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  1. I've played mostly tier 8 tanks since the 9.18 update.  With the new matchmaker tier 8's are getting shit on.  Over 50% of my battles in tier 8 tanks are tier 10 battles and 15-20% of tier 8 tank battles are tier 8 battles.  The whole "Preference of placing a player at the top/middle of the team list, if they have already played several battles at the bottom of the team list." is a lie.

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    2. snowdude21325


      As annoying as it is that you are not top tier as often, shooting tier 10s does net you more xp than shooting a tier 8. Now what I wanted fixed with MM is getting two tier 10 arties with a tier 10 light and they get 3 super heavies on himmelsdorf. That is what needs to be fixed, then MM would be good to go. Hope that all the idiots last long enough for me to farm my way to victory


    3. DirtyACE7


      I feel like every time there's a new patch, there's almost more to complain about than to praise. Like this new MM. They reworked it but didn't address by far the biggest flaw with it that has been around a long time and that is the distribution of tank classes. You will still get an absurd amount of one type of tank on one team and another type on the other team. Last night for example, had a match where literally almost half of my team were just Grille 15s.

    4. Bavor


      I just don't see the point of playing tier 8 tanks any more when 86% of tier 8 tank battles so far are tier 9 and tier 10 battles.  Pre 9.18, it was 38% of tier 8 tank battles were tier 8 battles.  That's based on my 276 tier 8 non pref mm battles in patch 9.17.1 and my tier 8 battles since 9.18 went live.

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