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  1. Yeah, that's what Crab also said -- I could have double bushed to the KT and IS-M and clipped the KT first. I could have also gone the other side which has a safer exit and also has clean shots. The adrenaline was pumping hard there, no doubt, and a couple of small mistakes threw away a potentially huge win.
  2. sr360

    M4A1 Revalorisé

    Optics. I don't solo this tank.
  3. I'm still gonna get it for completionism, but I will likely not play it more than a handful of times.
  4. When tier 8 mediums started having 320-440 alpha, the Patriot's 240 is semi irrelevant. I'll fite you on the T92.
  5. AMX 12t ace tanker, trying out binocs instead of optics.
  6. The T-100, Leo1 and STB are easily the cream of the crop. The T-100 does take some care to play with a bajillion EBRs running around: you need a good crew, food and ideally bond equipment along with a hefty dose of map knowledge. But it’s the only 10 LT that can still hold its own in the EBR meta. The STB is the best usable DPM medium in the game. Fully kitted out this approaches Strv levels of DPM in a far more flexible package. The Leo1 has the best medium gun in the game bar none, arguably the best gun period (Strv may have a quibble). Play mobile support fire, load prem APCR and show those EBRs what 1600m/s is all about.
  7. What was the original title?
  8. We both messed up... I shoulda gone the other way
  9. HE DERP 2020


    1. simba90


      I liked the parts where the EBR's died.

      edit: I'm thinking I need to get my KV-2 back again after that.

    2. sr360


      Funnily enough, that’s what a lot of people who watched that video say...

  10. My highest XP Bourrasque game to date, regrettably on a loss...
  11. I'm not sure I've touched this tank in years...
  12. So... double Bourrasque (with @m0rieris who is a beast of a LT/MT player) is bad for marks but hilarious in other ways...
  13. IVS/IRM vs TurboBourr is really 0.05 vs 0.09 bloom, though the turbo does add to bloom with the speed boost. I find the bigger problem with the gun is the >3s aim time, and I know some gun centric builds sub out GLD for IRM.
  14. I would say it's about 80% correct. The problem is the third piece: Crab and I (as well as our usual platoonmates) tend to play very highly coordinated and complementary platoon setups, and a heavy going to the brawl can work in the right hands, but often is out of support range for the other two players. Ofttimes our third is a pure firepower tank, quite possibly a TD such as a Strv or SU-130PM or Skorp. Coupled with a good vision tank you can get some hefty punish down. Typical T8 platoons look like 432/Bourr/S1, or HWK/Prog/GSOR. We try not too have too much burst (2 autoloaders means a lot of downtime), and sometimes we can bring a Lis in the support fire role instead of a TD especially if the burst is a Bourrasque (to cover reloads). Also, no heavy is heavy enough to stop reliably at T8. For tier 9, LeoPTA and Waffle4 tend to be highly prized for support fire, StdB, Skoda, or even Bat25 AP or Char4 for burst. At tier 10, 103B is king of support fire. STB is basically an infinite-round autoloader. Leo1 is great. EBR and T-100 are preferred.
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