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  1. URL because embedding is wonky sometimes.


    Who sent baby 279(e) to fight me?  You are dead. No big surprise.

  2. A Wargaming employee on the forums said you need to flank instead of fight higher tier tanks forntally.  Are we supposed to flank to the other corridor or drive out into the open where our tank will be destroyed the instant it gets spotted?

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    2. Raj


      maps arent big enough for flanking in this fucking game lmao

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      Does he know that goods say that ironically?

    4. hazzgar


      Someone asked him how do you flank with a T28 or Vk1001p? 

  3. I0a9AwR.jpg 

    What are you trying to say Wargaming? (see image)

    1. NightmareMk9


      Twats that?  I cunt hear you...

    2. Wanderjar


      hopefully you dont absorb any damage from that

  4. People claim this game isn't dying, yet I tried to play several different tier 10 tanks just before 9 PM on a Friday night and they all timed out while waiting 5 minutes for a battle.  Where the fuck are all the higher tier players?

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    2. Tarski


      I can't be sure, but matchmaking problems > player base size problems, as far as I can tell. Remember when Frontlines dropped this month and everyone was timing out even when the queue displayed that thousands of people were trying to get in? 

    3. j_galt


      I just bail after 90 seconds and try again.  Often I then get a match in a minute or less.  It has always felt like some issue with the matchmaker rather than a lack of players. 

    4. Bavor


      That day I was on the NA server not the SA server.  I even double checked.

  5. Why is it when I play a tier 8 medium or heavy, I'm thrown into a tier 10 3/5/7 battle within 5 seconds of clicking Battle 70% of the time, but when I play a tier 10 medium or heavy between 7 and 11 PM east coast time on the NA server and I wait 3+ minutes for a battle?  Is nobody playing tier 10?

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      no, MM is just holding you for a all tier 10 shit show 

  6. Does anyone else watch their stats go into the shitter when trying to complete the personal campaign missions with honors?  I went back to complete the all of the first campaign missions with honors.  If I play to complete the missions with honors my WN8 drops 500-700 points and my win rate drops.  On the days I don't play to complete the campaign missions with honors I average a 2500 WN8.  When I play to complete the missions with honors I average 1700-2000 WN8.

    1. hazzgar


      How surprising that when not chasing pure damage a statistic based on damage drops...

    2. MatzerMike


      Yeah, same here and it's pretty frustrating. Esp. missions where you need to cap - I'm always missing out on cleanup damage at the end of the game and mostly we win by killing all tanks anyways, so it is for nothing in the end.
      Also I really hate that "block 2x your hitpoints" mission. Trying to do it with the tier VII. russian TD, and its really bad for stats (not that it matters, but still.. it makes you angry, especially if you lose because of trying to do stupid mission).

    3. kariverson


      Yeah unfortunately missions kill me too. I'm on the 279 ones and the bounce missions and spotting mission have my WN8 in the green area which is atrociously bad. 

  7. I'm curious what the Wotlabs community thinks is more important when a team is up 6 tanks and several thousand HP in a tier 10 3/5/7 battle?  Keeping the enemy STRV 103B permatracked so he does zero damage to our tanks approaching the enemy cap or spotting the other TDs and arty at the enemy cap?

    1. Haswell


      Protecting your own cap is most important obviously. You should all form a blockade at your base to prevent nonexistent enemies from capping you out. Make sure to position yourself behind your arty for maximum protection.


  8. I shot a Somua SM twice in the turret with my FV 215b 1983 and both shots did less than 150 damage.  The first shot was 83 damage.  The second was 119 damage.  The after battle results showed 4 shots fired and 4 hits.  Are spall liners that effective that a 1750 damage shots id reduced to under 100 damage??? I can't understand how its possible.

    1. hazzgar


      You probably shot the gun 2 times but close enough to the actual tank that some of the blast reached the tank. 

      Somua non penned eats shots for 700 normally

    2. leggasiini


      1. you should never run spall liner on Somua

      2. he hit your gun twice so you just got extremely lucky, would have been 700-800 with non pens

  9. I'm Sure the O-Ho was put in the game in its current state to make people free XP past it to the Type 4.  I can't find a redeeming quality about it.  The gun handling sucks.  The accuracy sucks.  The regular and premiums rounds are slow.  It can't sidescrape or reverse side scrape without exposing flat armor. Its slow.  Most tier 7 tanks can autoaim and pen it.  What is it good for?

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      The O-Ho wasn't completely terrible, as long as you didnt want to shoot to your left side. 

