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  1. Howdy! These are my questions but let me color it in for you a wee bit 1st. I have the combat consumables loaded in their key slots for each tank, I have them maxed out for effect but for the life of me I can't figure out the in match mechanics of how to; Aim the consumable. For example, I hit 7 to activate air strike. right click the minimap to relocate the aiming box to where I want to wreak havok. So how do I turn the box, and then fire the weapon? The artillery. I can move the aiming circle/reticle to a desired location but how do I move it to exactly where I need it to go to drop shit on someone's head? & What key fires the damned thing? I've searched high and low in my capacity of a busy working stiff with limited time to play this game and/or do research and all that I've found so far are snarky responses along the lines of "Dis noob doesn't know shit... YOU NEED TO ASSIGN DEM BEFORE DA MATCH SO'Z YOU CAN USE DEM IN DE GAME, BRAH. GOT IT? COOL!" Which utterly fails to educate me on how they work within the match itself when I need them the most. Anyway, thanks in advance for your help, War gamings historical lack of information about how to play this game & use all of it's features has finally got me down.
  2. When I mentioned "Emo metal" I was referring to 5 Finger Death Punch, which I thought was apparent by the 2nd sentence in my original post. And this is where the misunderstanding happened I guess. If you have no time for the old shit, I'm ok with that. However, I'm not ok with your apparent need to climb up my ass over it either. So fuck off.
  3. You "obviously" failed to read my post. All you managed to accomplished was to reword what I had said. Good one dude! So until you gain better skills at reading comprehension instead of knee jerk reactions; Metal up your ass kid, you need it.
  4. I like old school metal way more than the new emo metal that cries about how Mommy n Daddy were not up to par, or a radio cover band at the same time or w/e. Middle Finger Nose Mining Punch I am looking at you. But I'm old school enough to say I saw Metallica on their north american Ride the Lightning tour for 5 bucks in a 3.2 bar here in Colorado right about the same time I saw the Killing is My Business tour by Megadeth, the Melissa tour by Mercyful Fate and the Restless & Wild tour by Accept. There's a shit load of others too but you know how it goes, the weed was almost decent, the beers were cold and Ozzy Osbourne with supporting act Rory Gallager er Motley Crue er Metallica was floating by on a nostril full of ants so it's a little bit blurry at times. I've seen Black Sabbath original line up, or with Ronnie James Dio you pick. OZZY RULES! I took my 16 year old daughter to Meshugga & Tool, she was stoked! I also grounded her to an entire season of Avalanche hockey because I'm cool like that and that's more metal than the alternatives. Lemme see, I have 7dust, Fear Factory, Godsmack, Overkill, Judas Priest, Korn, White/Rob Zombie and Handel's Messiah within an arms length atm. And of course I've seen my namesake a few times, but not as much as the above mentioned band Iron Maiden which I've seen more times than I can count w/o looking at my tix stubs. Someone mentioned Steel Panther earlier. That band makes my fingers itch but that's ok because bands like Poison, Motley Crue, and any other hair metal band out of LA in the 80's does that to me & SP is just making fun of 'em so I guess I should just relax since I'm told that I'm way to old for fighting now. I still have my limited edition .45 single of; "Animal, Fuck Like a Beast" by W.A.S.P. Which is a clear sign that I have failed to grow up past 22, and that my maturity level hovers at or around 14. I'm ok with that, & so are you. Fuckit, if you wanna know more just send your Mom over for some quality time and ask her after. If she's fat she best bring beer n pizza or she ain't even getting in the door. Metal up your ass, mother fuckers!
  5. Well if you can afford the time involved I would enjoy reading more of what you have to say. It's very enlightening and I can see the utility of it all. Now to see about putting it to work which should lead to more questions for you. Thanks again!
  6. Gaining this opportunity to look into the mind of someone with Armored Warfare Military training is a surprise late x-mas present for me. I know I lack a great deal in regards to observation, decision making, deployment, positioning etc etc, and that's my failure for not taking the time to look into all of this and all of my excuses for this lack blow steaming chunks of puke all over the floor. Thanks again, TheMarine for taking the time to do all this.
  7. Hot damn, talk about great timing! Pro scout is and has been offline for a few patches now so he's no longer helpful, and my patience with artillery and its supporters is at an end. So far my only question is are there any more high standard resources like this 1 that I should be aware of? Thank you TheMarine for the time and effort, hopefully I can put it all to good use quickly, cheers!
  8. I see my team on cap and usually I'm stunned in a; "No way, they're actually capping? Wow." State of being. Us pubbies can be counted on for 1 thing; To suck horribly at tanks. So when I see my team capping it's either a fluke or I'm hunting down the last guys left on red team. & now that I think on it, most of the time wins are not by cap and when they are it's usually horribly timed, hence threads such as this 1. I have lost quite a few matches where nubicide leaves cap to go off and kill the last guy who then goes on to win the match for the red team coz nubicide is an idiot. So yeah, I basically look at this idea of yours as wasting a programmers time if anything.
  9. He's also featured in this video. We won't see the like of that generation again, and that's a damned shame.
  10. Wow, thanks for this! Seeing how the purples operate accompanied with the hows & whys always = read, learn and profit.
  11. While watching replays of EU presenters I've seen 100k + people listed for the server that they're playing on while the best I've seen so far on the NA server is about half that.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! It's a bit of a drag that this is a handicap but I have plenty of things to do to flesh out my resume' & no time to cry over spilled milk in the meantime.
  13. So how critical is Team Speak to getting in a good clan? My system is old, & I mean old. I used to use TS all the time but after 8.0 TS lags me hard. Game Comms? No problem. TS? Lag City. I'd only be looking to get in a good clans system as a grunt trainee but as a trainee I know I'd need comms. & atm I can't afford to upgrade my system. So am I shit out of luck? What say you?
  14. Been an Aves fan ever since they hired Saint Patrick.
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