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  1. I'm curious what the Wotlabs community thinks is more important when a team is up 6 tanks and several thousand HP in a tier 10 3/5/7 battle?  Keeping the enemy STRV 103B permatracked so he does zero damage to our tanks approaching the enemy cap or spotting the other TDs and arty at the enemy cap?

    1. Haswell


      Protecting your own cap is most important obviously. You should all form a blockade at your base to prevent nonexistent enemies from capping you out. Make sure to position yourself behind your arty for maximum protection.


  2. The latest driver update improved ray tracing performance by up to 50% in Battlefield V. Some resolution and settings showed minimal improvement. Others showed a ~50% improvement.
  3. One thing I've been doing for a long time is having custom XVM players icons. When I update XVM I copy the icons out of the folder to another folder. Then I copy it back in after updating XVM. For the NA server its in C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\clanicons\NA\nick I just rename a copy of the icon with the player name copied and pasted from the after battle report. I have a pink C for the camping cowards who camp behind or with arty in top tier heavies, mediums, and lights and players who insist on doing the worst possible things they can do in any situation such as go valley in Lakeville in a top tier heavy with no gun depression when the enemy has 3 arty and 7 TDs. I have an A for the assholes who are general assholes to everyone for now reason, the friendly arty who shoot teammates who are face hugging enemy tanks, and the jajajajaja South Americans who think its funny to push teammates out of cover into enemy fire and laugh about it. I also use the asshole icon for arty players who XVM focus the top players on a team. I had a battle last night where the enemy arty followed me around the entire battle. I somehow ended up with the highest WN8 on my team. The only damage he did was to me and every time I was spotted arty shots landed near me. XVM said he was also running XVM with the little orange X icon. I also have icons for friends so I can recognize them easier.
  4. Bavor

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    After 50 battles my hit percentage went up to 60%. However I also changed my play style and played more aggressive, a lot closer to the front lines of the battle. I kept most of my engagements to the 150-200 meter range or sometimes less. It still feels like a 0.44 dispersion gun into a 0.35 dispersion gun. I'm pretty sure my DPG would be twice what it is now if it was as accurate as the stats claim it is. I also tried the mod that shows both the server reticle and in client reticle at the same time and it doesn't appear to be an issue with lag. Also, my other tanks have no noticeable change in accuracy.
  5. A player named Arik_Mn was apparently amd that I have the SU-130PM and he doesn't so he intentionally team killed me. He drove up behind me, aimed right at me when no enemy tanks were near us and shot me.
  6. They weren't pulled from sale. They disappeared from the site for a few hours while the hardware specs information was updated and the prices were lowered.
  7. Bavor

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    I got half way through the marathon and bought the bundle for 50% off. So far after 16 battles with it I have a 55% hit rate. Most of the shots were fully aimed at stationary targets. I have a 3 skill crew with BIA in it. It makes me think the dispersion values are a lie. It feels like the 0.44 dispersion on the 122mm guns. I've had so many fully aimed shots in a ro go into the dirt or sail over the target at under 300 meters. My skorp G has a 70% hit rate and I take more long range shots with the Skorp G. My WT auf Pz IV has a 71% hit rate. I've played the Rhm almost exclusively with the 150mm and that has a 70% hit rate and that's 0.38 dispersion with my setup. T30 with 0.35 dispersion 75% hit rate. T110E4 with 0.35 dispersion 81% hit rate. It feels like a TD with a derp and not the claimed 0.35 dispersion or 0.33 dispersion with my crew in it.
  8. I shot a Somua SM twice in the turret with my FV 215b 1983 and both shots did less than 150 damage.  The first shot was 83 damage.  The second was 119 damage.  The after battle results showed 4 shots fired and 4 hits.  Are spall liners that effective that a 1750 damage shots id reduced to under 100 damage??? I can't understand how its possible.

    1. hazzgar


      You probably shot the gun 2 times but close enough to the actual tank that some of the blast reached the tank. 

      Somua non penned eats shots for 700 normally

    2. leggasiini


      1. you should never run spall liner on Somua

      2. he hit your gun twice so you just got extremely lucky, would have been 700-800 with non pens

  9. The worst case(for thermals) Gamers Nexus tested.
  10. Kyle at Bitwit did his own video on this.
  11. I still play WoT more than WoWS. THe part that bothered me is they said that any premium time purchased through the WoWS premium shops will no longer apply to other Wargaming products. I hope its not retroactive.
  12. The CPU and GPU will generate enough heat to eventually throttle in a longer gaming session due to a lack of airflow and the awful CPU cooler with the small 92mm CPU cooler fan. I didn't miss that part. Its just a shipping mistake hopefully, so I didn't mention it.
  13. I loved the glue on the USB 3.0 connector and the amazingly high quality power supply. The lack of airflow in the case will certainly do wonders for performance when parts overheat.
  14. Some comments on the WoWS forum and comments about news items on the WoWS page mentioned WoWS specific premium time and also converting premium time purchased through the WoWS part of the premium shop to WoWS only premium time. However I can't find anything official on this yet. Searching the forum for premium time gives me tons of posts about premium ships and what a waste premium time is because you can't pause it. Where is the official announcement? When does it happen? Can I opt out and used my premium time from WoWS bundles for other Wargaming games?
  15. Bavor

    Playing arty is HARD - an ultimate proof

    Such skill! I'm impressed! Your ability to multitask is amazing! /sarcasm