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  1. I rebought the KV-3 for the double barrel tanks, and its ludicrously easy to play. R-R-R, press 2, sidescrape, BAM390, sidescrape, BAM390, rinse and repeat.
  2. No, it was Crab. He can't play at home at all. I had to lower my settings significantly, but I'm still trucking along.
  3. Haven't posted here in a while... but here's some stuff for you folks
  4. Out of the tanks you listed-- 705A is an OK pub tank, but no CW value. AMX M4 51 is super fun, but the 54 is not that good TVP 50/51 is still good Type 5 -- YES YES YES. WZ-113G FT bleecccchh 132-1 slightly less bleccch Progetto 65 -- solid, tier 9 is better Polish -- 7 is OK, 8-10 are fun
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