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  1. Has WG added any new premium arties recently (T6-8)?

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    2. Jaegaer


      Bandkanon_1 - in service 1967-2033 (and sufficiently modern in design unlike STB-I) and therefore not fitting the WoT timeline at all.

    3. leggasiini


      It would fit in theory, though. Timeline isnt really a problem; technically the upcoming new tier 9/10 Chinese LT is from 2000s (!) as China didnt get L7 guns until 2000s. WG seems to be slowy slipping away the requirements. Heck, there are already smoothbore guns in the game (Chieftain/T95, aswell as some of Chinese LT guns; heck Kranvagn's 15cm smoothbore was likely tested during supertest judging from very first leaked screenshot and from some artworks).

      While it indeed had 14 clip magazine IRL, keep on mind most in-game autoloaders actually has much smaller clips than IRL: for example, 50B had 12 round clip IIRC, so introducing it with like 5 x 900 or 6 x 750 dmg clips could be possible if would come to game.

      Ofc autoloading arty is probably strong contender for most shitty mechanic in the game, and obviously i am heavily against introducing another one. Also didnt it get withdrawn from service at 2003? 

    4. Assassin7


      I mean technically the Type 74 is still in service with the japanese military, IIRC. (I.E the production version of the STB-1)

  2. Personally, I find quite a bit of pre-90s stuff to be unlistenable (Rakim/Eric B, Public Enemy, Run-DMC, etc). Their flow/delivery and the beats didn't age well at all IMO. I didn't grow up listening to this stuff so it doesn't hold any nostalgia for me to even want to listen to it more than once out of respect for their influence.
  3. Hey, I got your report; thanks. Sorry about your account, it should show up within a week. The Wargaming API sometimes reports accounts as unavailable so my site still hasn't picked up a couple thousand accounts or so. Hopefully, the next time my update script goes through the EU accounts, your account will get picked up. I might look into adding a feature where you can automatically add your account if it's not available.
  4. EU section is up! http://www.dpgwhores.com/?server=eu Sorry it took so long... Let me know if you find any problems.
  5. Hey big boy

    1. AR_15


      Ey yo, what up

  6. Uggh. They deprecated the API I was using to update my tank list. I'll fix this later tonight.
  7. So on NA there's about ~100-150k active accounts (my player database is a bit outdated but this will be fixed soon), which only takes 2-3 hours to update; the number of players in my NA database with more than ~250 battles is close to 1 million which I was updating everyday previously (which took about 13 hours). Using RN's figures for active accounts in EU (150k NA + 750k EU ~ 900k), I should be able to update EU and NA everyday. It'll probably be 2-4 weeks away as I'm only putting in about 1-2 hours a week on this currently.
  8. Thanks. I was just looking for a ballpark figure. If you're getting that while streaming, then it's more than fine (I'm running slightly worse hardware). Assuming of course your graphics settings and whatnot aren't gutter level.
  9. Hope you feel better soon Also, I got kicked out of Chai.
  10. Why is your deadlift not higher than your squat?
  11. Hmm, I'm running arch too. What's the performance like (relative to your hardware)?
  12. Player names should automatically update for reals this time, starting the day after tomorrow.
  13. You'll come crawling back. Also http://www.dpgwhores.com/tanks/19217/ Are you ogHaKo @CarbonWard? New tanks up, and new tanks sHould be automatically added from now on.
  14. Yeah but it'll have to wait till after this round of improvements.
  15. Ok I'm slowly working on stuff again. New tanks should turn up in 2-3 days. New players a bit after that.
  16. No not yet. That's a great idea, I can update EU in a couple hours if it's only 750k active players.
  17. My actual server is more than sufficient. The bottleneck is the number of unique IP addresses I have to run my proxies to query the WoT API. The WoT API only gives you a limited number of requests per second from each unique IP address. I haven't really found a cheap way to have loads of different IP addresses to run proxies.
  18. Maybe. See my reply to RichardNixon below. I'll look into it over the weekend. Yeah that might be doable. My restriction is that I have I don't want to pay for separate IP addresses; with the provider I'm using atm (Heroku), I only get something like 18h of compute time a day or something like that with their free plan. The last provider I was using banned my accounts for using their servers as proxies so I am a bit conservative now with how I use these free services. If this one goes under, the remaining alternatives are honestly kinda shite. Anyway, I think they recentl
  19. o7 fellow unicumz

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    2. jackquerudo


      Spencer comes back to form #1 NA WoT Classic Team again

    3. spencer


      @CarbonWard is that referring to a new tank or a new player?

    4. CarbonWard


      tanks, T95 Chief and Grille 15.

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