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  1. had three battles in a row where every single shot that hight my tank was a high damage roll.  I'm not talking about a little bit high, but 50-100 HP higher than average.  Now I know why some pubbies think the game is rigged.

    1. Bobi_Kreeg


      Yeea. Every Bourrasque rolls 400

  2. I thought it was 4 previous campaigns where you had a chance to get it? I think its normal rotation. Its been available for four campaigns and they are rotating it out for a campaign like they did with other tanks previously.
  3. I had a 252U on my team redline sniping in a Lakeville battle. Our other heavies went valley and camped there. We lost that battle of course. At the end of the battle I said, "Fuck RNG and fuck our redline sniping Defender." The 252U player reported me to support and I got a 1 day chat ban.
  4. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/game-modes/global-map-renaissance-event/ New italian autoloader. Tons of people whining that the T95/FV4001 isn't available as a reward for the first time.
  5. The reference design 6800 XT uses 280-325 watts during gaming based on the reviews I've seen. That doesn't look like a huge difference, especially when you look at its power consumption in newer games where the 6800 XT is in the ~320 watt range. So its 50 watts less than the 3080. Considering GDDR6X also uses more power, that's not a huge difference. The aftermarket 6800 XT models are using 350-385+ watts for 2 to 4 FPS more on average than the reference 6800 XT card at various resolutions and still performing worse than the RTX 3080 founder's edition card in most games. It doesn't
  6. It seems that the only Ryzen CPU that anyone has a chance of getting without using bots is the 5600X. One discord I'm on, the people there are using bots in an attempt to get a single 5900X and 5950X.
  7. I played six tier 10 battles this morning.  In 5 of the 6 all of my team was dead in under 4 minutes.
    In one battle three teammates in a row drove out sideways in front of the same enemy T110E3 and got shot in the side.  The 2nd and 3rd that did it obviously saw what happened to the first tank that did it and they did the same thing in about 20 second intervals to also get shot in the side.
    I had several teammates say they didn't like the matchmaking so they intentionally YOLOed right at the enemy and died at the start in multiple battles.
    In another battle there were 3 TDs camping near cap.  When the enemy got near our cap, 2 of the 3 TDs drove away from our cap and started driving toward the enemy cap.  They died on the way to the enemy cap without firing a shot.
    I had a teammate complain that "matchmaker matched me up against a heavy tank, so he YOLOed straight at the enemy team and died at the start."
    On most of my teams over 2/3 of the team couldn't do half their HP in damage.
    People wonder why I don't play this game as much as I use to.  That's why!

    1. Bavor


      I feel that the past few months I get long streaks of teams who can't stay alive long enough for me to do any damage.  How is my team so bad that the enemy chews through the entire HP of 15 tier 10 tanks in under 4 minutes several battles in a row?

