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  1. Every time I get close to 3 marking the T32, I run into some idiots who either intentionally or unintentionally get me killed.  In my first 11 battles today, I had 3 teammates get me killed.  A player in a FV 4005 team killed me because he didn't like the way I was playing as a bottom tier heavy.  I had another T-10 block me from backing up and got me shot then push me out into enemy fire and got me killed all while doing the jajajaja thinking it was funny.  With all the trolls and idiots out there how the hell do you three mark this tank?  Every time I get close some asshole team kills me or blocks me and gets me shot or killed.

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    2. StormCrowReaperManyHats


      I suspect in 3/5/7 it would, the 90 with full gold was much better as a t8 CW or Stronks machine because practically invulnerable hull down vs other 8s. Tens just turn it to cheese.

    3. Bavor


      I noticed a few things.  Low health tier 9s and 10s seem much more likely to YOLO charge me when I have the 90mm because its often that it would take 3 shots from the 90mm to destroy them while it would only take 2 shots from the 105 to destroy them. I find myself exposing my tank more to do damage with the 90mm.  Also if you are mostly hull down but a tiny bit of your upper plate is showing, its likely going to be snapshotted by a higher tier tank.  In addition to that there is a lot more large caliber HE and HESH spam at the tank where the armor doesn't help much.  Not only Type 4's and TYpe 5's but also TDs.

    4. lavawing


      @Bavor HE spam from tier 8s is also that much more prevalent I noticed. 112/111/IS-6's are probably running at least 25% HE and will switch to it once they see you hulldown. I've also been seeing Skorp G's and RHM's with HE spam and it somehow works.

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