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  1. Fuck RNG.  Fuck RNG. FUCK RNG.  3 battles in a row every FULL AIMED shot  at a stationary enemy tank either goes into the dirt or sails above it meanwhile everyone can snapshot me on the move while their turret is turning.

    1. sohojacques


      Fun game isn’t it. Yet we’re still here try to beat it’s really shitty odds.

    2. Bavor


      I just want to add FUCK RNG again.  Played a battle in the T28.  12 FULLY AIMED shots fired at stationary enemy tanks.  8 hits 3 pens.  Played a battle in the WT Pz IV.  6 FULLY AIMED shots 3 hits 1 pen. 

      I was consistently bouncing off the SIDE of tier 8 mediums and TDs WTF?  I even bounced a shot off the ELC EVEN 90???  FUCK RNG.