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  1. I came across this guy, http://wotlabs.net/na/player/haaalp_plaaayes in an OI crossing the open field in Malinovka. I could not believe it, a WN8 of zero...
  2. This player, Had been texting me for a few days after ended up in the same match several games in a row. He wanted me to accept a platoon invitation so he could talk to me. I finally accepted and he asked me what mods I used, I told him none and he started talking about mods for seeing what has been knocked down, knowing when blind shots connected, knowing where turrets were pointed, etc. I exited the chat and black listed him. How many people are using cheats?
  3. You know, this is exactly what I expected the responses to be. Thank you. Elitists being elitists. If you are not purple please do not post here. I thought that was the exact opposite of what Wotlabs was supposed to be. Thanks for not addressing the thread at hand and being asshats.
  4. I was playing a game tonight and there was a Bunny platoon on the opposing team. They lost. I was followed into my garage by MrSharpi who started calling me a faggot, and asking me if I liked being shit in my mouth. Now I know this is the internet and I am a big boy, and I won't lose any sleep about this, but I am wondering if this is typical of Bunny? Is this how Bunny promotes the game? Do they frequently follow people into their garages after they lose and make homophobic references to them or scatological references to what should be in their mouth? I would have thought better of a top cla
  5. That was more my point. What do you do when someone goes all Schrader on you and ruins your game?
  6. Can anyone help me? http://wotreplays.com/site/1956737#tundra-mr__buttons-t67
  7. Thank you for the insightful comment. I am a better person for it. I guess you hate arty being on your team? Remind me when I reroll to just play a TD hiding in a bush.
  8. Hello everyone, Anyone trying this event? How far along are you? I just finished the Bishop this morning and I just bought the FV304, I have not played a game in it yet. Results so far, Sexton II, 21 games to get 5250 XP, avg XP 237,57% win rate, Destruct ratio 1.9, Mastery lvl 2 Birch gun, 45 games to get 14750 XP, avg XP 310, 48% win rate, Destruct ratio 2.34, Mastery lvl 2 Bishop, 62 games to get 31000 XP, avg XP 460, 61% win rate, Destruct ratio 1.91, Mastery lvl 2 I hope WG extends the event because I doubt I will make it to tier 8 before the event is over.
  9. I had been looking at running a multi-monitor set up, but instead, I picked up a 39" monitor that runs 3840 x 2160 resolution. Is anyone else running this resolution? My frame rate dropped from 70 FPS to 30 FPS and for some reason my mouse has seems jumpy making aiming more difficult. It looks like I need to tweak my settings to get this running as smoothly as my 27" monitor did in 1920x1080. I am running a Gforce GTX 680 video card.
  10. At least I know why I cannot find it in the app store for my new phone...
  11. Hello everyone, I currently have a 27" monitor running 1920 x 1200 using this card, http://eu.evga.com/products/moreInfo.asp?pn=02G-P4-2682-KR&family=GeForce%20600%20Series%20Family&uc=EUR EVGA GeForce GTX 680 I currently get about 50-60 FPS with max everything graphics. I was thinking about adding a second one of these cards and going to a 2560x1600 monitor at 29" or bigger. Is anyone else running this higher resolution? Does it make any difference with WOT, does WOT support it? If it does not make a difference, I would just upgrade to a 32" or 37" main mo
  12. Shit, how long does this last? I cannot even talk with you guys in garage! I checked my mail, no notice.....
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