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  1. I'm Sure the O-Ho was put in the game in its current state to make people free XP past it to the Type 4.  I can't find a redeeming quality about it.  The gun handling sucks.  The accuracy sucks.  The regular and premiums rounds are slow.  It can't sidescrape or reverse side scrape without exposing flat armor. Its slow.  Most tier 7 tanks can autoaim and pen it.  What is it good for?

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    2. leggasiini


      You're using the AP gun, thats the problem. AP gun O-Ho is a terrible KV-4 and KV-4 is also pretty bad, so go figure. Shit accuracy, godawful aim time, bad bloom, mediocre pen, poor velocity, and 330 alpha (which sucks for tank like that). All that for what, good DPM? Which btw is worthless because you dont want to expose yourself often with that platform. The AP gun is a joke.

      The derp has the SAME gun handling as the AP gun apart from marginally worse aim time that makes no difference anyway because AP gun aim time already sucks dick. That gun handling for HE gun turns out to be stupidly good because you need to just hit the target. Use the derp, mount VStab for handling memes, spam HE, use AP to overmatch turret roofs, angle your front on corners to bounce tier 7s and tier 8s esp if they dont fire prem, play 1.5 line support when not top tier (follow higher tier heavies and let them take hits), try to expose yourself as little as possible (snapshotting works) and come out of corners so that you can point the gun down.

      It's not good but its not unplayable, especially when it can damage stuff that almost no other tier 8 can

    3. NightmareMk9


      Type4 is pretty bad without the top gun and EVERYONE spams it with HE or gold.

    4. kariverson


      The worst thing about it is the 0 gun depression in the front due to the 2 titties. You are forced to show side to shoot...

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