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  1. Utilities such as MSI Afterburner and Windows task manager show VRAM reserves and not VRAM in use. When you actually measure the VRAM in use, you see its a lot less than the VRAM requested/reserved.
  2. The blower style cards, stock clock cards, and some of the cards with lower end coolers were cheaper than the founders edition cards on release. I think many AIB partners tried to cash in on the market and most non blower GTX 1070 cards were in the $419.99-$499.99 range. The plastic shroud blower cards were $399.99-$414.99 upon release. I can't find the pricing on release date, but there was a mention of the MSI Armor cards that came with the inadequate GTX 970 cooler were under $419.99. I thought I had a screenshot of EVGA's prices upon release, but I can't find it. I found one mention of the stock clock version of the EVGA ACX dual fan model being $419.99 around release time. I think most GPUs are priced around what the market will bear. The 2000 series was higher priced for its performance and didn't sell as well as the 1000 series. I'm pretty sure the first run of the 3070 and 3080 will sell out quickly. You will even see the first run of custom PCB 3090 series GPUs sell out quickly even in the $1700-$2000 price range. People look at custom 3090's as a great performance bargain compared to the 2080 ti cards with custom coolers. AMD's advertising helps Nvidia. I think the issue is a large part of AMD's advertising and marketing is actually awful. I find half of AMD's social media stuff to have too much trolling, childish behavior, and immaturity if they are trying to advertise to people who can afford their more profitable products. They also have hyped up their products before release with half truths and that leads to disappointment. Their approach doesn't help their reputation. Basically it seems that AMD's social media side of the GPU marketing is aimed at people who usually can't afford their GPUs without financial assistance of others(teenagers). Other parts of their marketing almost seems to be misleading. For example, the pre release "Ryzen is for gamers" yet 1st gen Ryzen performs worse in most games upon release than the i5 and i7 CPUs available at the time. AMD marketing the Radeon VII as a gaming card, then a few months after release, when there was some disappointment, they change the marketing to it being a GPU for content creators. I understand that you have to appeal to a wide audience in marketing computer gaming hardware and that some humor helps sell products and you have to emphasize your best features, but it almost seems that some of AMD's marketing hurts them more than helps them. GamersNexus's recent video about AMD GPU marketing covered some of the same stuff I've said in the past. I want to see what Intel brings to the GPU market. I don't expect their first GPUs to be great, but I expect that their 2nd GPU series will actually be competitive. Noctua already has this cooler listed as incompatible with many x299 motherboards. This is nothing new. I almost feel that this is click bait because you run into the exact same issue with most 5700 XT cards that have back plates on the same X299 motherboard. Didn't Noctua already came out with a different NH-D15 version with more GPU clearance.
  3. I have the ds418play. I'm not sure if its still in production or was replaced by a newer model.
  4. I'm comparing the Nvidia "brand" founders/reference edition cards for price comparisons to keep things equal. There are too many differences in coolers and other hardware for different manufacturers models to compare them equally. No hardware manufacturers or vendors had a $379.99 card available at launch. The $379.99 cards weren't available until months later. They may have been advertised, but nobody had them in stock. Also the use of low priced models brings up another issue. People could argue semantics of lower priced models with inadequate cooling, such as some of the lower priced MSI models that overheated because they used a cooler originally designed for a lower wattage GPU. You need to actually fact check Wikipedia and not assume everything there is correct. Just because someone entered information incorrectly on Wikipedia, doesn't mean its a fact. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/05/nvidia-gtx-1080-1070-pascal-specs-pricing-revealed/
  5. Jensen called the RTX 3080 the flagship. Also, Nvidia has been adding more lower end models than they had in previous generations. That basically moved the product stack up in Nvidia's lineup. Especially with the addition of the ti and super cards at the lower end. If Nvidia considers the RTX 3080 the flagship, then Its the card that replaces the 2080 ti and is the equivalent to the 1080 ti in the 1000 series 980 ti in the 900 series. So the 3060 series will be the replacement for the equivalent 2070, 1070, and 970. There is another way to look at it. I bought a Nvidia GTX 1070 new back when they were released. MSRP was $449.99 at the time. I had a BestBuy coupon and rewards points, so I ended up getting $50 off, but that's irrelevant. Considering the price of the 3070 only went up $50 from the release price