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  1. dw I'm sure wotlabs can carry you to at least 60%
  2. Hey guys! Had some issues with people giving commitments and falling through so I have 2 spots available for Skirmish 43! Requirements: 2450+ recent WN8 (very flexible on this) Have TS Have Tier 8s that aren't shit (eg 50100, IS3, 110 etc. ) Be actually active (AKA show up minimum 2/3 days during group stages) http://worldoftanks.com/uc/teams/104409-Is_Bad_%2540_Reading/ The team so far: My apologies for the short timeframe, but we do need some bodies. PM me via Wotlabs/ingame/wot forums. EDIT: 1 more!
  3. I get why some people bitch about RNG reking them... fired 18 shots, 14 apcr, 16 hit, 3 penned for damage.

    1. MaxL_1023


      HE always does damage

  4. Can't wait to <hopefully> get a shiny new Tier X to troll pubbies with
  5. Guys, I think he's trying to stealth brag about how good his clan is.
  6. Naming and shaming my team. Everyone not me, the 28 proto and the tiger P sat in J4 the entire fucking game. On Abbey...
  7. I spend a ton of gold usually free exping tanks/modules. I find stock grinds to be painful and very underwhelming.
  8. Pub strats 4 lyfe

    1. deathmachine16
    2. alostserendipity


      "k guys what are we doing" "I dunno m8 pub it?" "K"

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      my team was crushing yolo strats left and right... then SIMP's team did a turtle really well. RIP 10K goaldz?

  9. Started watching anfeels/blue's stream - recent went from 2200-2500ish Started watching Zeven's stream - performance went to 2900 D: Gr8 stream i r8 8/8 m8. EDIT: pluswan for facecam pls <3 tia
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