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  1. I'm Sure the O-Ho was put in the game in its current state to make people free XP past it to the Type 4.  I can't find a redeeming quality about it.  The gun handling sucks.  The accuracy sucks.  The regular and premiums rounds are slow.  It can't sidescrape or reverse side scrape without exposing flat armor. Its slow.  Most tier 7 tanks can autoaim and pen it.  What is it good for?

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      The O-Ho wasn't completely terrible, as long as you didnt want to shoot to your left side. 

      Then again, I never took the tank seriously when I was grinding through it. At least compared to the KV-4 you can derp shit which makes it a bit more memorable.
      Especially when you hit heavily armoured heavies for 450. I managed to win a trade fight against a Conqueror by bouncing the a shot and repeatedly shooting it in the turret roof for 450. 

      Its still shit though. 

    3. hiipanda


      When fighting another O-ho's face to face a good place to aim is under the tank.

    4. Bavor


      @leggasiini My issue with the derp is putting 3 shots into a tier 9 or 10 heavy for a total of under 500 damage.   Even the hull down Caern AX I was shooting at was doing under 100 damage per shot half the time.  The derp is so inconsistent in damage against higher tier tanks.


      I shot a t95 frontally for two zero damage critical hits in a row and a TYpe 5 drove sideways out in front of my team and fired.  I shot it in the side just below the turret for a whole 114 damage.  The derp is just so inconsistent in damage.


      Last battle I shot down into the top of a 705 for ZERO damage with HE.  Yes ZERO damage with HE.