of the 1070 that's not bad. Looking at the online inflation calculators, the $450 GTX 1070 price on release date is the equivalent of $490-$500 now. The 3070's price seems reasonable when you consider inflation. Eventually the, MSRP decreased to $380 for the GTX 1070 with the release of the GTX 1070 ti. $380 is about $415-$425 now when you account for inflation. The $350 price for the RTX 3070 you want is the equivalent of about $320 on the release date of the GTX 1070. I don't think you understood the chart Nvidia showed during the presentation if that's where you get the 86% number from. It was based on performance relative to the GTX 980 for 4K gaming over multiple games. I don't know how you are getting an 86% number from that chart or any other official info released by Nvidia. The chart said that the 2080 ti and 3070 are about 3.25 times higher FPS at 4K than the 980 and the 3080 is about 4.5 times higher FPS at 4K than the 980. If you are referring to the "leaked" geekbench results, where the 3080 is 86% faster than the 2080 in some tests, well that has nothing to do with gaming performance. If Nvidia allows all the cuda cores to operate at the same time for processing different instruction types, then its possible that in certain math calculations the 3080 is 86% faster than a 2080 at those types of calculations because it could run more calculations per clock cycle. Is the 5700 XT even worth $350 or its $399 launch price considering it took AMD 6+ months to get properly working drivers for many people? Is 6 months of black screens, crashes, and games not running properly worth the savings? Also the launch price reduction that AMD did with the 5700 XT may have been a gamble to get more new customers to AMD. Basically, it sounds like it was a marketing ploy. Also, AMD may have had to reduce the price a second time to the $350-$380 range to get people to buy the 5700 XT after all the problems customers had with it when it was released. Every hardware forum, Facebook group, and reddit was full of people having issues with the cards. AMD officially posted on Reddit asking for feedback and info from customers having issues with the 5000 series GPUs so they could resolve the widespread issues. You can find non founders edition 2070 Super cards form EVGA and MSI for $449.99 and $459.99 on sale on a regular basis. It almost sounds like its worth it not to have to possibly put up with the widespread driver issues. I wouldn't worry about a CPU bottleneck unless you have a low end CPU. Even with a 2080 ti, the difference between a 3600X and 3800X when locked at the same CPU speed is minimal outside of a few games. Game engine developers are just starting to finally adapt their game engines to use more than 6 or 8 threads recently. There are games where a 9900K or 1 10900K overclocked still shows a significant improvement at 1440p over a 3800X or 3950X, but those aren't the majority. I actually hope AMD can make a competitive higher end GPU this time around and we can finally get some competition back into the market. I think Nvidia left that wide open space above the 3080 for a 3080 ti or Super card in case Nvidia has something competitive to release.
  6. My Synology NAS has the ability to backup online storage solutions such as Dropbox and Google drive. If they save everything important to a Dropbox folder then the NAS can also back it up locally. Also the Dropbox PC client has the ability to get files from other Dropbox clients with the same account over the local network. When you save something to a PC in the Dropbox folder, it gets copies to other PCs on the network logged into the same Dropbox account. Google Drive doesn't do this and gets uploaded to their server then downloaded to other clients. If you don't use a prebuilt NAS, It might be good to have a solution that saves to both local and online locations or saves to an online location and backs it up locally.
  7. I got the bourassque for 80% off with the marathon, but haven't played it much. The gun is unbelievably frustrating for me. Even when the tank is completely still and I'm fully aiming my shots most of them are missing by miles. I've watched YouTube videos where people have these amazing high damage games and they are hitting 70%+ of their shots where they don't fully aim, yet if I try that I'm lucky if 10% of the shots even hit the tank I'm aiming at. I'm using my 5 skill BC 25t crew in the bourassque and the gun handling and hit percentage feels worse than the 122mm on the tier 7 IS heavy tank .I've tried different combinations of equipment, but I'm struggling to have my shots even hit what I aim at. Meanwhile, one of the recent days I was having issues with the bourassque, I played a battle int he Lorr 40t, which supposedly has much worse gun handling than the bourassque, and that gun felt like it was shooting laser beams in comparison. My hit percentage in the bourassque is between 63% and 64% when I look at my stats. The lorr 40t is above 75%. I even tried the mod that shows both the server reticle and client reticle and wait until the server reticle is fully aimed before shooting and the shots are still going anywhere except where they are aimed with the bourassque.
