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  1. why didn't they just leave the waifuway's gun alone
  2. the only thing I got from watching korean streamers is that every english streamer needs a chat readout bot
  3. Mission completed! Reward:Vehicles added: Object 260 (crew 100% sent to Barracks)Slots added: 1


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    2. BlackAdder


      I hated RNG and MM dependent missions. Like set on fire, or TD damage. Server always shits on you. Any replays @BPX?

    3. BPX


      don't have them on anymore since they break every patch

    4. BlackAdder
  4. If this is true you should try working on your aim first before positioning. http://www.aimbooster.com/
  5. Wooo. Got one shot at 94.8% by arty while unspotted because he was aiming at a bat that was running away and went behind me for a half a second. I got so fucking mad at him then felt like an asshole 5 minutes later and tried to apologise in PM but he already blocked me.
  6. before the dream went rip
  7. I only played the lorr m8
  8. this thing is so fucking good it gives me a hard-on zipping around and blowing my little 900 damage load on people then running away
  9. Probably the most painful grind I've ever played through.
  10. Play more games in the Emil II. 29 games is too small a number to tell you anything about your performance in a tank.
  11. Surprised more people aren't complaining about T-62 averages changing.
  12. Deltas aren't working on the changes sheet.
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