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  1. Newegg has a i7 with a GTX 1060 on sale: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834154702 Discount code: EMCPRPX57 and a $50 rebate: https://images10.newegg.com/uploadfilesfornewegg/rebate/SH/MSI12MIRsFeb01Feb2818cd12us.pdf
  2. The promo code is in the post right after the link. I rarely see laptops with newer AMD GPUs. Newegg has 4 of them listed and only one in stock.
  3. @RollerCoaster47 This one has a displayport for your monitor! $899 after promo code and $50 rebate: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834154623 Promo code: EMCPRPV22 GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB GDDR5 Quad Core Intel Core i7-7700HQ (2.80 GHz) 16 GB Memory 512 GB M.2 SATA SSD 15.6" 1920 x 1080 15.07" x 10.23" x 1.06" 5.29 lbs. 1 x Mini DisplayPort <- Use mini display port to displayport cable for 144 Hz goodness! 1 x HDMI 2 x USB 3.0 1 x USB 2.0 1 x USB 3.0 Type-C
  4. T-44-100 becomes the tier 8 Cromwell B, but with better gun handling! Look at that power to weight and terrain resistance! https://tanks.gg/v0922ct2/compare/t-54-mod-1?t=t-44-100~t-44_51211f~cromwell~cromwell-b Its even better with equipment! https://tanks.gg/v0922ct2/compare/t-54-mod-1?e=21.30.5&t=t-44-100___30.5.21~t-44_51211f__30.21.5~cromwell___21.5.18~cromwell-b___21.18.5 Then add some crew skills and food: https://tanks.gg/v0922ct2/compare/t-54-mod-1?e=21.30.5&c=10.-1.-1&k=
  5. I made the mistake of playing late night tier 10 battles.  In 6 of my 8 battles, at least 10 of my 15 team amtes couldn't do 1,100 damage in tier 10 tanks.  Why are they playing tier 10 when they can't do half their HP before dying?

  6. If you are going to have to use the screen built into the laptop, maybe a bigger screen would be a good idea. This is a nice 17" Asus that is currently on sale: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834234796 It has an open memory slot that is easy to access and the hard drive isn't hard to replace with the SSD you have. I know a couple people that bought it for $200 less when Amazon had it on sale in November. I'd basically get the lowest priced reputable name brand laptop you can with a GTX 1050 ti and a newer i5 or i7. The difference between the 1050 and 1050 ti seems significant and may help with the graphics updates in WoT 1.0. My friends who do laptop and PC repair tell me Asus laptops are a lot easier to get parts for than MSI laptops. I had a MSI gaming laptop that didn't survive a hard fall while it was turned on and running due to a small child knocking it off the table accidentally. They were running at full speed and ran into the power cord. It wasn't a quick/easy disconnect connector, so the laptop got yanked off the table. The laptop it hit the wall and a chair on the way down to the floor. There was minimal external damage however it never worked right after that and frequently locked up. I had an extended warranty through Square Trade. When I sent the laptop in, they couldn't get the parts to fix it, so they sent me a check for the full purchase price and sent me the hard drive back so I could get my data off of it. An extended warranty that includes damage is something to consider. Also, if you have an Amazon prime credit card, you get 5% back in Amazon credit when you use it to purchase things on Amazon. It basically makes the laptop 5% lower in price if you are planning to buy anything on Amazon later.
  7. I just tried pingplotter with the IP addresses of some game servers in Dublin. All of them were 100-120ms.
  8. If I turn off Grand Battles and try to play tier 10 tanks, I often timeout after a 5 minute wait. I usually get a tier 10 battles the second time I click battle with a tier 10 tank. I wonder if Wargaming would ever just add the NA server to the EU cluster.
  9. Peak time is 20,000-25,000 players depending on events going on. Last weekend, it was 24,909 players at the peak. A few weekend ago it was 25,856 players at the peak. When the NA servers were US east and US West my ping to EU1 and EU2 were lower than to NA West from the east coast of the US. Some of the RU servers have a sub 130 ms ping for me.
  10. Finding a sub $1,000 laptop with a display port can be difficult. ANy preference on 15" or 17" laptop screen?
  11. You have to love RNG.  Last battle a T49 with the derp snapshots my T26E4's cupola on the move form 350+ meters.  Then an IS-6 snapshots the same cupola on the move from 350+ meters.  Then a M4 Rev pens the upper plate of my T26E4 with standard ammo form 400 meters.  The same battle all my fully aimed shots at stationary tanks go into the dirt of sail over top of them.  GG RNG!