      Then again, I never took the tank seriously when I was grinding through it. At least compared to the KV-4 you can derp shit which makes it a bit more memorable.
      Especially when you hit heavily armoured heavies for 450. I managed to win a trade fight against a Conqueror by bouncing the a shot and repeatedly shooting it in the turret roof for 450. 

      Its still shit though. 

    3. hiipanda


      When fighting another O-ho's face to face a good place to aim is under the tank.

    4. Bavor


      @leggasiini My issue with the derp is putting 3 shots into a tier 9 or 10 heavy for a total of under 500 damage.   Even the hull down Caern AX I was shooting at was doing under 100 damage per shot half the time.  The derp is so inconsistent in damage against higher tier tanks.


      I shot a t95 frontally for two zero damage critical hits in a row and a TYpe 5 drove sideways out in front of my team and fired.  I shot it in the side just below the turret for a whole 114 damage.  The derp is just so inconsistent in damage.


      Last battle I shot down into the top of a 705 for ZERO damage with HE.  Yes ZERO damage with HE. 

  10. Every time I get close to 3 marking the T32, I run into some idiots who either intentionally or unintentionally get me killed.  In my first 11 battles today, I had 3 teammates get me killed.  A player in a FV 4005 team killed me because he didn't like the way I was playing as a bottom tier heavy.  I had another T-10 block me from backing up and got me shot then push me out into enemy fire and got me killed all while doing the jajajaja thinking it was funny.  With all the trolls and idiots out there how the hell do you three mark this tank?  Every time I get close some asshole team kills me or blocks me and gets me shot or killed.

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    2. StormCrowReaperManyHats


      Anything with a 122mm  or bigger can reliably do 150 with HE, some sea pubbies have worked out that if you're hull down it's better to do 150 than bounce ten shots in a row. More's the pity.

    3. lavawing


      @ gandalf I run the 111 with nearly full HE myself, and assume enemy 111s to do the same. If it's stupid and it works......

    4. Archaic_One


      I have to admit to carrying 8 HE in the IS-6.  I mostly use it to shoot Type 4s etc. in the gun before I run away.  

  11. The tier 8 T34 premium is so power creeped its only purpose is to lower your recent win rate.   Why hasn't Wargaming buffed it yet?  

  12. Fuck RNG.  Fuck RNG. FUCK RNG.  3 battles in a row every FULL AIMED shot  at a stationary enemy tank either goes into the dirt or sails above it meanwhile everyone can snapshot me on the move while their turret is turning.

    1. sohojacques


      Fun game isn’t it. Yet we’re still here try to beat it’s really shitty odds.

    2. Bavor


      I just want to add FUCK RNG again.  Played a battle in the T28.  12 FULLY AIMED shots fired at stationary enemy tanks.  8 hits 3 pens.  Played a battle in the WT Pz IV.  6 FULLY AIMED shots 3 hits 1 pen. 

      I was consistently bouncing off the SIDE of tier 8 mediums and TDs WTF?  I even bounced a shot off the ELC EVEN 90???  FUCK RNG.

  13. Two bule overall purple recent players on my team were firing nothing but HE our of their defenders tonight in a tier 10 battle.  No wonder we lost.  That average of 70 damage per shot was soooooo effective.  I wish when people wanted to fuck around like that they would stick to lower tiers.

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    2. Bavor


      Or shoot the front of a heavily armored tier 10 heavy or TD, which is what they were doing.

    3. Hellsfog


      Maybe they were goofing around and spaming HE for the memes.  Some silliness from time to time is allowed, last I checked. 

    4. hazzgar


      @Hellsfog fun in world of tanks? Are you crazy?

  14. I'll 3 mark the 45.02A before I finish the grind.  I can't seem to get a win in the thing.  Not including spottign and assist damage, I'm already doing more damage per game than 95% of players.  However I just can't get a win in the thing.




    1. Haswell


      The problem is that you are trying to play T8 in a tank not designed for 3/5/7.

    2. Bavor


      The other problem is I get incompetent teams whenever I play it so I usually end up top 3 in damage most of our tier 9's and 10's finish near the middle or bottom.  I had the same Type 4 player on my team in multiple battles tonight.  He basically threw his tank away in the first couple minutes or hid most of the battle and did nothing. WTF?

    3. sohojacques


      In an ideal world sub 50%ers wouldn’t be allowed to play tier 10 or even tier 9. It’s bad for them and even worse for their teammates, especially since 3/5/7 was introduced. 

