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  1. I have not been playing much of late due to work obligations (turns out there's a pandemic going around, who knew...), but I found some time to sit down with Crab and commentate a few games which I will post to his thread
  2. 480m is pretty bad in the current meta. I mean, even the Bourrasque set up right runs 517m VR with mid-40s sitting camo.
  3. @bounceplink congrats. Now you can fulfil your username by playing the 279e and listening to them bounce and plink off you...
  4. Yeah, I think the Oyster Bay island map is amongst the worst maps I've seen. The Canyon (desert) map is at least playable if you have hull down tanks but it is indeed a series of hull-down brawlzones. The snow map is overcomplicated with too many nooks and crannies but can be fixed as you say
  5. Normally I’d look around but Recon mode ended on NA this weekend. The other issue is that the meta took several days to solidify which can be a challenge. Maybe next time?
  6. Quite the opposite, though. The 3 map rotation removes some of the randomness from the usual rotation. Last iteration was 2 vision centric maps — so if you played an LT you were guaranteed a 66% chance of a Prok or Mali. This go around 3 heavily brawl maps. People I know played their heavies to try to rack up marks so they wouldn’t get LT maps.
  7. I actually liked the last iteration of maps better than this set-- they had much more vision/flank opportunities. Contrary to the rest of the people here, I loved Outpost, as my numerous 8k+ spotting games on that map show. This set are very much heavy-centric. Volga is easily the worst, for the reasons @GehakteMolen outlined above. Foothills is one-dimensional - the city is key. The 1-2 line needs SUBSTANTIAL rework. As it is, it's basically Overlord beach where you go get stalled without advancing opportunities and without a way to exit. The mid is denied by the camping TDs near base. P
  8. Pretty much everyone I play with runs Vents/Turbo/VStab, with the vents and turbo slotted
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