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  1. They will probably get to it as fast they can. (I see what you mean Pity)
  2. I started playing again this month after a 6 month break, as I said above. And still playing arty missions. Btw u are looking at the wrong account. I am _pip_ (EU). Love the constructive way you are contributing to this thread. I mean, "You are shit in every way possible" is a bit harsh don't you think? Edit: Nice to see professional modding Crabeatoff. Upvoting "You are shit in every way possible" is really setting a shiny example of moderator behavior. Edit pt. 2: Sorry Enroh and others if I offended you my comments got out of hand. Still disagree with the
  3. Keep on being the stellar communicator that you are. Please inform me if any "events" take place in your pants. And for the love of god try to use more negatives in a sentence.
  4. You can do whatever you want with it. Even make it a Kek based meme! I won't be annoyed I promise! ^^
  5. Well since I am not a native speaker my choices for words are a bit strange but still. What I wanted to hear was basically what Crab said above: We should be using PR for overalls - because WG paid for that one and supports it. So I will change my settings in XVM, no use for WN8 anymore. And don't you worry, I am quite chill. Edit: And that also means using Noobmeter for stats of course.
  6. So let us clarify this then: 1. Do you think the "meme" nerfing was a sound choice for the promotion of the "brand" of WN8? 2. So you won't be adjusting for the super heavies then?
  7. Well the RU mediums have been buffed like hell in the latest patches so... they have gotten much stronger. Right? Right??
  8. Well I still have lost 60 wn8 overall while not playing, so not sure of that.
  9. But as the reality changes, it changes for all no? So if you want to pad in superheavies by all means you can do it because all can do it. It does not give you any advantage over any other players. And deciding decent expected values of tier 10 RU meds is not the same as tripling the expected value of the E50 by any means. I am not opposed to changing expecting values per se, what I am against is using anti pad "emotions" as a reason for changing tank stats. But the T-62 and the Object 140 is so similar that it is really moot point arguing differences in the expected values. And regarding
  10. Sigh you are not really good at getting your point across are you?
  11. Don't equal anxiety with all emotions. And why are you discussing this then if you are not involved in WN8 updates? Who has hate? Why don't just set the expected values and keep them then? Should really be no need to adjust the tier 10 Soviet meds now? And ty for serious answer.
  12. Yes and maybe discussing those values too that degree is a bit autistic? How do I have anxiety over abuse? By stating I like stable expected values? So why are you adjusting the values then? And if you don't find WN8 discussions fruitful why are you working on it in the first place? SMH
  13. When you are talking about the data you are talking about a comparative analysis of tank data for adjusting the expected values? If so it is too much effort for little gains. Stop having anxiety for people abusing the metric. That is not where the fruitful discussion lies.
  14. I don't want it to be about "players attitudes", this is like policing what tanks you want people to play. I want them to keep to stable expected numbers, and not do anti padding flavor adjustments of the month. The anti padding adjustments are too arbitrary and completely opposite to the research done earlier. Stable numbers = good Unstable emotion = bad for metric.
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