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  1. Yes, it stacks twice for movement behind bushes. Is it worth it? Depends on the map. It is useless in many maps (sand river, highway, Malinovka field, city maps) and completely game breaking on others (Prok especially, but also the bush line on Pilsen, the forests in Malinovka and Murovanka).
  2. Depends on how you play it. Crab and I are playing it more like a baby batchat, and we run optics/VS/turbo giving it the flexibility to be less of a scout and more of a combat tank, basically playing up a strength rather than mitigate a weakness. The full scout loadout would be CVS/optics/LNE but then you've basically wasted its clip/gun which is its standout compared to other LTs at tier.
  3. Two points: 1. While your base analysis is correct, you have to factor in camo skill etc, which potentiates base camo. LNES adds on at the end, so the extra 3% base that the 100 had ends up at >8% better. And I’m certainly not running a TX LT base without camo skill and equipment! 2. OP already has clarified that LNES>CVS for open spotting, and CVS>LNES for spotting behind bushes. If you knew which map you were playing (as happens in competitive play) you could theoretically pick and choose your equipment. There are maps where CVS just breaks the map open (see Prok) and map where LNES is far better (see Sand River). WoTgarage iirc is RU server stats, and perhaps all the Russian potatoes gravitate to the RULT depressing its numbers.
  4. I checked, and my T-100LT still has more camo without LNES than my 132-1 with LNES in the slot. Not by much - 0.7% or so - but the 132-1 had to give up something to get T-100LT level camo.
  5. Sorry to say it, but it does nothing better than the rest. The gun is supposedly its selling point, but it has the same alpha as the Manticore and EBR, and if you try to compensate for its abysmal handling you weaken your vision game. But, at the same time, it sucks at the vision game. Well, comparatively. It can't out-active the EBR, it can't outpassive the Manticore. It can't be an all-rounder like the T-100LT, and it doesn't have the gigaderp and brutal VR of the Sheridan or the clip of the 13 105. Its basically competing with the RhmPz for worst TX LT. The problem is that the current TXLT meta is "counter EBR and then progress from there". It is probably the worst LT in the class for countering EBRs, since it VR advantage over them is negated by its significant mobility and camo disadvantage. Sure, you can throw on LNES, but you're still inferior to the 100LT, and with worse gun handling. Basically, you're still losing the arms race vs the 100, which is basically the only non-EBR LT that is competitive at tier. In short, I've given up on trying to tweak it. It doesn't work.
  6. I run CVS/optics/turbo, to get its acceleration and top speed to real LT levels.
  7. Looks like they nerfed the missions for this go-around. Instead of 1100 points per day, you only get a max of 600 points per day so you actually need some good placement to finish the mode as missions alone give you only 4200 points.
  8. Fair point, drop hardening for GLD.
  9. Raising the spotting stakes -- this time >10k spotting in the 432.
  10. @Deus__Ex__Machina more CVS goodness. Plus a bonus A46 carry.
  11. I did not. Here's proof 2k combined over a decent stretch of battles.
  12. Right, but since its a light tank (7t) you get a big HP/T boost. The problem is that a lot of its HP boost gets wasted due to its abysmal terrain resistances. In fact, I wonder if grousers may be better. Having said that, I did NOT run the 90mm, I ran the 75. The full rotating turret plus DPM gain made it much more playable and even enjoyable.
  13. I'm almost thinking IRM/Turbo/hardening for the HP boost and improved repair speed...
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