?

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      no, MM is just holding you for a all tier 10 shit show 

  13. Does anyone else watch their stats go into the shitter when trying to complete the personal campaign missions with honors?  I went back to complete the all of the first campaign missions with honors.  If I play to complete the missions with honors my WN8 drops 500-700 points and my win rate drops.  On the days I don't play to complete the campaign missions with honors I average a 2500 WN8.  When I play to complete the missions with honors I average 1700-2000 WN8.

    1. hazzgar


      How surprising that when not chasing pure damage a statistic based on damage drops...

    2. MatzerMike


      Yeah, same here and it's pretty frustrating. Esp. missions where you need to cap - I'm always missing out on cleanup damage at the end of the game and mostly we win by killing all tanks anyways, so it is for nothing in the end.
      Also I really hate that "block 2x your hitpoints" mission. Trying to do it with the tier VII. russian TD, and its really bad for stats (not that it matters, but still.. it makes you angry, especially if you lose because of trying to do stupid mission).

    3. kariverson


      Yeah unfortunately missions kill me too. I'm on the 279 ones and the bounce missions and spotting mission have my WN8 in the green area which is atrociously bad. 

  14. I've actually enjoyed the Tiger I more than the T29 after the Tiger I got its buffs a while back. It was also the easiest tank to 3 mark because of all the new players who grind to it quickly. I'm not sure if its a hidden gem because its a popular tank for many new players. Highest DPM of tier 7 heavies (Some would say the O-Ni with HE is higher DPM, but that would also require every HE shot to fully pen) Largest ammo capacity of tier 7 heavies Above average standard round pen for tier 7 Very low ammo costs for a tier 7 heavy 1500 HP which is more like the HP of a tier 8 heavy and only rivaled by the O-Ni Best gun handling of the tier 7 heavies. Yes the BP has better dispersion while moving but its dispersion on turret traverse feels like a KV2. Tied with the BP for the best dispersion value 0f 0.33 Better than average aim time for a tier 7 heavy Sure its armor is below average, but its HP pool is its armor. I took my good crew out of my TIger I to put in a tier 10 German heavy. However the tank has great stats without running chocolate/food and a lower skilled crew. Reload time 5.53 seconds Rate of fire 10.85 rounds per minute Dispersion at 100 meters 0.31 DPM 2604 View Range 452 meters without Recon Skill on the commander Running it with Chocolate gives it these stats Reload time 5.30 seconds Rate of fire 11.32 rounds per minute Dispersion at 100 meters 0.30 DPM 2717 View Range 472 meters without Recon Skill on the commander It makes the tank very effective when top or bottom tier. Top tier you bully and DPM almost everything and your view range helps spot lower tier tanks a long way out. Bottom tier you shoot at longer range and use your accuracy and DPM.
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