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  1. I can't believe I forgot to post this here...
  2. >10k combined AMX 13 105 game on Redshire.
  3. A fun game in the Sheriderp where I HE slap a bunch of tanks. With effects... ... and without
  4. Crushing win in the Bisonte C45 A FUN game in the GSOR3301 where I vision pin the enemy team on Glacier T-34-85M is just too good...
  5. Spoilers still aren't working... Object 703 v2 brawling domination CS-53 Lis with a 5k dmg game T92 vision control on Karelia 13 57 run and gun on Studzianki
  6. An EBR 105 game full of mistakes, but I get away with them, because, well, EBR... Patience pays off, as I help pick off the enemy LTs for a BIG game on Prok. A bizarro enemy deployment on Live Oaks gives me all kinds of unusual room to farm in a Leo1 Mines is not a great LT map, but since I was the only LT in the game, I easily took hill and just rained down death I have a methodical approach to Siegfried Line field, and it worked great in this game Another game where I p
  7. I've been slacking a little here -- first the Campaign, then post-campaign burnout, and some time out of town with the family meant I didn't do many pubs for a while. Now I'm doing Ranked, which is, well, Ranked. I'm going to go ahead and upload some of my favorite Ranked games from the last few days. Hope to have some of those up in the next couple of days.
  8. Not to pile on, but WN8 isn’t a single-game metric, it’s a metric that was designed for an overview. IIRC it was calibrated for 5000 games and even “recent” WN8 is a misuse of the metric.
  9. Thanks for the feedback @kolni. I guess my LT habits are too engrained to hold your shots early. The Bourrasque can actually put out meaningful damage and I need to remember that. I suppose I've been burned too many times shooting from that spot, but you're not wrong. When you were talking about A7, I think I was worried about being pinched between forest and a A line push, and also wanted to cover Crab. And my late game misplay, well, less said about that the better... This is why these games are fun to post, we end up having fun conversations about it!
  10. @Snoregasm2 Thank you for the feedback. Feedback and criticism like this is always welcome! You're right that my foray west was ultimately useless. This was a while back so I'm not certain why I went there, so I can't speak to what I was thinking. I just rewatched and I think for the Lis, he was moving back and forth in and out of double bush, and my desire to pick him got the better of me. It turned out to be a sloppy, costly shot when a little bit better positioning would have made it safer. And the endgame throw was 100% adrenaline causing jitters, and my mechanics are already shaky at
  11. Are you sure you're in the right place? Or did you miss all the 10k spotting games I posted?
  12. Yeah, that's what Crab also said -- I could have double bushed to the KT and IS-M and clipped the KT first. I could have also gone the other side which has a safer exit and also has clean shots. The adrenaline was pumping hard there, no doubt, and a couple of small mistakes threw away a potentially huge win.
  13. sr360

    M4A1 Revalorisé

    Optics. I don't solo this tank.
  14. I'm still gonna get it for completionism, but I will likely not play it more than a handful of times.
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