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  1. Glad to see people making an effort to get better. You're already miles above where I was at 6k games, and recent says you're improving, so keep it up!
  2. I used the first few days of rentals to grind my tier 7's actually, I saw only one or two tier nine battles every fifty or so games. I'm not against the idea of rentals, but I do find it annoying when an entire team is composed of one type of tank. Easy damage to farm though, just accept your win rate that day won't be as balanced as usual.
  3. Of course. Or we could just do it here.
  4. I think you two are both right, but there is a secondary problem here. Many people like myself first shied away from this forum because (in my case) I didn't think the 1.5k recent I had at the time would even allow me to properly converse, and looking back I think that probably was a correct assumption. Even now I'm not the best player, I've been holding 2k recent for the last few months. Two days ago, I played nothing but my IS-6 due to credit issues, and my WN8 was over 3k, and it wasn't even hard. Now, I managed to bring it back down a more SunFlash-esque number by playing different tanks, but it does prove the power of padding. It made me seriously reconsider what my stats would be if I solely focused on padding. If someone like me, who without padding sits somewhere between 2-2.2k recent, can pad and end up about 3-4k, it does make me re-think stats a bit. I certainly am a little less respectful of purples than I was before, in particular after I realized that nearly every purple participates in the practice.
  5. When the chat mods said the space didn't count, I re-submitted (about 3 mins after it was posted) without a space. Now they've come back and said both will count, but I already pushed my likely top-100 submission to a lucky to be in top 2000. I'm really fucking annoyed right now.
  6. Tell me that isn't a fucking space. Goahead, tell me.
  7. I'm fucked then. That is such bullshit, it was clearly a space.
  8. Well I got that in SUPER fast, hoping to come back here in 7-10 days with a good result - thanks for the help guys.
  9. Do you trust us, or the chat? Muppet.
  10. If they give out the fifth code before the bonus, I think I'll just enter it, if that is the case, no one will win a type 59 regardless. EDIT: This stream is a fucking joke.
  11. Nah, Windsor vs McMaster, I'm a Canadian boy. We got pummeled, so I left in the middle of the third quarter, just got back with 20 mins to spare, so I'm making good time.
  12. I hope so, I'm at a university football game from 1 PM on, so it is at 4 instead of 3, that means I won't have to book it home lol
  13. Well, myself and every other munchkin who cares about this will tune in at 3PM EST tomorrow I guess, crossing fingers they release the bonus code before the fifth code. Go forth and win Type 59's my brethren. Also, post in here if you won anything, I'll be curious.
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