  8. That's a bold statement about "lies." Nvidia has potential for actual competition thins time around, so I doubt they exaggerated the performance by much. You really expect a lot for the price. The leaked benchmarks so far show very little exaggeration about performance. You think 2080 ti performance(3070) should be $300-$350? That would be the PC performance deal of the century. I have doubt that AMD is going to be able to offer anything with similar performance more much more than $50 less than Nvidia. If I remember correctly from reading the documentation the day of the video Nvidia optimized the cuda cores for two different tasks, so you can't compare core count directly. Half the cores are optimized for one type of task and the other half are optimized for another type of task. A 2080 ti still struggles with many newer games at max settings at 3440x1440 100+ Hz and 4K resolution. So there is still room for improvement. I think that's where DLSS will help. The volume of sales probably helps make TV tech cheaper than high end monitors. We just need the high end TVs and monitors all to support the latest HDMI and Displayport versions to make the tech usable. WoT is still not very demanding on graphics hardware. Its playable at 4K 60 FPS with a 1050 ti on the medium or high preset. I was getting 180-200 FPS at 4K with the Ultra preset with my current cards. What has me excited about the 3000 series is newer games and also the reduction in video encoding times and 3D rendering times.
  9. 3070 has more cores than the 2080 ti and faster memory. If its not faster than a 2080 ti, many people will wonder WTF happened. More cores and faster memory making it slower would be really odd.
  10. Apparently they throw off a lot of heat. EVGA already confirmed all of their hybrid cards will have a 240mm radiator minimum and the kingpin card will cum with a 360mm radiator. The 2080 ti kingpin came with a 240mm radiator and the rest of the 2000 series hybrids had a 120mm radiator.
  11. Launch event video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKx-eMAVK70
  12. When I ground my way through the tier 9 430, I wondered what the hype was. I'm not sure if anything has changed on the armor model since then, but tier 7's seemed to have no trouble penning it frontally. Also, I agree the gun handling was awful, even for a tank that is suppose to be a closer range brawler/fighter.
  13. The recent changes to the Tiger I were a nerf, not a buff.
  14. URL because embedding is wonky sometimes.


    Who sent baby 279(e) to fight me?  You are dead. No big surprise.

  15. The previous buffed E5 wouldn't even be considered OP among the current tier 10 tanks. Wargaming just needed to return the E5 to the pre nerf stats and leave it alone.
  16. Metal Wars Info I had the reload on my 907 down to about 4.2 seconds last campaign with one of the modules. I think it was the air conditioning. Only 2,200 tanks this time. Of course Wargaming in its infinite wisdom scheduled a campaign over the July 4th holiday.
  17. One e of the problems with Role XP is how little extra XP you get for playing to Wargaming's define "role" for your tank. Blocking 2K damage in a tier 10 super heavy and blocking 8K damage in a tier 10 super heavy makes a minimal difference in role XP. Sitting back and farming 7K damage in a STRV and doing most of your damage form beyond 300 meters while remaining unspotted on a loss still results in less overall XP than an arty player who tracks and stuns a few tanks or an EBR player who YOLOs and spots 12 of the enemy team while doing minimal damage and spotting damage.
  18. Yes they were until the season that started yesterday.
  19. I've been using the Tiger I for completing in game missions the past few months. Sometimes for daily missions and sometimes for tankrewards missions. The DPM and HP pool make it easy for many of the missions. My Tiger I has 2600+ DPM, 5.5 second reload time, and 0.31 dispersion. Its higher DPM than most tier 8 heavies and its has the health of an average tier 8 heavy. When its top tier, you DPM down everything. When its bottom tier, you play back and use your DPM and dispersion to farm away. The Tiger I was the easiest 3 mark I ever did.
  20. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/clan-wars/global-map-revolution-announcement/ "The Alliance Mechanic will be off for Season 14." I actually left my clan after last clan wars season because I thought the alliance mechanic was bad for the game. The alliance mechanic prevented battles and took some of the fun out of clan wars. On the NA server, about 70% of the clans on the map were in the same alliance. There were sub 900 ELO clans next to us on the map that we were not allowed to attack because they were in our alliance. We weren't allowed to take land from anyone in the alliance without their permission. It wasn't clan wars. Sure, diplomacy exists in a normal clan wars season, but not on the scale that the alliances had. Other Info: General Settings Ghost Clan Rules are ON. Assigning victory points together with Gold is ON. Starting Influence points: 1500 Firefly Provinces are OFF. Alliances are OFF. Quest System is ON. Gold quests are ON. Influence points quests are ON. Battle offset feature is ON. Income limit is set to 10. (You will only receive Gold for the 10 lowest provinces you own.) Revolts are ON. Pillages are ON. Partial refund of credits are ON. Penalties are ON.
