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  1. Arty shots landing a full tank length away from my heavy tanks are still stunning my crew for 12-15 seconds.  That's completely broken.  A complete miss over 30 feet away from my tank stuns my crew for 15 seconds?  How is that not a completely broken game mechanic?  Why are we rewarding players that miss their target by over 30 feet after arty accuracy and aim time were buffed.

    1. Bavor


      Look how far away this shot landed from my tank. THere is another tank between me and the spot where the arty landed and I still get stunned for about 15 seconds? WTF Wargaming?  dOfvVzu.jpg

    2. TheMostComfortableTanker


      Not only this, but an arty smacking a light tank just got a lot easier too

    3. Errants


      Dat Prem HE....  Arty is P2W, now... ^_^

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