  15. RNG FUCK RNG FUCK RNG.  Nothing like RNG fucking up what could be good battles three battles in a row.  ALl my fully aimed shots miss yet every sub 500 WN8 shitter can snapshot me on the move form 350+ meters?  SUch great and dynamic gameplay!

  16. I use to enjoy playing my tier 8 premiums, but with them being bottom tier 65% of the time in 3/5/7 battles and bottom tier almost 90% of the time in 5/10 battles I find it frustrating unless I play platooned.  So many times out top tier tanks are about as useful as a bot and it hard to make up for 3 shitty tier 10 players in a 3/5/7 battle playing solo in a tier 8.

    1. Haswell


      Try suffering in an ISU130.

  17. This is how broken tier 8 matchmaking is these days.  Of my last 57 tier 8 battles I have NEVER been top tier and was bottom tier in over 75% of the battles.  Most of the battles were played between 7 PM and 11 PM east coast time.

    1. Bavor


      I played a few more tier 8 battles tonight.  A total of 62 tier 8 battles in the past couple weeks.  Zero tier 8, 15 tier 9, and 47 tier 10.  WTF?

  18. I've been keeping track of tank and battle stats since 1.01.  So far 75% of my tier 8 tank battles have been tier 10(bottom tier) 3/5/7 battles.  Tier 8 really is getting fucked over by the low server population.

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    2. hiipanda


      is it because of frontline?

    3. Bavor


      It started before frontline mode was available.

    4. Deliberate


      I don't know, I've seen more top tier games in tier 8s since Frontline was introduced. 

      Tier 10 3-5-7 games are a lot more tier 8 demanding than Tier 8 top tier games and with the absence of many Tier 8s they can only really make Tier 8 top tier games.

  19. How long ago did cowboyofbebop sell his account?  I saw him in battle recently and it wasn't him from the playstyle. Also his recent stats took a nosedive.

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    2. Diatomix


      i Remember that guy

    3. hazzgar


      A stats nosedive doesn't mean it's not him. Zeven is also playing WAAAAY below his level

    4. cowboyofbebop


      que? 999.... jajajajajajaja

  20. I played a bunch of battle in the Rhm with the 150mm recently.  18 of my 24 shots were low rolls not counting shots that killed enemy tanks.  A large percentage of them were extremely low rolls below 675 HP of damage.  RNG definitely seems broken.  I use to enjoy the Rhm, but not much any more.

  21. I hate the days when RNG doesn't seem random at all.  I fired 9 shots with my tier 8 rhm using the 150mm  in a two battles today.  None were shots that killed a vehicle.  7 of the 9 shots were low rolls.  Not a little bit low, but really low.  7 of the 9 shots were 674 damage or less.  WTF RNG?  The other two weren't great high rolls to make up for it.  They were 767 and 764.  WTF RNG?  Way to fuck me over.

    1. Bavor


      Just did another battle.  I had one shot that was a kill shot for 88 HP.  My other two shots did less than 650 HP of damage each. WTF RNG???

    2. hazzgar


      RNG doesn't work like that. The damage has to be average for all players. You may be a very unlucky outlier where 90% of your shots are low rolls. 

  22. I made the mistake of playing late night tier 10 battles.  In 6 of my 8 battles, at least 10 of my 15 team amtes couldn't do 1,100 damage in tier 10 tanks.  Why are they playing tier 10 when they can't do half their HP before dying?

  23. You have to love RNG.  Last battle a T49 with the derp snapshots my T26E4's cupola on the move form 350+ meters.  Then an IS-6 snapshots the same cupola on the move from 350+ meters.  Then a M4 Rev pens the upper plate of my T26E4 with standard ammo form 400 meters.  The same battle all my fully aimed shots at stationary tanks go into the dirt of sail over top of them.  GG RNG!

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      did the T49's derp shot pen your cupola though or did you just take 400ish damage

    3. Bavor


      It was the APCR, not HEAT fired at me that penned the upper plate.

      The T49 shot hit the cupola

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      that wasn't my question but either way rip

      I've sniped a tortoise cupola for 700 damage with the T49 derp HEAT before, so I was wondering if it worked on spershing as well

  24. I just had a battle where I fired 15 fully aimed shots.  13 of the 15 shots went to the outer 1/4 of the aim circle. WTF RNG???  Seriously?  WTF??  Basically we lost the battle because none of my shots went anywhere near where they were aimed.  Thanks RNG!

    1. Bavor


      Twice in one battle an Obj 268 snapshotted me at 400+ meters while he was driving forward and turning.  Yet I've had several battles today where most of my fully aimed shots at stationary tanks go to the outside edge of the aim circle? WTF RNG?

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