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  1. The Skoda T40. Such a meh tank; and a fantastic Char Futur 4 game, and one of the incredibly rare occasions where I get to carry @CraBeatOff and @1stTanks
  2. Tier 6 has a large number of YOLOs. Here's a bunch of them at me in one game.
  3. Lol, I just watched Eddie carry your ass on Youtube. Fun game

    1. sr360


      Hey now, I did nearly 4k damage! Not my fault I took 13 arty hits...

  4. A couple of 1700+ base XP T5/6 games as I go for the Vasily Storozhenko missions.
  5. So the last post was a close loss in the Char Futur 4, this one is one where I was able to close the game out and clinched the win
  6. Yeah, every time I open somebody else's replay, the game resets my settings to default. I didn't notice that at first, my bad. I actually have a max sized minimap since I play on a 34" ultrawide.
  7. For those who want to see the Char Futur 4 and its 4 sec between shots reload... Would have been a great won, instead it was a close loss.
  8. Oh right... that's how I did it. Doh. I mixed it up with the 260's 4x mission.
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