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  1. So I made an account but the game won't let me select 'murica as my country for ground forces. What do?
  2. Started playing when WG introduced the Type to the NA server. Mid-tiers were practically unplayable when every match your M4 or Pz4 was sitting on the bottom of a stack of a dozen or so Types per side.
  3. That game would have been better if the player character had become an unwitting pawn in the Yakuza drug trade. But no, it had to be about some weab shacking it up with to girls with male names.
  4. The Room. (negative) Bonus points because I've met Wiseau in person.
  5. Sigh, you guys win. I'll go back and finish the Panther II grind.
  6. WW1 Source. You will shoot once and then die seconds later to hidden MGs/Arty/Gas while trying to remember which key bolts your rifle. A terrible game but an absolute riot while drunk and you can find a bayonets only server.
  7. I just elited my IP, so here's my scrubbish advice: Ignore the aim time. Run rammer, stab, GLD and just keep shitting shells downrange while minimizing your exposure time. Your ammo is cheap and has high pen. My accuracy in the tank is bunk but often I can "pucker" enemy tanks just by connecting with one or two shots, and force them to camp instead of pushing into me. It's a dumb strat for a supposed sniper tank but I found my DPG and WR went up in it when I stopped giving a shit about the aim time.
  8. Assault guns = OP. Remember WoT before that HE nerf? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPJQVKZ6iD4
  9. I'm 6'3, they would have to pay me to climb into a T-55. Fuck Soviet ergonomics; AFVs designed to be crewed by Halflings with infinite stamina. Seeing the Chieftan's vids from Kublinka only confirm my suspicion.
  10. Essentially yes. The US has a tiered system in regards to the security level of the political partnership. A good example is the F-15s that were sold given to Israel were shipped as is, while the ones sold to the Saudis and built under liscence by Japan had the ECM and RWR systems withheld.
  11. Japan is on the road to cultural suicide anyway, I give them about a century unless they start fucking like rabbits. They're like Tolkien's Elves, but instead of fancy architecture their legacy will be weird porn.
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