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  1. There is something wrong when RNG and matchmaker are so bad that I stopped playing today to clean my bathrooms.  Seriously some days I think this can't be random.  Nobody can randomly get this many bad teams in a row.  14 battles today and in most of them half my team is dead 3 minutes into the battle.

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    2. Matross


      I know what you're talking about... I installed XVM because one unicum I was playing with said "its not 15 v 15, its you or your platoon, vs the other team's best players/platoons". I tried playing a few games...

      It reminded me of why I un-installed XVM in the first place. Seeing all the reds/oranges/yellows gave me depression.

      I un-installed XVM again, and I'm much happier, not knowing my team are all shitters. To contrary belief, as soon as XVM is uninstalled, everyone becomes unicums, and you start playing straight. That being said... the 1/2 the team dying within 3 mins... I have learned to tell if this battle will be won or lost, JUST FROM DEPLOYMENT.

      i.e. See heavies and TD's ramming each other, blocking mediums? See lights going straight to heavy firing lanes? (this is a 50/50, if they die there, most likely, you will lose, if they spot and move, eh, lesser chance of losing). TD's not moving into firing position, but kemp bush? 60% chance of losing, etc. etc. etc.

      JUST FROM DEPLOYMENT, I can usually tell. What's the scarier part is... how are there just so many reds and oranges? Seriously? It makes me wonder about life, and humanity in general... where the human species is going/headed... what it would look like 10, 25, 50 years from now... 

    3. SmirkingGerbil


      Can't remember the name of the book, it was a SCI FY novel. Basically, everyone drove around in loud, brightly colored cars that they "perceived" as fast and powerful, a time traveler from the past was stunned at how mundane, slow and pedestrian the cars were. Yeah, when you install XVM, you are seeing the dumbed down clowns thinking they are awesome at tier 10, parking an E100 next to arty.

    4. Bavor


      Its like someone flipped a switch and my teams are back to normal pubbies today after two days of the consistently worse team mates available.  

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