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  1. Never sell premium tanksTM If you have every premium there is and still are broke (especially with 300k every day bonus), you are doing it wrong. Stop buying tanks that are not on sale, T57 is really fun, but you are going to want to load HEAT on it, and that will set you back 50k per match (on a win), so you definitely want to have ALL the Tier 8s you have to maintain the Tier 10 sprem lifestyle
  2. 10,087 yep, pretty stupid....
  3. Here is my WGR from 8.8 test: 6,523 Here are few others: CarbonWard - 9,752 Garbad - 10,422 Jsnazz - 1,796 I approve!
  4. Never sell gift tanks. You'll never get it back. And LTP and T-127 both have the same preferential MM
  5. From the 8.8 video you can see it requires 1,000 battles for their new rating system to kick in. If they need that many battles to give you a ratings, that means the formula could be pretty complicated (doesn't mean it can't be padded)
  6. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/270023-garbad-banned/ What happened? And do you have a screenshot of the explanation? I wonder what finally drove the forum Admins to ban him?
  7. Oh, crap, can't avoid git even in World of Tanks..
  8. Mine -275 still pretty unfair but better than before Jsnazz - MUCH better!
  9. I am one of those that has been hit HARD. Probably the hardest. But while I play many games in Tier1-3 I also play many games in ALL tiers. Shouldn't the formala take that into account?
  10. Typical noob, 22 games, 0 kills, damaged a friendly, turned blue right away. Got mercy killed. The interesting thing, this account was created in April of 2011!! So someone has been aware of WoT for 2+years, plays it once in a while (one game per month!) and still doesn't know jack shit...
  11. Thank you! And I had some so much more spam prepared.... `Til next time....
  12. Not name and shame per se.... As far as Tier 1 seal clubbers go, this one is pretty good. A top gun every 14 games (including the one I saw him in).
  13. Can't post in any other sections except here. Probably some minimum post count thingy. So, I am just going to spam some useless things here, while I get acess to rest of the forum. Check out the guy I saw today (yes, cannot post in name in shame thread either):
  14. That punk ass is orange and I am still black?? >:| >:|
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