  8. I banned Minska nd Mines. Minsk because it sucks all over. Mines because its way too small for 30 tier 10's in a pub battle.
  9. Relic Gaming Community TS: ts.relicgaming.org , Password: relic1 Clan Portal URLs: RELIC: https://na.wargaming.net/clans/wot/1000000017/ REL2: https://na.wargaming.net/clans/wot/1000020578/ REL-A: https://na.wargaming.net/clans/wot/1000001550/ About us: Relic Armoured is the first and oldest World of Tanks Clan in the world, and the Main Division of RELIC World of Tanks, predominantly an 18+ environment however exceptions are made for mature characters. Relic Armored 2nd focuses predominantly on Clan Wars and Advances while Auxiliary provides a training ground
  10. Is your priority to have the system be as small as possible or are you willing to have a slightly larger ITX system to get better cooling? The NR200 is nice because it can use a 240/280mm AIO. Newer AIO's cool better than even the largest air coolers at the same noise level or offer the same cooling at a lower noise level. I think the NR200 won't fir a 162mm high CPU cooler. Also, you can usually put a pair of 120mm fans below the GPU in the NR200 to blow cool air directly into the GPU fans. You will need a new power supply with the NR200 and many smaller ITX cases.
  11. Utilities such as MSI Afterburner and Windows task manager show VRAM reserves and not VRAM in use. When you actually measure the VRAM in use, you see its a lot less than the VRAM requested/reserved.
  12. The blower style cards, stock clock cards, and some of the cards with lower end coolers were cheaper than the founders edition cards on release. I think many AIB partners tried to cash in on the market and most non blower GTX 1070 cards were in the $419.99-$499.99 range. The plastic shroud blower cards were $399.99-$414.99 upon release. I can't find the pricing on release date, but there was a mention of the MSI Armor cards that came with the inadequate GTX 970 cooler were under $419.99. I thought I had a screenshot of EVGA's prices upon release, but I can't find it. I found one menti
  13. I have the ds418play. I'm not sure if its still in production or was replaced by a newer model.
  14. I'm comparing the Nvidia "brand" founders/reference edition cards for price comparisons to keep things equal. There are too many differences in coolers and other hardware for different manufacturers models to compare them equally. No hardware manufacturers or vendors had a $379.99 card available at launch. The $379.99 cards weren't available until months later. They may have been advertised, but nobody had them in stock. Also the use of low priced models brings up another issue. People could argue semantics of lower priced models with inadequate cooling, such as some of the lower pri
  15. Jensen called the RTX 3080 the flagship. Also, Nvidia has been adding more lower end models than they had in previous generations. That basically moved the product stack up in Nvidia's lineup. Especially with the addition of the ti and super cards at the lower end. If Nvidia considers the RTX 3080 the flagship, then Its the card that replaces the 2080 ti and is the equivalent to the 1080 ti in the 1000 series 980 ti in the 900 series. So the 3060 series will be the replacement for the equivalent 2070, 1070, and 970. There is another way to look at it. I bought a Nvidia GTX 107
  16. My Synology NAS has the ability to backup online storage solutions such as Dropbox and Google drive. If they save everything important to a Dropbox folder then the NAS can also back it up locally. Also the Dropbox PC client has the ability to get files from other Dropbox clients with the same account over the local network. When you save something to a PC in the Dropbox folder, it gets copies to other PCs on the network logged into the same Dropbox account. Google Drive doesn't do this and gets uploaded to their server then downloaded to other clients. If you don't use a prebuilt
  17. I got the bourassque for 80% off with the marathon, but haven't played it much. The gun is unbelievably frustrating for me. Even when the tank is completely still and I'm fully aiming my shots most of them are missing by miles. I've watched YouTube videos where people have these amazing high damage games and they are hitting 70%+ of their shots where they don't fully aim, yet if I try that I'm lucky if 10% of the shots even hit the tank I'm aiming at. I'm using my 5 skill BC 25t crew in the bourassque and the gun handling and hit percentage feels worse than the 122mm on the tier 7 IS
  18. That's a bold statement about "lies." Nvidia has potential for actual competition thins time around, so I doubt they exaggerated the performance by much. You really expect a lot for the price. The leaked benchmarks so far show very little exaggeration about performance. You think 2080 ti performance(3070) should be $300-$350? That would be the PC performance deal of the century. I have doubt that AMD is going to be able to offer anything with similar performance more much more than $50 less than Nvidia. If I remember correctly from reading the documentation the day
  19. 3070 has more cores than the 2080 ti and faster memory. If its not faster than a 2080 ti, many people will wonder WTF happened. More cores and faster memory making it slower would be really odd.
  20. Apparently they throw off a lot of heat. EVGA already confirmed all of their hybrid cards will have a 240mm radiator minimum and the kingpin card will cum with a 360mm radiator. The 2080 ti kingpin came with a 240mm radiator and the rest of the 2000 series hybrids had a 120mm radiator.
  21. When I ground my way through the tier 9 430, I wondered what the hype was. I'm not sure if anything has changed on the armor model since then, but tier 7's seemed to have no trouble penning it frontally. Also, I agree the gun handling was awful, even for a tank that is suppose to be a closer range brawler/fighter.
  22. The recent changes to the Tiger I were a nerf, not a buff.
  23. URL because embedding is wonky sometimes.


    Who sent baby 279(e) to fight me?  You are dead. No big surprise.

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