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  1. AMX 13 90 with full camo build 3 marked. Gentlemen! This is no Humbug!


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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      I don't know that I agree with that, but I haven't actually played any T9 LT's with a full stealth build yet since I don't have bLNES and I play CVS in the vision slot currently.

      I generally don't have any issues picking up spotting and staying hidden with some careful maneuvering and line-of-sight autism, either, but maybe I'm just used to the maneuverability since it's what I play the most?

      I also get Redshire and Fishbay a lot, which helps lmao

    3. sr360


      I'm not sure there's any argument that the T49's camo sucks -- it has the worst camo of any T9 LT. And again, the issue is that if you want to bolster that camo with LNES or bLNES, you're still a good 2-3% behind your other LTs with bLNES, and even farther behind the 13 90, GSOR and EBR 90. Furthermore, any mods you dedicate to scouting means less mods for the gun, and with the HE changes the gun just isn't as effective as it used to be. 

      The pure scouting role is tough for the 49. Sure, you can dunk on pubs more often, and Redshire and Fish bay help, but the kind of shenanigans you can pull with 45% camo in a tiny tank. This sounds heretical, but if I were to scout in the T49, I'd go CVS optics LNES and mount the 90. The 152 is very spiky but now lacks consistency. 

    4. PlanetaryGenocide


      Honestly, yeah, I don't have any real point of comparison here since I don't own any other T9 lights at the moment.  Maybe i'm just getting lucky and consistently going up against inferior scouts both skill and setup wise?  I've never had any issues with the camo in this thing even at 38%, once I get the bounty LNES it'll be over that magic 40% marker

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