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  1. Hi Pity! Looks like your team blew it again in the Semifinal! I got a promotion with added responsibility at work, so my time has more or less vanished. Haven't played Tanks at all in the last many months, if anything do the occasional game with the kids on Switch. Hope you're doing well!
  2. Unfortunately, with the change in HE mechanics, there is no consistent way to generate internal crits as of now. This one's a total crapshoot. Best I can suggest is a fast firing medium with deadeye, and good knowledge of internal module placement.
  3. That's always a tricky situation. The glib answer is to play to your strengths, not his. The longer answer is you have to wait for the enemy LT to make a mistake. You have to counterspot them when they go active, because you just can't dig a bush camping EVEN or Manti out, or you can't compete with a YOLOsurfing EBR. It's hard, and I lose some if not may of those games -- Crab is better at that than I am, to be honest.
  4. The ShPTK renders the Charioteer near-meaningless.
  5. I thought about doing that, but ultimately didn't bother. Was too much preloading lol.
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