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  1. I shot a Somua SM twice in the turret with my FV 215b 1983 and both shots did less than 150 damage.  The first shot was 83 damage.  The second was 119 damage.  The after battle results showed 4 shots fired and 4 hits.  Are spall liners that effective that a 1750 damage shots id reduced to under 100 damage??? I can't understand how its possible.

    1. hazzgar


      You probably shot the gun 2 times but close enough to the actual tank that some of the blast reached the tank. 

      Somua non penned eats shots for 700 normally

    2. leggasiini


      1. you should never run spall liner on Somua

      2. he hit your gun twice so you just got extremely lucky, would have been 700-800 with non pens

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