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  1. Two bule overall purple recent players on my team were firing nothing but HE our of their defenders tonight in a tier 10 battle.  No wonder we lost.  That average of 70 damage per shot was soooooo effective.  I wish when people wanted to fuck around like that they would stick to lower tiers.

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    2. hazzgar


      What they were shooting at if they did 70dmg per shot? Defender should be doing 150-200 he to most tanks

    3. Bavor


      The defenders were shooting at tier 10 heavies and TDs frontally doing about 70 damage per shot.  I was watching the one defender shoot a tier 10 TD doing around 70-75 damage per shot before he died.  For both of them I divided their damage done by the number of shots that hit and both came out to around 70.  One of them said in chat all he loaded was HE for the battle.

    4. hazzgar


      To do 70 you basically have to shoot tracks.

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