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  1. That is pretty, but this is rue porn here. Shame I am only poor And finally for something a little more modern and still out of my budget.
  2. Interesting to see some people from North Florida area... Personally I hail from the backwater town of Lake City, but due to needs of the Navy am now in Okinawa, so Deus, or anybody really if you end up on Oki let me know.
  3. Hey Bun! Just popping in and seeing how things are. They looking like they are going well for you and I am glad of that! Elven
  4. Hey Bun! How is Signy doing, I do wish she would check in once again. I hate the fact that she got run off, she was such a great personality to have around here, just like you.
  5. /me Pokes thread I just checking in, to see if everyone forgot?
  6. This was an interesting read


    1. Elvenlord


      All true, but was an interesting read none-the-less because while his specifics may be wrong, the idea is still interesting

  7. It did taste like Beer though, Beer supplemented with Orange and a spicy zing (from the corriander). Don't knock if you ain't tried it.
  8. The Florida Cracker was a Belgian Style White Ale, brewed with unmalted wheat, orange peel and coriander and then ferment it with a French Saison yeast strain to give it a spicy and dry finish. And yes, there was just a hint of Orange and a bit of spice to it.
  9. Hello? Heeeelllllloooo? /me- yells into the darkness. Yessss? /Lich- Hisses Oh! Did not realize anything lived here... /me- Backing away slowly Anyways, sorry for the Necro, But.... I just got to try a great new beer tonight!! It was the Florida Cracker made by Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, FL. I got the six pack as payment for helping a co-worker of a friend move some couches, he wanted to know what Beer I wanted and I told to surprise me with a local brew. And... While Tampa isn't all that local to me, like 172 miles South (much closer than I thought huh), it is still a Florida Brew, so y
  10. I just got 2 Lego Sets from my local Wal-Mart for $9.26 each. The Cargo Truck (from the city line-up my favourite line) Original retail- $39.99 A-Wing Starfighter (my second favourite line) Original retail- $24.99
  11. I don't remember seeing any of those in Theaters, except maybe Revenge of the Sith. However, the I do remember Toy Story and Lion King from my childhood.... I was only 2.5 when Toy Story came out
  12. Oh I don't disagree, I mean when i print out my monthly inventory counts, it can run 10+ sheets long, much much easier than 8.5x11 to organize and read thru.
  13. Somebody must still make large quantities of that paper, because the Wal-mart store I work at has at least 2 Dot matrix printers, both are used to print off of our Copyright 1990 MS-DOS style SMART system (keep in mind this is the system that manages our inventory...) I assume these printers are in every store, as they are compatible to what how we print off of our SMART system.
  14. Never mind then, a Grand is a bit rich for my cheap ass blood
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