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  1. I’ve switched to CVS/iOptics/LNES. Rule number one is counter the EBR, then win the game.
  2. sr360

    AMX 13 57 - worth?

    Heresy! The vents aren't really helping you as much as you'd think. The LNES allows so much more freedom to roam. I was stuck around 87-88% on marks for a long while, and switching the build boosted me past 95% with ease. I'm now holding around 95-96 despite having removed the bounty equipment. This tank is a candidate for purple gear, but purple gear on a 7 feels a little dirty
  3. Crab’s First Rule of Scouting: the best counter to good scouting is bad scouting.
  4. You mean like here You’re not wrong. However the T8 wheeled tanks are the 75 and Lynx and they have at best 410 VR and are slow enough for your platoon or hopefully your team to shoot if lit early enough
  5. Conway gun + HESH + intuition is insanely good. Switch to HESH when you can pen, Ap when you can't.
  6. The EVEN 90 we settled on CVS, binocs, turbo. It already has insane camo, and needs the help in other areas. And, yes, the T71 with LNES is hilarious. I have a few videos of shenanigans in that, notably a run of 3 straight Aces.
  7. Just testing some lower-tier howitzers. The Jumbo Sherman and BUGI's lower caliber howitzers are mostly useless now, unfortunately. Both were fairly fun tanks.

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    2. Hellsfog


      ah, shows what I know.  At least tell me it comes with a derp so I'm not entirely clueless


    3. sr360


      Yeah, appears to have the standard US 105 mm, but at tier 4 that might actually work.

    4. echo9835


      I never really had much trouble with the 168 pen AP, even against tier 8s. I  generally avoid fighting tough targets from the front with it and focus on chunking 300 hp off of squishy tanks. I never really shot HE out of it before, so the HE nerf didn't change my playstyle at all.

  8. Here are the commented games from Crab, myself, with a special guest appearance from Chang
  9. Sure, if you mount the 90.
  10. Also tested, minus the CVS, on 13 57, T71, and Type 62. The type 62 is the only one I didn't feel like I could make it work, but maybe I will revisit that soon. I'm working on the HWK 30 with this build now.
  11. Over the last few months, sharp-eyed readers of the forums may have noticed increasing reference to "stealth fighter" or "full stealth" builds on light tanks. This is an exploration of that concept, and the concept of camo torture... The full stealth build came out of discussions between @CraBeatOff and myself about how to improve the ability of scouts to, well, scout. We were initially trying to mitigate the limitations of the EBR 75 & 90's poor VR, and tested the low noise exhaust on them as a tool to get closer without getting spotted. We soon realized you could pull some rather si
  12. AMX 13 90 on Mines S, denying the 1 line push Come from behind win on Glacier
  13. When the team can't shoot, you end up with "only" a 8k spotting game (10.5k combined) on Prok.
  14. AMX 13 90 with full camo build 3 marked. Gentlemen! This is no Humbug!


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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      I don't know that I agree with that, but I haven't actually played any T9 LT's with a full stealth build yet since I don't have bLNES and I play CVS in the vision slot currently.

      I generally don't have any issues picking up spotting and staying hidden with some careful maneuvering and line-of-sight autism, either, but maybe I'm just used to the maneuverability since it's what I play the most?

      I also get Redshire and Fishbay a lot, which helps lmao

    3. sr360


      I'm not sure there's any argument that the T49's camo sucks -- it has the worst camo of any T9 LT. And again, the issue is that if you want to bolster that camo with LNES or bLNES, you're still a good 2-3% behind your other LTs with bLNES, and even farther behind the 13 90, GSOR and EBR 90. Furthermore, any mods you dedicate to scouting means less mods for the gun, and with the HE changes the gun just isn't as effective as it used to be. 

      The pure scouting role is tough for the 49. Sure, you can dunk on pubs more often, and Redshire and Fish bay help, but the kind of shenanigans you can pull with 45% camo in a tiny tank. This sounds heretical, but if I were to scout in the T49, I'd go CVS optics LNES and mount the 90. The 152 is very spiky but now lacks consistency. 

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      Honestly, yeah, I don't have any real point of comparison here since I don't own any other T9 lights at the moment.  Maybe i'm just getting lucky and consistently going up against inferior scouts both skill and setup wise?  I've never had any issues with the camo in this thing even at 38%, once I get the bounty LNES it'll be over that magic 40% marker

  15. Lest I be accused of only posting 10k+ games on Prok and Mali (false: I’ve posted one on Lakeville too, and have high 9k games in Muro, Redshire and Westfield) — well here’s a 10k game on Fisherman’s Bay, from the South, and in an RU251.
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