  21. Even with a 3950X in my system, I've found out that if you use Adobe Premiere for 4K H.264 encoding, you don't have much of a speed advantage over a mildly overclocked i7-6700K. If you don't use Premiere of don't do H.264/H.265 encoding your results may be different. Certain effects in Premiere can make the encoding more CPU intensive and show an advantage with 8 or 16 cores. However Its not any of the effects I use regularly. Also, if you use adobe After Effects and do color correction and detail preserving upscale, it seems that After Effects can take advantage of 16 cores/32 threads. Other video editing/encoding/converting software: Newer versions of Davinci Resolve use more GPU encoding now, so your GPU may have more of an effect than your CPU with encoding. Handbrake seems to lose per core gains in improvement with more cores past 6 cores. However you still do get better results with more cores or faster cores. On another forum that has a thread of handbrake benchmark results, my 3950X at 4.2 GHz with raised power limits only loses out to newer threadripper CPUs and overclocked Intel HEDT CPUs with much faster clock speeds.
  22. The short version of my opinion is that I went into the sandbox server expecting Wargaming to completely screw everything up and expecting that it will take 2+ years for them to fix it if the changes go through. Wargaming did not let me down. About the ammo changes: In reality the problem is not the ammunition. The problem is many corridor maps that forces tanks to fight frontal with limited or no flanking opportunities and a lack of frontal weakspots that can be reliably hit with fully aimed shots on stationary tanks at any distance further away than ~50 meters. Instead of fixing the cause of the problem, Wargaming is focused on fixing the symptom of the problem. Taking HESH penetration away from the UK tanks removes some skill from the game in my opinion. Knowing when you can use HESH and do more damage than the standard ammo is a skilled decision. Also, removing HESH penetration takes away a unique aspect of gameplay in the UK tech tree vehicles. Reducing the damage of gold/special/premium APCR ammo compared to the HP pool of tanks is a buff to wheeled light vehicles. Its much easier to hsi them at 300+ meters with APCR and now players will need more penetrating hits to destroy them. Removing HE and HESH pen is a buff to wheels light vehicles. Now I can't time my shot properly at closer range to have a higher likelihood of penetrating and doing significant damage. I don't think the ammo changes will reduce the gold/special/premium fired by many players because they will still choose more reliable damage over the possibility of higher damage. About the tech tree changes: Wargaming is removing many low tier tanks that had different or unique aspect to their gameplay that were funa s a new player. I have no idea why tier 10's are being removed. The 113 isn't bad and was worth the grind. It just has been power creeped. Now it seems like a worse(slower less armor worse gun handling) 430U. Wargaming is screwing up the game because they don't even know how to play the game and never listen to above average skill players. I bet if Wargaming asked the top 5% of players what they would change in the game, the answers would be different than the proposed changes.
  23. A Wargaming employee on the forums said you need to flank instead of fight higher tier tanks forntally.  Are we supposed to flank to the other corridor or drive out into the open where our tank will be destroyed the instant it gets spotted?

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      maps arent big enough for flanking in this fucking game lmao

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      Does he know that goods say that ironically?

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      Someone asked him how do you flank with a T28 or Vk1001p? 

  24. I had a NH-D14 in two different computers and when it was installed, I couldn't reach or see anything on the motherboard near it. I couldn't connect additional fans to the fan headers on the motherboard without removing the NH-D14 because I couldn't see or reach them. I could only use low profile RAM because no other RAM would clear the heatsink. No need to use RGB RAM when you can't see it anyway. I couldn't swap out my stock power supply cables with the nicer colored cables without removing the NH-D14 because I couldn't reach the connectors on the top edge of the motherboard because the NH-D14 was in the way. I couldn't mount the radiator for my EVGA Hybrid graphics card on the rear 120/140mm case fan mount because the hot air from my NH-D14 blew into it and caused the GPU temperatures to spike. Also there was less than 5mm of clearance between the rear of the NH-D14 and the radiator fan. It was the same issue on two different motherboards in two different cases. In the end, I swapped the NH-D14 for a 360mm AIO. My CPU temperatures dropped by 2-3C over the NH-D14 when encoding and rendering and I can reach everything on the motherboard now.
  25. I bought two of the $99.99 75 box bundles. I received: Gold: 73,700 - includes gold for tanks already owned. Credits: 7,400,000 Premium Time: 97 days Tank Skins: All 6 of them Tanks: Obj 703 II, E75 TS, Sherman VC Firefly, Bretagne Panther, Pz. III K, AM 39 Gendron I received some of the other lower tier tanks I already owned, so I received gold in their place. I did not receive any of the other tier 8s, but I already owned them. In previous years, I bought less boxes and received more tier 8 tanks and tier 8 tank duplicates. Last year, i spend less than $100 and ended up getting over 120,000 gold. I received the IS-3A multiple times along with a few other tier 8 tanks I already owned. That added to the gold received.
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