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  1. The HE rework will render my T49 useless, so I'm in the "fuck that noise" camp.
  2. Wow, turns out the idiot is also a creepy idiot. Gross.
  3. That's quite awesome to hear! Where's your usual climby hole?
  4. I struck a nerve. Oh my. Well, let's discuss, shall we? For starters the Leopard 1 and I are in a love/hate relationship. I love it's looks but hate how badly I do in it. Mind you, I sucked in it not due to the vehicles poor characteristics but rather because I played above my skill in it. I imagine that if I return to it, I should perform much better seeing as I'm far less bad nowadays. Cromwells? Oh, Crommie. It's was such a fun one to play, but alas, it got boring. Do feel free to use wotlabs time machine or noobmeters time snapshots and
  5. I play vanilla and treat all enemies as if they are purple until proven otherwise, except for you. I'll treat you like a retard.
  6. Are you mentally handicapped? I just want to make sure before I call you retarded. Because if you are, that'd be mean. Otherwise, you're a fucking retard. In this forum, I'm one of the lesser skilled guys. lots of really strong players here. But, without a doubt, I drink your fucking milkshake. I, in every measurable way, am a superior player to you. That's how it will go. Every time. In regards to pathetic: NO U
  7. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. now get the fuck out.
  8. Wrong and wrong. You are barely above average. Spotting is nice, but it's reliant on your team do make it work. To wit why you are incorrect: Tsavo's T49: 2,702 battles, 57.74% win rate (3 marks too), 1,492 average damage, 2.46 spots per game, 765 assistance damage. Cheapie's T49: 264 games, 45.83% win rate (1 mark), 560 damage, 5.78 spots per game, and 1,010 assistance damage. You know what you're doing? You're going too deep, too early, and dying too soon. (your 4% survival rating hints at this) where I survive 24% of my games in it. You get spots
  9. I acquired it while I was in my early teal days and could never figure it out. It's been on my to-do list for a while to get it again and become decent in it.
  10. Hey guys, there's a rumbling that there's this new campaign thingy going on and I'd love to be a competitive part of it. What do I offer? Multiple tier 10 tanks with the ability to free exp/buy a few other tanks on demand Good personality Dedication. I will be there for strats, training, Clan Wars, and will apply myself to the best of my capabilities Tsavo Cuddles An NA forum personality who can rep yo' clan tag General shenanigans What am I looking for? It's simple, really, a competitive clan where I can flourish and improve and
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