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  1. I have the 430 in my garage, so I should get a free tank. Is there any reason to rebuy the T-10 other than grinding for the new heavy (i.e. will it net me another free tank)?
  2. Sooo ... all StuG done with honors all T28 done with honors all T 55a done (except arty) with honors Obj missing: 3 lt missions 1 mt mission 3 ht missions 3 TD missions all arty missions .will I get a free Object :)?
  3. So I will get 2 free t10 premiums (obj260, FV215b) next patch :)?
  4. I really need a "Nebelburg for dummies" guide. So far, it´s been the typical "camp or die" kind of map for me - agressive play means getting instagibbed by hordes of basecamping TDs and "balanced" arties. The only consistently halfway decent spot I´ve found for mediums (starting south) is top of the hill around A1: You can spot climbing enemies, TDs on the island and have sideshots on heavies in town.
  5. Statpadderer

    m4 improved

    Rejoice! This totally OP tank can be bought again on the EU server.
  6. I just created a RU account for fun & giggles a week ago (should have asked for an invite code, but it was a spontaneous idea - oh well). I remember we had a bunch of new account missions some time ago - you got a (rental) terarch, some consumables and a 100% crew for a tier 5 vehicle, amongst other stuff, iirc. However, none of theses missions have shown up on my new RU account. And yes, I did the new boot camp already. Did WG stop these missions? Were they for EU and NA servers only? Am I missing something?
  7. I already have the Object 140 and (soon) both clones unlocked. Should I buy the T-62A or the Object 430 next?
  8. The T28c is less fun to drive, you got it for free and it makes no credits, so I dumped it before the CDC.
  9. Why not trade in the T 28 HTC instead? Thats what I did to make my Löwe cheaper.
  10. I used a heavy spall liner on my Maus until now - is it still worth it after the arty nerf?
  11. Everybody knows that stats are just luck - this proves nothing :P!
  12. Nah, T8 ofc . Have you considered the extra garage slot you get if you don´t have the tanks?
  13. Strangely, on test server, my bulldog (now a t9) retained its permanent camo. The lwt and 1390 did not. VERY confusing. Also got the soviet and frencht t8s with garage slots & 50% crew. In other news, the tX soviet lt is great and arty became annoying as hell.
  14. That contradicts what has been posted above O the russian page on the soviet lt changes, it translates to "What will happen to the modules, experience, crew, emblems and camouflage on light tanks? Modules: if you have machines that will change their level in update 9.18, and before the transition have been investigated to top-end equipment, then after the transition they will remain top-end. The crew will be trained for the same car: the crew, trained to 100%, landed in the barracks and retrained to 100% on the same machine on which it was before the upgrade. If you have a crew trained to 100% on a light tank that goes to a higher level, but the car itself is not available at the time of the upgrade, the crew will still be retrained to the same light tank transferred to another level. Emblems and camouflage (only for current LT VIII level, which will "move" to IX): the emblems and camouflage, purchased for gold for the tank, which goes to the level above, will be removed. However, one should not worry: their full value in gold will be reimbursed. Unique emblems and camouflage remain: they will be removed from the car, but you can re-apply them to any technique. And the last thing: changes in the tree of research will not affect the combat experience earned on the tank. Experience will remain on the machine of the level at which it was earned. The "French" and "Germans" at the VIII level will have new machines that will be added to the players along with the slot and trained by 50% crew. The USSR and the USA are already carrying existing machines (provided that the G8 has been investigated before). In this case, two options are possible for the development of events *: If there are tanks in the Angara, then the players will be credited with 1,200,000. If there are no tanks in the Angara, players will be credited with the M41 Walker Bulldog and LTTB with slots and a 50% trained crew. * Transfer converters are not final and may change before release 9.18. All final data will be in the full list of changes before the update itself. Follow the news. Come on the general test to run new and rebalanced Soviet light tanks and share our impressions with us!
  15. Okay, this seems very confusing now. Next weekend will be the 6th anniversary sales, so if I want to minmax my profits with the light tank changes, it should be then. This is my relevant current lights situation: USA VII Bulldog (in garage, elite, permanent camo, 4 skill crew) VIII T 49 (fully researched/elited, not in garage, no crew) China VIII wz 132 (in garage, elite, permanent camo, 4 skill crew) USSR VIII 54 lwt (in garage, elite, permanent camo, 4 skill crew) France VIII 1390 (in garage, elite, permanent camo, 4 skill crew) If I read all the information correctly, the following will happen if I do nothing: USA Bulldog - will become an elite VIII; crew and camo moves with it/will stay on tank (?) China wz 132 – no changes, accumulated XP will stay on tank to unlock new t9 question: Will the camo on it be stripped/reimbursed? USSR 54 lwt - will become an elite VII; crew and camo moves with it/will stay on tank (?) I will get a free elite t8 Lttb in my garage with the lwt´s XP on it questions: 1) will I need a free garage slot or will I get one with the tank? 2) will I get a free 100% Lttb crew with it? France 1390 will become an elite VII; crew and camo moves with it/will stay on tank (?) I will get a free elite t8 Bat.-Châtillon 12 t with the 1390´s XP on it. questions: 1) will I need a free garage slot or will I get one with the tank? 2) will I get a free 100% Bat.-Châtillon 12 t crew with it? So I guess I should definitely buy (with 50% crew, stock)T 49 – as it moves up a tier questions: Will the crew be 100% after it moves up? Would you guys also buy a t-50 (with 50% crew, stock), as it moves up a tier as well (and the crew might be 100% after this)? I guess I´m not gonna risk selling the Bulldog before the patch as I want to keep it´s permanent camo after the move up.
  16. Lost all respect for the "elimination" threads after the tier 7 one, but here goes: 121: 22113: 20TVP T 50/51: 21AMX 50 B: 20Bat.-Chatillon 25t: 20AMX 30 B: 17Jg.Pz. E 100: 17Maus: 23 (+1) the original superheavy - accept no imitations!E 100: 21Pz. VII: 20Grille 15: 21E 50 M: 22 Leopard 1: 17STB-1: 22 Type 5 Heavy: 25 Centurion AX: 21FV215b (183): 17FV215b: 20T57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 18T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 23 T110E5: 24Obj. 268: 8 (-3) just the worst of the remaining onesObj. 263: 20T-62A: 20Obj. 430: 20Obj. 140: 21 IS-7: 17IS-4: 14 Kranvagn: 17Strv 103B: 20
  17. These alternative facts are getting out of hand...
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