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  1. Tier 10 #28 unlocked. Unfortunately, it's the Maus. Sooo... keeping VK4502B in garage. I'm tempted to buy the Maus if it is ever on sale/on-track, and try to scrounge a crew for it.

    The next tier 10 is further off-- about 60K to go. Beyond that, nothing of note.

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    2. Trobs


      Crews have me stuck on some lines. I started the 4005 line and it's brutal having a stock crew in shitty tanks.

    3. StranaMechty


      Unfortunately, it's the Maus.

      Why do you hate fun, sr?

    4. sr360


      Y'know Strana, I have a feeling the Maus will be hilarious. The question is where to get a crew? I'm half-tempted to pull my E-75 crew and leave the VK4502B as my sole 9 brick...

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