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      did the T49's derp shot pen your cupola though or did you just take 400ish damage

    2. Bavor


      It was the APCR, not HEAT fired at me that penned the upper plate.

      The T49 shot hit the cupola

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      that wasn't my question but either way rip

      I've sniped a tortoise cupola for 700 damage with the T49 derp HEAT before, so I was wondering if it worked on spershing as well

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  12. Players would use this to penalize other players that aren't being bots. Butthurt layers would use this to penalize players in clan wars reward tanks or rare premium tanks. They would also use it to penalize good players playing properly and not YOLOing to die just because some baddie tells them to spot.
  13. I guess someone bought this account: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/Skepnad He spent the entire battle camping cap in a top tier tank calling the whole team shit and did one shot of damage the entire battle.
  14. Watch out for a player named Red_Maple. He got spotted, arty shot at him, which got me tracked. Then he ran into me while I was tracked, blamed me for rammign him, then started spamming HE at me. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/Red_Maple
  15. I just had a battle where I fired 15 fully aimed shots.  13 of the 15 shots went to the outer 1/4 of the aim circle. WTF RNG???  Seriously?  WTF??  Basically we lost the battle because none of my shots went anywhere near where they were aimed.  Thanks RNG!

    1. Bavor


      Twice in one battle an Obj 268 snapshotted me at 400+ meters while he was driving forward and turning.  Yet I've had several battles today where most of my fully aimed shots at stationary tanks go to the outside edge of the aim circle? WTF RNG?

  16. This is 3440x1440 on Ultra: This is what I got on 1920x1080 at Ultra: I got this result on one of the lower settings:
  17. True, a even a GTX 1050 will still average 80+ FPS at Maximum and average 70 FPS in Sandbox. Older GPUs should still do well at lower settings. http://cbgamesandhardware.blogspot.com/2017/10/fps-comparison-of-920-vs-sandbox-on.html
  18. When I tested WoT EnCore at 1920x1080 with the Ultra preset, the total graphics card memory usage was 3,262 MB. When I tested the Medium preset at 1920x1080 the total graphics card memory usage was 2,282 MB. Both MSI Afterburner and EVGA PrecisionX gave similar numbers for graphics card memory in use. The ultra preset is close to the 3.5 GB of fast memory on the GTX 970. What I found interesting is at 2440x1440 with the Ultra preset total graphics card memory usage was 3343 MB. It didn't go up much with Ultra at a higher resolution. Unfortunately both Nvidia and AMD graphics card are up again due to increased mining demand. A used GTX 970 sells in the $250-$300 USD range now and a few months ago they were $150-$225 USD. I'm sure the prices are similar in Europe now also due to the increased global demand.
  19. If you are in a battle with PhiDelt and prey99 and the enemy is capping don't expect them to go back to defend cap. I was in two battles with them today when they were paltooned together. Both times when the enemy was capping they ran away and tried to drive to the enemy's cap instead of defending our own cap. It was me vs 3 auto loaders in a grand battle defending cap and they ran away and started pushing to the enemy's cap. The same thing happened in another tier 10 battle when they were on my team. Enemy was capping and they ran away to the other side of the map and tried to kill the enemy tanks defending cap instead of defending our cap. Apparently they think its faster to kill multiple enemy tanks and cap out the enemy than it is to drive 200 meters to get a reset on cap.
  20. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/tahal This player redline camps and snipes in his E100 with the 150mm gun firing HE the entire battle. I had him on my team twice recently. Both times he was less useful than a bot.
  21. The pre Ryzen AMD CPUs are still vulnerable to Spectre. SOme of them may be vulnerable to Meltdown. I've seen conflicting info on that.
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