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  1. Nevermind, I fixed it by uninstalling, then searching for all hidden references/files to WoT configs - did fresh install of both game and mods = success.
  2. For some reason starting with the XVM update after the 8.9 update, my XVM info is not showing in my replays. I notice that virtually no-one else has a problem, therefore it must me me. The only mods I use are RKPhantom's AIOMod & His lighting/visibility mod. Thanks in advance!
  3. Best game in WoT to date - 7,342 damage, 2640 exp, 11/11 at 12:58p game crashed on battle end, so no screenshot - which sucks. This is in my Rhm. - Borsig Waffentrager. http://www.fasteasynet.net/screen/bestgameinwot-111115_1258.wotreplay
  4. Busted the 4k damage mark in T25AT on this one, had a typo at the end of the replay saying '3k' but here are summary shots as well... Fun run, was almost like clubbing baby harp seals. http://www.fasteasynet.net/20131031_0304_usa-T25_AT_31_airfield.wotreplay
  5. It's working for me but due to the colors unless you're fixed on the health bar, you will miss the red guys, especially if they have taken many hits. I have nailed a friendly and gotten shot up by several enemies due to this color scheme. Is there any way to use the AIOmod type default color scheme for friendly/enemy tanks? Also targets appear very, very washed out.
  6. Giving your mod a try, I usually use AIOmod - just waiting for server to go live.
  7. I have to agree with that one. Even though under the new system hit percentage will weigh heavily, I will continue to knock down objects that prevent me from hitting a prime kill zone - stats be damned, I want to KILL the red guys! Also, dampening your stats like that might give you a boost in other areas, like being matched up in a game with an extra window-licking moron or two. yin/yang My .02 cents worth, your mileage may vary.
  8. I have done those two - I figured out the first one by accident at about 8K battles. Also my youngest boy 'dismissed' several of my crews. My fault for telling him he could play my account whenever he wants to. It's funny because he used 'dismiss' because if he is helping me do some work and we finish, I tell him "OK, boy, you're dismissed" - same thing at the end of the conversation if he screws up and I have to call him on the carpet. I had to laugh even though it annoyed me - at least the kid is honest!
  9. Just hopped on to the beta to try the Waffentrager for a couple of runs - SWEET! That will be the new home for part of my Jagdtiger crew!
  10. Looks like the Tier 6 and Tier 8 will be keepers for me. I said it in another thread but this is the first update in a very long time that I am actually excited about!
  11. I forgot to add one big thing, the Tier5 requires SEVEN crewmembers! Wowza All of my stats should take a beating until the update, playing marder 2 for exp to marder 3
  12. I am digging the new T5 TD, very fast and potent, positive it has no camo value. Nashorn at T6 so far, it is basically a Dickermax with 50 more hit points and a long 88, I haven't tried the T7 yet but with a 128 it should be nifty. I will comment that this is the first update I have looked forward to in some time. I hope the US line of TDs gets an upper-middle tier (6-7) premium soon.
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