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  1. I've been keeping track of tank and battle stats since 1.01.  So far 75% of my tier 8 tank battles have been tier 10(bottom tier) 3/5/7 battles.  Tier 8 really is getting fucked over by the low server population.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      its not even population, its happening on EU/RU as well.

    2. DHP


      So just regular MM since 3/5/7 ?


       I swear you get less then 10% of top tier 3/5/7 at tier 8.

    3. Bavor


      @DHP Prior to 1.0 my tier 8 tanks were bottom tier about 50-55% of the time.  After 1.0 its 75% of the time.  So its even worse than normal.  Wargaming should discount the prices on all regular matchmaking tier 8 tanks to make up for being 100% fucked over all the time.

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