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  1. Has WG added any new premium arties recently (T6-8)?

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    2. Jaegaer


      Bandkanon_1 - in service 1967-2033 (and sufficiently modern in design unlike STB-I) and therefore not fitting the WoT timeline at all.

    3. leggasiini


      It would fit in theory, though. Timeline isnt really a problem; technically the upcoming new tier 9/10 Chinese LT is from 2000s (!) as China didnt get L7 guns until 2000s. WG seems to be slowy slipping away the requirements. Heck, there are already smoothbore guns in the game (Chieftain/T95, aswell as some of Chinese LT guns; heck Kranvagn's 15cm smoothbore was likely tested during supertest judging from very first leaked screenshot and from some artworks).

      While it indeed had 14 clip magazine IRL, keep on mind most in-game autoloaders actually has much smaller clips than IRL: for example, 50B had 12 round clip IIRC, so introducing it with like 5 x 900 or 6 x 750 dmg clips could be possible if would come to game.

      Ofc autoloading arty is probably strong contender for most shitty mechanic in the game, and obviously i am heavily against introducing another one. Also didnt it get withdrawn from service at 2003? 

    4. Assassin7


      I mean technically the Type 74 is still in service with the japanese military, IIRC. (I.E the production version of the STB-1)

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