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  1. All I know is that I'm finding my first tier 9, an E50 (we can talk about my poor choice in tanks later), is finding a VERY hostile environment in which to learn. The current power of TDs along with the game mechanics are making mediums fairly pointless on a lot of maps.
  2. FWIW, the Pershing grind wasn't bad at all, and certainly much easier than grinding through two additional tanks.
  3. Ok, so this thread answered some questions for me, I'm on the 110 now and it will be a while until I get to the 111 1-4, but I was VERY concerned about the turret. I faced off on one the other day in my T29 and ate his lunch by giving him only my turret and penning the overmatch strip over, and over, and over, just as I would against an IS-3 .... knowing that that is the STOCK turret alleviates some concerns.
  4. Exiledcrow


    Working on the 110 now, and if you guys are interested in the opinion of a distinctly average player: With the top gun it's not bad at all (and may get better as I gain experience), but until that top gun is mounted it's very painful to drive, as using the IS-2's gun is just laughable against higher tier opponents.
  5. I got through the IS-2 with a 53%, did not get the mastery badge, and overall was just happy to be done with it. The top gun ... well, it's still pretty damn meh. I mean, sure, it's a little better, but yes, the accuracy and aim time are still shit, but you can use it if you've played the KV-1S and play it the same way. (Which I see is kinda what Okeano is suggesting). I wasn't all that fond of the original IS, and this one seems slightly worse, despite the reputedly "better" armor. The lack of even minimal gun depression is a major pain too. The news gets even worse: Unless you have s
  6. Saw Deusmortis last night. Same team.Karelia, tier 6 IIRC. I was in my Cromwell, he was rolling his Dickermax. I actually finished higher than him, but neither of us did spectacularly to be honest. We did win. Game was notable for a busy fight on the donut hill, enemy sent 2 Cromwells, a 30.01D and M5 (Chinese variety I think), and we both capped at end, which made it closer than it really needed to be, but we had some clutch resets. I had a funny drive-by on their arty before being offed my their base-gaurding JPIV.
  7. Well, guess I'm buying another tank, which will give me 3 German tier 6 mediums until the changes turns the 36.01 into a heavy. Still, free slot and free medium is just too tempting. And maybe I'll also have bitten the bullet and taken my 30.01D crew up into the 30.02 which I've been avoiding ... though it's hard to go further up the line if I don't. LOL
  8. 44. I'm misspending my youth AND adulthood!
  9. I'll miss the 122mm, but it's pretty hard to argue with a straight face that I won't miss it precisely because it IS OP as fuck. Sure some games RNG would troll you, but I've also had games where it hit with regularity from stupid ranges. If the new version turns out not to be fun? Well, I plan to move on to the IS-8 soon, but don't want to drop my IS-3, so the KV-1S guys can just move on up.
  10. JUST now saw Servios, pityfool, and Sanginuity (who I'm not familiar with) on the opposite team. We won though and I did NOT potatoe, so I was happy with the result. My next game I carried, and got my fouth overall Patrol Duty and second in my T29. All my Patrol Duties have been in heavies I believe. Off topic, but kinda weird. Edit: Was wrong, Patrol Duty in T29 (2), KV-1S, and VK 3601 which is only a soon-to-be heavy.
  11. Don't forget the burning to death, because those extinguishers are expensive ...
  12. Mostly the speed, that's what really kill this tank for me, and most others from what I gather. Give it decent horse-power and it would be a lot less frustrating because the Duck DOES have some serious strengths for it's tier, it's just so hard to get yourself into a position to USE those strengths.
  13. And then you get them platooned, in top tier heavies, on your your team, and you start to understand sociopaths just a little better ...
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