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  1. I thought Never deprecated this years ago. No?
  2. So bringing this up again. Factorio v0.15.0 is up and running. But I strongly suggest that you go right to v0.15.1 or 0.15.2. v0.15.0 had a kinda major bug --- it wouldn't load. List of things they added/changed in v0.15: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=44505 There's a butt-ton of stuff in there. Biggest/most fun I see, at least for me: Research overhaul: 4 new science packs: Military, Production, High-tech and Space. Space science packs are generated by launching a rocket. So you now need to launch many rockets to complete these researches (is that a wo
  3. If you haven't played before I'd recommend going pure vanilla for a while. Get used to the game and all of its intricacies before you start adding all kinds of complex content. But if you want mods ... This is where the mods are, sorted by number of downloads: https://mods.factorio.com/top. Some samples: RSO is by far the most popular. It spreads out your resources a lot, but also makes them larger and richer the farther out you go. Basically forces you to do a lot of railroading, which a lot of players enjoy, but has its own learning curve (I currently have a runaway train that I h
  4. That's just to get electricity running. Then you need to do some auto-smelting.
  5. No excuse. I have two kids and I force my way into some playing time. Lots of time, actually. OK, way too much play time. One piece of advice: Don't get your kids into video games. They will eventually on their own, but don't encourage it. I got my son into Tanks when he was 7 or so (now almost 13) when I first began to play it, and while he's now moved on to other games, gaming is his primary mission in life. My bad, and probably the one thing I'd re-do as a parent if I had the choice. In the meantime ... my new Factorio world, just started earlier in the week, is coming along nicel
  6. Well I may be screwed. I'm already infatuated with this damned game. And in mid-Feb I'll be off of work for a week due to some upcoming surgery (hopefully minor, but with a week's recovery -- they have to take a cyst or something out of my gut). So my problem? Not my health -- I'm actually not worried about that. But the fact that I'll be at home, pretty immobile (have you ever had abdominal surgery? I had my appendix out 3 years ago and afterward it took me 20 minutes each morning just to roll out of bed --- seriously --- try getting up without using ANY stomach muscles at all), means that I'
  7. You are officially screwed. Welcome to the gang. If it's your thing for this game, try a multiplayer instance sometime. My son and I did that when we first bought it. Just used our personal IP address and hard-wired link from PC to PC. But we found we have different playing styles. At 12 (a wicked bright 12) he moves really quickly, yet very efficiently, whereas I tend to stare for of a couple of hours, think a bit, and then work for 5 minutes, and then repeat the staring thing. So, as the Dad, I kept telling him "No, we're doing it THIS way." After a while, we both got tired of that and
  8. OK. Factorio thread started. Enjoy: http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/26386-the-ultimate-factorio-thread-whats-in-your-burner-inserter/
  9. OK. Time to start talking about Factorio. Started due to this thread I began in an effort to find other base building games. But turns out that Factorio may be the best there is. Not much time right now for a huge intro as I'm at work and I should ... well ... do some work. Quick synopsis: You're stranded on a strange planet (How'd you get there? I have no idea.). You have to start from almost nothing to eventually build a rocket to leave said planet. As soon as your rocket launches, you win. Most people don't really seem to bother with the endgame though; rather, they strive for oth
  10. PG: Factorio is exactly what brought me back here to the Labs gaming experts looking for other base building games. But based on my own research and the comments above and my researching the suggestions above, it doesn't really look like there are (too) many other games out there as good as Factorio, either in gameplay or in graphics (as I said above, I'm not a fan of the cartoony-looking games). I do appreciate everyone's inputs though. They were all a great help. Sorry for not posting this earlier, but during the big holiday sales I spent around $90 (US) and bought (not in any particula
  11. But ... but ... I was an alpha tester. I even have proof! I played during alpha and beta, and got a freebie card or something, noticed and complained that it only worked in IE and not Firefox (or maybe it was the other way around), and then just stopped playing. It wasn't that fun.
  12. 4X games are absolutely fine. I guess what I'm looking for are 1) Logistics: building, designing, building in and designing in efficiencies, other related things ... 2) Exploration, which in many cases can be the most fun part of a game (back in the 80s there was a DOS game called Star-something ... Starcraft? ... in which you traveled to different planets and had to mine them for various resources and transport those resources back to your home planet, and all the while you'd bump into alien beings, some friendly and some not so much. Exploration at its best ... 30 years ago. 3
  13. Thanks to everyone so far. Took a quick look at them all and bookmarked them. More looking as I get time. Prefer the not-so-cartoony games though. http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/ Looks similar like NetHack (http://nethack.org/ or https://nethackwiki.com/wiki/NetHack_3.6.0), a text game I played back in the 80s which they're still developing 30 years later. Will Wheaton from Star Trek TNG fame was known for playing NetHack.
  14. Friend of mine recommended Factorio (http://store.steampowered.com/app/427520/) a while back. I'm somewhat addicted, except for oil production which is a pain in the butt to set up and maintain and try to understand the proper production ratios. And bots which I still just don't understand. And other higher-level stuff that isn't as simple as setting up truly symmetrical production facilities with full-on production capabilities. The community is fantastic; I've yet to see any raging at all in their forums, in REDDIT, anywhere. And their devs are very proactive and communicative with the commu
  15. Just saw this (just came back to Tanks and Ships after a good 6+ month long break, and other games). Surprised there are no threads on it here. Is it that bad? Or did WG do such a bad job of advertising it that nobody noticed? Thoughts on the game from anyone who's tried it please. Thanks. http://hybridwars.net/
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